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  1. I`ve got the yaris started. Turned out to be a bad earth to the car body. When I was thinking about the strange lights on the dash coming on when I turned on the interior light on, or turned on the map lights, I thought, poor earth....like when you see a cars tail or brake lights do strange things when the indicator is turned on. The battery clamps were fine, but the negative cable to the body was showing a difference in voltage. So I`ve used a different earth point close to the battery neg terminal and the car started first time.....happy days. Thanks for your advice....hope this is a help to anyone else who has a similar fault.
  2. i`ll try that. i`m going to check for any loose connections around the battery terminals etc.
  3. I hope someone can help me. I`ve changed the 12v battery in my daughters early 2005 yaris. On trying to start the car, it turns over nice and fast, but wont start. The key wont lock or unlock the car either. I`ve tried a couple of key in key out door open door close attempts to program the key with no success. We only have the one key, it has lock and unlock buttons so I`m assuming it`s a master key. Can anyone give me a guide to re-introducing the key without resorting to a dealer or calling out a auto-locksmith.
  4. 99.99% of traction batteries last the life of the car, ie several hundred thousand miles. I`ve heard of some going bad due to water entering the boot. It was on youtube. The guy stripped down the battery unit and replaced the cells and the link bars and nuts etc. If all this seams too much trouble, used batteries are available from damaged vehicles on ebay. But overall, don`t worry about it.
  5. You could try turning the lights on without the engine running. See if there is still any noise. It could be that the alternator is on its way out. My daughters yaris alternator failed and its the same age as yours. Oh, and grease the brake pipes too....they are a common mot fail due to corrosion.
  6. Existing halogen headlamp units shouldn’t be converted to be used with HID bulbs. If such a conversion has been done, you must fail the headlamp.
  7. LED..........I`ll get told off but hey........went straight through the mot last Saturday too.
  8. Could I ask about your problems with the eco-boost engine. My daughter is thinking about changing her yaris 1.0 for a fiesta 1.0 eco-boost or the 1.25. I`d prefer her to keep the yaris or she can have or auris hsd, but you know what kids are like.
  9. Are you putting your foot on the brake pedal first, before selecting drive..? Could I ask, why are you selecting neutral. If you`re stood for a short time, keep your foot on the brake and the car in drive, ready to move off. If you think you may be stood for a little longer, press the P park button.....this way the petrol engine will keep the traction battery charged as required. In neutral this wont happen.
  10. I had the same intermittent horn problem....I`ve checked everything from the horn itself behind the bumper, its earth, the cable etc, with no improvement ....so I wanted to check the horn push in the steering wheel and the cables to it, inside the steering cowl. All I discovered was how to remove and refit the cowl. But after searching on line i found that the horn push/airbag is held in by a clip mechanism....on the front of the steering wheel is 2 small holes left and right side. Where I was expecting to see a torx screw I saw 2 parallel metal strips. To remove the horn I`m told to insert a small flat screw driver between the parallel metal on each side and twist to release the horn. I never got as far as removing the horn push, as after fiddling with a screwdriver in the holes, the horn worked 100% and even sounded clearer...not the usual pathetic squeak. I`ve probably improved the earth continuity
  11. The 2 little holes you can see are to release the top half from the bottom half. So if you gently push a small screwdriver into the hole it helps to release a clip. Do this on each side and the halves will start to come apart. Then some gentle squeezing and they will come apart. Why are you wanting to remove the covers ?
  12. I`ve fitted these......much better than any halogen bulb. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NOVSIGHT-H11-H8-H9-LED-Headlight-Light-Bulbs-60W-10000LM-White-Fast-Fan-Cooling/391920734393?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 very sharp cut off so no dazzling.
  13. You`ll need to know what type of bulb is fitted as standard....probably wont be H4. I`ve used H11 LED in my Auris hybrid. I found them very good, white and bright with a sharp cut off, so no dazzle to oncoming traffic. Much better than HID kits too, I found these to be unreliable and the beam is all over the place. Have a look at these www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NOVSIGHT-H11-H8-H9-LED-Headlight-Light-Bulbs-60W-10000LM-White-Fast-Fan-Cooling/391920734393?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 30w each lamp so are less of a drain to the 12v battery and hybrid system.
  14. I had Wind deflectors on a pajero I had a few years ago. Was nice to have a window open a small amount without noise etc. The only problem I found was, as the pajero is a japan domestic market vehicle, the deflectors were larger than the UK deflectors for the shogun. So they were just in my eye line when looking right or left. So check this when you`re sat in the prius with the seat exactly as you like it. As for wind deflectors affecting the fuel consumption of a pajero....that`s a laugh.
  15. The Rav4 hybrid has the synergy drive transmission, like the prius and auris and now the c-hr. So no need to worry about mmt gearbox problems. The c-hr is only front wheel drive, and if you must have 4wd then only the top of the range hybrid has the rear wheels driven by an electric motor, but the total power output is the same as a 2wd hybrid rav4, and the 2wd will give 5-10% better economy and the same performance. As for phev 4wd....probably the outlander springs to mind....the fantastic mpg is more like just a fantasy, It makes sense as a company car or if you charge over night on a cheep tariff, but a 20 mile range is about the best you can expect in EV, then it`s petrol and the ice engine is not as efficient as the toyota Atkinson cycle design by a long way. So on long journeys it means charging every stop at the services, and they`re not free any more. So you come full circle and you`re back looking at a rav4.....but is it a new one or you keep your existing rav..???