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  1. I've filled it up 3 times now. The first 2 times I filled it when the fuel bar was on 3-4... This time I've let it go on empty (no bars showing) and orange full warning sign. Fuel cost was around £85 for approx 60litres of fuel (unleaded). There is a B gearbox slot I can drive the car in...I've noticed the car tends to drive more on the battery when this is selected. I've also discovered the EV button. When the EV button is pressed the car drives on electric upto approx 15 mph...which is pretty useless...if that went to 30mph...I could use it on local roads....which would be good. Any ideas ?
  2. Hello folks I have 2.4 Hybrid Petrol Toyota Estima. I've had it for a few weeks. It's drive well, very spacious and lots of cupboards....decent family car. However, I'm really concerned with the fuel consumption. A full tank is around 60litres of petrol (approx) and it has returned 250 miles. I have driven a mix of local and motorway and sensible speeds. Is something wrong with this car ? Considering its a Hybrid...that's really excessive fuel consumption. Am I driving it wrong or is there a fault ? Any ideas anyone ?
  3. Thanks very much. Yes trader is organising all the service work. Do I need any paper work to show the car has been imported, clock changed to UK spec etc ? Or will the fact it has a log book and MOT, be sufficient ?
  4. Hello folks, I'm looking to pick up my Toyota Estima Hybrid, it's a Japan import. What paper should I be expecting to come with the car, I'm buying from a trader. Just wanted to check if there would be anything different, as it's a imported car ? It's a freshly imported vehicle, it's been registered with DVLA and the log book is in the post. So, should I only expect to have the log book & MOT documents ? It's just been serviced so there will be receipts for this. Anything else ? Thanks
  5. Thanks for taking a look

  6. I've taken the name down of the Chap I spoke with and must have repeated the fact it it's a IMPORT and it's a Petrol Hybrid. The conversation is recorded (by the insurer) and Ill be double checking the paper work. During our conversation the chap did take 5mins to go and speak with someone and came back and confirmed they WOULD insure this import.à Very friendly chap and helpful. Yes you're right ... Estima are much more popular now and more common. Some good news for anyone looking to buy an import ! 🙂
  7. Hi all, thanks to everyone for your responses, appreciated. I rang and spoke to Adrian Flux, the price they quoted was incredibly expensive (over 3x times the price another quoted). I told the chaps at Adrian Flux about the comparison site I had used and that there was no Hybrid option...it was only petrol. They said that is normal and not an issue. They couldn't find any better prices but will speak to other under writers. They said to CALL any of the insurance providers from the comparison site...rather than relying on the online updates. Ive since spoken to a big insurance brand, they were the 3rd cheapest but I decided to stick with them as they are well known and big firm. They are aware it's a imported vehicle (Asia) and I also informed them it's Hybrid Petrol, but the system would only allow Petrol version. They have made a manual entry on the system to tag it's a Hybrid and have insured the car! The car does come up on the UK.GOV MOT checker sites BUT the registration number still does not pull up any info., so details had to be manually inserted. I'll be picking up the car in the coming weeks! Thanks everyone for your help
  8. Hello folks, I tried to obtian a insurance quote for a Toyota Estima - Petrol Hybrid (Import) which has only just been registered in the UK, so it has a registration number now, just waiting for the paper work to come before I collect the car. Our Insursance provider could not find the car on the system via the UK Registration plate, so they tried to manually enter the details but advised they could not insure the car with the details provided. They said they could only find a Petrol version of this car, not a Hybrid. I managed to find some online qoutes for insurance but again they were for a Toyota Estimata Petrol, not Hybrid. Though I did select Import on when requesting the quote. Will the fact that the ''Hybrid'' model is not available on the insurance portal, invalidate my insurance at all ? Anyone who has a similar car, how have you managed to insure your vehicle ? Thanks
  9. hello all, I am looking at the Estima - Hybrid version but however I was surprised to hear the road tax is around £300 ? I thought with this being a Hybrid, the road tax would be much lower ? Does anyone know why the road tax is high and whether it it likely to increase (and why ?) Thanks
  10. Thansk Tee J, yeah I have read through some of the posts and you're right...the head unit can be swapped out. Not sure if you cna do the same with the speedometer ? or if its as easy as that. Thanks
  11. Thanks very much Cyker, very helpful 🙂 The head unit can be swapped out - I don't mind spending a little to buy a English/Modern head unit that will work with the latest gadgets....though I dont know what they cost...I assume they are a few hundred pounds ? What about the speedo ? The error messages or general information displayed on the speedo, I guess that is in English ? Would it be simple as changing the speedo to a English version (if there is one ) or best to leave the original in there ? Thanks
  12. I've noticed the Road Tax on the Estima Hybrid is high, I was expecting it to be much lower, being a Hybrid, but was suprised to be informed by a few sellers the road tax is in the circa of £300 over 12 months. Is there a reason for higher tax band ?
  13. Hey Praveen, good luck with your purchase, I hope everything goes smoothly for you ! Which Agent did you go with in the end ?
  14. Hi Praveen, how have you got on with your journey in securing a Estima ? Has yours arrived ?
  15. hi all, thanks for your responses. The Toyota Estimas I have seen are 8 seater...as thats what I need. I have seent the 7 seaters with captain seats in the middle row, they are very nice. Going back to the Toyota Estimata, I went to see one, it was Hybrid, 4x4 and around 12 years old. It did drive really well, for a 12 year car...I was suprised how well everything looked...the interior was a little dated but it there was very little wear and tear. The electrics all worked, seats were comfatble enough, the middle and rear seats are bench seats, which you can fold over. My concerns are: 1. Battery - this being a Hybrid, I assume the vehicle will need the batterys changing at some point ? Are these easily changed and what sort of cost would it be ? 2. Are the 4x4 system on the Estima good ? I assume so, its Toyota and thier cars are usually well build, but worth asking 3. Electrics...any known issues with any of the Electrics in the car ? the electric doors, seats, mirrors etc, etc 4. Can the language on the car system be changed to English ? And, are there any other known issues that should be looked out for ? thanks all
  16. Hi all, I am looking for a 8 seater family car, my budget is between £8,000 - £12,000. I have reviewed options of a Mercedes V class, VW Caravelle, Toyota Landcruiser and Toyota Previa/Estima. Toyota Estima (Hybird) seems like a good option, it looks comfortable, well equipped, can carry a total of 8 people and also has the reliable Toyota badge. My concern is it seems to be imported car so wondering if there are any disadvantages ? Does anyone know whether there are any common faults with the Hybrid Models, anything I can look for when viewing the car ? I've read online the Hybrid battery, electric doors can be problematic ? Would this be in a particular model or age ? Any pointers, advice much appreciated, I plan on regular family trips around the UK and looking for a safe, comfortable and reliable car. Thanks all
  17. Hello, Thanks for this, will try that forum.How much of an impact will it make with the insurance company? These come in an 8 seater anyway, same built/chasing etc
  18. Hi. I have a 2006 Toyota Previa - UK spec. It has 7 seats which are very easily removable (clips). Is it possible to convert the rear 2 seats to 3 seats, making the Previa a 8 seater ? Any help or guidance highly appreciated, as I need the additional seat but due to increasing living costs can not afford to buy a large 8 seat van. Thank you.
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