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  1. If you had a coverage then you don't need to worry about it. You need to get help of police for searching your car.
  2. Great review and great car. It impressed me. thanks for sharing.
  3. I also use the same what you are using but heard that OW 20 Oil is good engine oil i also want to try it.
  4. It seems to be a big problem you need to take to nearby repairing center and get it repaired as soon as possible.
  5. Whatever you need just search in google because there are lots of online shop where you can get all the thing you need for your car and searching for it in market is not easy.
  6. Steel wheels looks good on Toyota Estima 1994, it is not easily available. You need to search for it in any online site from where you can order it. Searching in offline stores is not possible.
  7. You option Toyota RAV4 is a good diesel car in toyota range of cars. In my opinion it is the best you can get from toyota.
  8. Above site is good, there are lots of sites which provides same services, some of these are hxxp:// and hxxp:// both of these also good options for comparing cars.
  9. Buying a car from a car supermarket is a good idea because it minimizes some risks relevant with car purchase. there are many websites which provides same ""‎, "" are good option.
  10. Smart cover is a good insurance service for small damages on vehicles but it does not seems to be useful when it comes to big accidents.
  11. Superchip is a automotive performance tuning products. Buying a super chip will give a firmer shift points for the car.
  12. I think diesel engine is better option, don't try to cut the fuel ever.
  13. May the battery was discharged that's why it is showing this problem. You first charge the battery and then also the problem will not solve then call mechanic fix the problem.
  14. Great to see the different pictures of Toyota and the parts of the car.
  15. If you will get a car in nice condition and only having the leaking problem then just repair the leaking problem near door.