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  1. Thanks man 🙂 yes, in Croatia Exclusive is top trim
  2. Hi guys :)) After Yaris, the new family member is this beautiful Corolla, full spec - Executive with HUD. Done only 700 km by now and I am completly thrilled with the car. Greetings from Croatia
  3. Hello guys 🙂 I know the nickname is yarisHybrid, but now the car is 2019 Corolla TS 2.0 Hybrid - and it is beautiful :))) I am from Croatia and the car is top level trim - Executive with HUD. Hope to have a good time with it and with you as well.
  4. my Yaris Hybrid 2014 consumes around 58 to 52 MPG... this worse scenario is during the winter. when we bought it about 5 months ago, it was around 58-59 MPG
  5. You can use 98 if 95 is not available, it won't provide any benefit and is usually more expensive. I'm leaning towards it being temperature related, it sounds like it is just taking longer to warm up and so spending longer in the first two warm up stages. In stage 1 particularly, the engine is set in a reasonably inefficient state which runs a bit rough, to warm up the engine and catalytic converters quicker. See The Five Stages of Prius Hybrid Operation to learn more about the warm up stages of a hybrid. Even though it is based on a Gen II Prius most of the information is applicable to all Toyota hybrids, just some of the finer details might be different, e. g. speed thresholds. HTH Tnx :) This is interesting article! Tommarow I will pick up another - just like mine car - on a drive for two hours and finally see is there any difference. Useful info :) Tnx very much
  6. Never used 91... And dont't really know is it OK to use 98... i think it is :) but never did... I'm sure that there were no any vibrations when used fuel from INA, but that was before this cold winter... maybe the whole thing may be caused by low temperatures, around +5 to -8 C And to say once more, I can feel vibrations only after some time during driving (30 to 45 mins). When it's started and after it's warm-up cycle, it works very smooth...
  7. The best from 95, when ever is possible... On INA yes, only BS 95
  8. In Croatia I used INA EuroSuper BS95 in my Prius and found that to be very good, ran smoothly and got good MPG's. It was cheap too. 8-) What are you using in your Yaris? Yes, INA has a very good fuel (national oil company), and I used it in first two months. Now I have used for last month fuel from some local non-INA petrol station, and maybe just that could be a problem :) But they let me buy fuel on a delay via my company :/ nothing comes cheap....
  9. Buit I noticed that while driving in NORMAL MODE (not ECO mode), vibrations are less smaller, especially when engine is reving up in power area of the left counter Sorry for continuous answers :/
  10. I don't think it's a wheel balance becouse that small vibrations can be feeled after some time during driving - maybe after 30 mins or something like that... I belive that the "problem", if there is any, could be from bad fuel quality and most of the time city driving... I'm not sure... It is interesitng someone has said about cleaning EGR and pipes, but it's a brand new car :/
  11. The short answer is no, but you will do no harm in doing so. Having said that you will not get the best out of the hybrid system using B Mode in the way you have described. Let me explain, B Mode recaptures less kinetic energy by using engine braking to waste energy instead. The idea of B Mode is to take longer to fill the battery by regenerating less, the flip side is that it uses engine braking to compensate for the loss of regen braking. The overall braking effect is greater than just regeneration with foot off the accelerator. The correct use for B Mode is on long downhill gradients. The way to know if you should use B Mode is if you descend a gradient in D mode and your battery is not full by the time you get to the bottom of a downhill gradient, then you do not need to use B Mode. It is ok to ride your brakes (a no-no in a conventional car), as long as you are using regen braking only, to control your speed. This is why, as noted in Colin's post, the manual says "occasional" use when descending steep hills to aid with braking. For normal driving, and especially braking for lights, etc, use your foot brake, not B Mode, as you will recapture more kinetic energy that will otherwise be lost. As long as you have not filled the "regen" section of the HSI, you will not be using any disc brakes. If you are using disc brakes, it is because system needs needs to, to give you the braking you are requesting (i. e. you are braking hard!). The aim here is to use regen as much as possible and use the disc brakes as little as possible, so long gentle braking is what you are going for, where safe to do so. Hope this helps. PS I have visited Croatia and enjoyed your country immensely. Highlights were Plitvice Lakes National Park in Plitvička and Dubrovnik. We spent 4 days in Zadar, relaxing and exploring the surrounding area. Tnx for your answers :) And I'm glad that you visited Croatia - it is nice during the summer, and for everyone from the forum coming to Croatia, you can contact me via phone +385 (0)91 731 80 90 or e-mail kosic.darijan@gmail.com and get together on a drink and talk about our cars :)
  12. Hello, as an owner of a new Yaris Hybrid (MY 2014 - after redesign) in Croatia, I've done 5300 miles in 4 months - and I'm very happy with the car. The consumption is about 4,0-4,5 l/100 km (58-50 mpg), but I can't not to notice something due to engine vibrations level that occurs in some point during driving. In most times it's very smooth on engine power, like it supposed to be, but it can happen that I feel a level of vibrations from the seat and the steering wheel when accelerating on engine power (mid-power on throttle). Maybe that's normal, maybe I'm crazy... Been to the official service and they say it's due to cold wheather and it is very normal... Not sure (today it was 3 degrees and not that cold).... Becouse it is different when i dont feel that vibrations. On the other hand, there is no any strange noise coming from the engine... What do you think? Anyone had similar experience with Yaris or other hybrid model? Question no. 2, I'm using B (engine braking) very often - to slow down at the lights, when going down hills, saving brake pads... Is that OK? Question no. 3 - other night was very cold and I was driving a longer route - strange thing with the engine happend. When I lifted the throttle, it revs-up a bit and then enged EV drive, but EV Mode was not possible even if battery was full. What was that? Thank you and greetings from Croatia.
  13. Hello, everybody, from cold and snowy Croatia. First of all, I would like to apologize if my english is poor in some way, but I hope that we can understand each other. I have a new Yaris Hybrih, MY 2014 (after redesign), and this is the only forum in Europe where I could find some real experience regard to owning car and how it's like to live with them. So you can expect, really soon, some questions regarding behavior of my Yaris - but that in it's time... Once more, a big hello and hope to meet a new people here :) This is my Yaris, in att. :)
  14. Welcome to the Toyota forums yarisHybrid :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/

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