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  1. 👍 Mine was ordered 20th Dec, still on processing. TS 2.0 GR Sport in Obsidian Blue, maybe they are doing the blue ones tomorrow 😀
  2. What car did you order? I also have a delivery date of 14/6, hoping mine goes to build soon too.
  3. I’ve never heard that before, thanks Tony.
  4. You would think part of the PDI would be to set the tyre pressures correctly, sadly this seems to be beyond them, I had 3 at 45 and one at 55 when I collected mine last year! Most tyre fitters set them way too high too, in fact I’ve only ever seen one tyre fitter look at the sticker in the door at set the pressures correctly.
  5. I’ve posted this before but will post it again here.. TS in Obsidian Blue. Lovely!
  6. When the tracker shows ‘Derbyshire’ and the map appears then the dates will appear. Shouldn’t be long now. I ordered 20th Dec and mine appeared last week.
  7. Keep checking Carwow though as the discounts can change. My local dealer wasn’t very competitive on the initial enquiry but just before Christmas they updated the offer to 14.3%. Since the price rises the discount now works out to just over 18%. Over £6000 off!
  8. That a proper road trip home that is.. you’ll certainly get to know your new car after that.
  9. You need to login to My Toyota on a PC/laptop, use Chrome as the browser you can right click on your order tracking page, then click ‘Inspect’. When the new window opens you click the ‘Network’ tab, you may need to expand the window to see it. Now refresh the order tracking page and the data will populate in the new window. Find your order number in the list (there will be two entries, you want the second one) and click on this. You will see lots more info, each line can be expanded further.
  10. The map has appeared for me too.. also got a date on the background data but it’s added another 3 weeks to the dealers estimate, hopefully this will come forward. Pleased to see something happening at last though!
  11. Over 4 months at the processing stage for me now.. still refreshing the app twice a day (at least 😂) My car is still estimated on 24th May, hoping the app updates soon, even if just some dates in the background data..
  12. Tar and glue remover is very handy to have around, perfect for a job like this as Tony said.
  13. Another Carwow user here.. saved me over £5300!
  14. Nice write up 👍 I’m 3.5 months into my wait, still processing. Looks like some others are seeing movement so hopefully not too much longer for us..
  15. Absolutely, go online and compare current personal loan rates. Check your eligibility and go from there.
  16. Looking at it again the figures quoted on the representative example are at 3k miles per annum whereas before they quoted at 8k mpa so it’s not like for like. There appears to be a glitch in their system and you cannot select the expected mileage to change the quote.
  17. The GFV on a TS 2.0 GR Sport has risen £2000 so that should bring down the PCP monthly figure quite a bit.
  18. PCP’ing has worked out well for me over the last year. I’ve just sold my Corolla and had enough equity to get my full deposit back plus just over £500 on top. I appreciate this will not be the norm though and the next PCP I start in May will not bring the same result.
  19. Same here.. just sold my Corolla and now driving a VW Up until the new Corolla arrives. The value of it had started declining week on week so didn’t want to risk waiting until end of May to sell. The Up is surprisingly good, did a 2 hour mostly motorway drive yesterday and it handled it easily with three of us on board. Not so good when collecting the shopping earlier today, had to pile some up on the back seats around my youngest! Will definitely appreciate getting back in a Corolla when it arrives.
  20. Looks like it’ll be built soon.. Which model and engine did you order?
  21. Where is the sad face emoji.. it looks seriously good, much more appealing to me than the Yaris.
  22. A shame if it’s not going to be sold here. I can’t see it being as popular as the Yaris but I’m sure there would be a big uptake. All they have to do is say there are a limited number of cars coming over here and people will be throwing money at them.
  23. I hope you’re right, if it’s the same engine and drivetrain as the GR Yaris then I’m sure they’ll be in huge demand over here.
  24. Interested in this.. will it come to the UK though?
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