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  1. My car is for sale, if you're interested please let me know, thanks .
  2. If anybody is interested please let me know, thanks
  3. Actually there is no problem with the vvti cars. The problem is lack of maintenance. We all know the old cars go on and on but the newer ones can't be treated in that way. Different engines require different maintenance. The will go on and on the same as the old versions if the schedules are followed. Most stories you will hear about the vvti going wrong come out of Africa and the poorer Asian countries where they mix fuel with crap. A well known fact is that the Toyotas that are offered to us in the UK are rubbish compared to real Japanese versions. Especially when it comes to the Carina lol.
  4. So how was your experience then ? Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  5. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  6. Buy a Corona and stop crying. Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  7. Hi all, if anybody has any information on this particular car it would be appreciated. I'd like to know what other cars my engine is in and what the closest UK relation is. Just trying to build up contacts for parts and general help Thanks Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  8. The Corona is a better car generally Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  9. I have a Corona Premio G 2.0 Auto. You won't get any UK help with this car. Best bet is to join a few of the Asian clubs where this car still has a following. I've been trying for over a month to find a person that actually knows about these cars in the UK, waste of a month lol Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  10. I have a 3S-FSE engine in my Corona. Most of these engines are in the auto Corona from 99-01 I think. Data is limited in regards to this engine and vehicle. Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  11. Is this engine in any Avensis cars ? Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  12. Hello, I recently bought a Toyota Corona Premio. As far as I know this is the only one in the UK I think. It has a petrol d4 engine. Information on this car and it's engine is pretty much non existent but that's why I like it. I purchased the car for sentimental reasons, it reminds me of my holidays in Mauritius where this car was once popular. Look forward to hearing from you all
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