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  1. hi know this is years old but was the belt the same
  2. My rc could be up for sale soon if interested 65000 miles
  3. Only true way too stop tin worm is cut it out a replace with new tin,or surface sand blast and repaint all the rust eaters dont really work very well and will come through again. :(
  4. email me t.jay@tiscali.co.uk ill send sum pics not retty wheels though at least there alloy and look pretty strong.what u racing i used too do a lot of short circuit racing and raced starlets too.i may be able too meet u a bit closer i will look see how many ive got.
  5. Not sure maybe ten fiver each if you want them .
  6. Got couple sets old ae86 wheels but think they only 5 and half inch,most old jap cars had same stud pattern 41/2 inch
  7. capri xmember bolts straight on with antiroll bar with very minor mods,though cambers wheels a bit,escort xmember too narrow and needs widening,use mk3 escort tops as smaller than capri and fit starlet strut top holes with little filing,If you can find some princess calipers will bolt too ford struts giving u 4 pots.or upgrade your starlet parts have a word with sum1 like george polley click here,ae 86 parts are getting hard too find!
  8. wont they be hit with a sellers fee?
  9. cool havent been ther a while dont like waking everyone up :P
  10. Where did you get those little cars in your sig? B)
  11. No worries if its rear arches they do a stock rod kit in steel look at my starlet on my website (sorry bit slow)
  12. What are you looking for there are a few fiberglass panels avaliable try click here
  13. AFAIK the blocks are identical so head will bolt straight on however think you will have too change pistons and the distributor on a 4age is on side of the head.
  14. yuo know the rolla GT/GTI are gonna want their own section too
  15. I saved my subscription fee with parts bought a jae,didnt see anybody though except a hairbear showing me where too park maybe next time cheers
  16. :bookworm: I thought 4age was an inhouse designed head by toyota and not yamaha like most of their other twincams
  17. Celica gr8 havent stopped grinning yet :D as for overlap have too look it up :bookworm: but kinder works that on "hot"cams you get overlap on the valves due too them being open longer so inlet is still open as exhaust opens.Because of this you lose compression so the "hotter" the cam(s) the higher comp you need too retain standard comp.All i know is on my racecars we were running near 13:1 compression with race cams you had nearer 10:1.If you got a kent cam book think they explain it better or maybe worth talking too an engine builder.I had a 2.0 pinto running a 1300 head with 49cc chambers and was told it would be ok with the rally cam i was using!
  18. Dont take this the wrong way as im sure you know exactly what your doing but have you taken into account the overlap on your cams as this lowers your compression
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