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  1. Ok then the only solution is to bring back the old player :( thx for replying :)
  2. Yes i know that the 2DIN is old and dont have sat/NAVI. But the old one did not either... Look at the picture. Player with red ring. Tapeplayer and cd. The Navi unit is UNDER my seat. Last picture in my last post. It is just the connection that is not connected i think. im wondering about hvat kind of adaper i can use to get it to work. If any. ( the same way as the 2connect adapter for stearingwheel control. )
  3. Sorry. Did not see the question... But it did not help. hehe. now its back again. Have no clue whats wrong. They usaly come on when i brake down and turn in to my street / garage. If i find out what it is ill be shure to remember posting about it this time..
  4. Not shure if i did explain myself good enough in my first post. I want my old navigation to work again( on the top ). I do not have GPS or NAVI on my 2 DIN aftermarket player ( lower screen ). Thats why i need to figure out how to get the old one working with this set up :) I have orderd a CTSTY001.2 Steering Stalk Control Adaptor For TOYOTA Avensis to get the controls on the stearing wheel to work again. But there is stil 2 more connections left for the navi i think that is not connected to any thing. The Trip Information site is not showing any data at all. The bluethoot handsfree adapter with Toyota logo is not working either Sorry... kind of hard to explaine.
  5. Hi. First off: Sorry for my bad eng. I have a T25 2005 2.4L Avensis with built in navigation. Pop up screen on dash. ( pictures below ) Problem is now that i have replaced the old casette/cd player with a 2din aftermarket Kenwood dvd/mp3/cd player. All works fine but the navigation. The screen pops up and start booting but no info on the trip site or maps are showing. What do i need to do to get this working? I dont have navi on the new 2 din :( I know there is some wires i need to connect but how and connect to what? I have been told that it wont work with the CTSTY001.2. This only lets me controll volume and next track fron stearingwheel. Hoping someone have some tips. ( if more info is needed plz reply and all will check it out. Sorry if i did not see another post about this issue. I have tryed to find a post but no luck )
  6. Problem fixed at Toyota. My susspension had a defective bolt... :S
  7. OK. Many good things to check out here. Ill try testing it out. ;) Posting back when is solved.
  8. No. If i push the buttons for on/off it does nothing. It stays on all the time if it first have turnd on. i have to turn off the car to get rid of the lamps. Then i can drive for a long time ( many hours ) or 10 min before it turns on again.... completly random.
  9. Hello. I have some lights going on randomly in my car. VSC and TRC OFF suddenly starts glowing. I have to turn the car OFF to turn the lights off. I do not notice any changes in the car when this happends.. Tryed to get some error codes out but my OBD dont show any error codes... pleace help.
  10. Hello everyone . I am the owner of a lovely Avensis Executive 2005 model 2.4L. The car has gone 300.000km , but no problems with it. I have some minor problems with the stereo tho. Think its a faulty fuse . ( Any one got a fuse diagram for the cd / radio) New Xenon headlights with new Philips XtremeVision bulbs . ( Sorry for all the photos, just proud of my car. ;) )
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums LoSLucifer :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/