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  1. Hi RUToyota thanks for that . I'd never heard of Blueprint. My local garage recently could not find replacement steering rack bushes. I was lucky to find them on e bay The standard Avensis Verso bushes were stated as not suitable So I will check them out as soon as I can use Blueprint
  2. Hi I have had my Voxy for two years now All has been well - very well. But today the starter motor has gone down As it is an automatic it is quite difficult to put it in gear and rock the car to move the starter motor shaft a tad,enough to get it to turn over. So I am looking for a new one. Had all the usual "Voxy never heard of it" Surely there must be enough of them about requiring new starter motors. I don't consider this to be a fault of the car as it is 14 years old !!! Has anyonr got a lead on a supplier for me . Thanks
  3. Hi poorguy I go thro' Basingstoke on my to and from Fareham My aircon appears to be working fine.The only worry I have is that it seems to wander at above 60 It feels like a worn rack or sidewind affect. I've been looking for another voxy on the road but never seen one have you?
  4. HI poorguy, I'm a bit like you. I haven't needed any spares as yet BUT I have a mot coming in November. The car is performing brilliantly but they could find anything on the mot. I spoke to the manager at quikfit about the exhaust system and he told me that they could get any system but it might take a few days. I also spoke to a Toyota firm in Reading they know about the Noah which makes them streets ahead of anyone else. I plan to take the car there soon to see if they can get it to register on their computer system. It's all very well people saying that it's basically Avensis Verso they don't appear to be able to open the ashtray flap without logging on to some mysterious computer programme, let alone perform a mot. If I get any positive feedback I'll let you know.. I recently saw on ebay a bloke was selling a Noah because the oil warning light came on and he couldn't find anyone to deal with it. Please keep in touch. Where abouts in Hampshire are you? I go to Fareham and Portchester quite regularily. Regards
  5. Hi I have just bought a voxy also 2002. I would like to know if you have had any success in finding any info? We cannot be the only people in the uk to own one of these. I have the divers handbook but as its all in Japanese its not a lot of use The car has an interesting satnav/cd/minidisc/tv with a rear view camera linked to it. The most useful to me is the built in wheelchair system it's simply awesome. It would be helpful to find out the tyre pressures and what they call an overdrive button on the gear selecting handle does (it's an auto)
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums hotjazzfan :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: