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  1. Mercedes do a E300h hybrid diesel. If you can find one, might be worth a test drive.
  2. For heavens sake don`t drive through water 500mm deep in any regular car, and especially a hybrid. You`ll almost certainly hydro lock the engine, probably wreck the inverter too.....DON`T DO IT.
  3. Although I have not purchased a rav4 hybrid yet, on the test drives I`ve had, I found the rav4 very pleasant to drive, with a noticeable improvement in zip compared to our Auris hybrid. On a 10 mile test drive, it was showing 40mpg, so running costs will be very reasonable for a suv. Down side of a rav4 hybrid.....they are holding their value well, so a bargain is hard to find. The paint looks easy to chip on the bonnet, so some paints could be expensive to repair...maybe a solid colour might be a good choice. Good luck
  4. Could it be, that you have those after market led lamps that are fan cooled in the headlights. The fans can wear and buzz.
  5. Have a look on youtube for a guy called toyota maintenance. He recommends only denso plugs, he`ll tell you the part number in a prius/auris video. I had a miss fire due to a coil going bad due to water dripping in from above....from the scuttle area. coil 2 if i remember right. I bought a used prius 1.8 coil from the same year as my auris. I changed the plugs at the same time, fitted ngk iridium without any problems.
  6. I`ve not used a controller with the solar panel, fused and a built in diode on the solar panel. With such a small panel, the car battery simply absorbs any tiny peaks in output. The yaris battery is 45ah from memory.
  7. The 20w panel is about half the size of the rear parcel shelf. I drove the yaris today, it had not been driven for about 4 weeks. The battery spun the engine over really well.
  8. I`ve fitted a solar panel to the rear shelf of my daughters yaris as it`s not driven too often. I`d tried the smaller panel that you`ve suggested. But I would strongly recommend a panel of 20w. anything less wont do the job. This is behind standard glass, no tint. So you may need to look at bigger wattage panels if you have tinted glass.
  9. I`ve used this same stuff in my bike, a oil cooled suzuki bandit 1200. It had a developed a drip from one of the oil lines from the sump to the oil cooler after using fully synthetic oil. The wynns worked a treat.
  10. Make sure there is a good earth from the battery negative to the engine and the car body. My yaris (2005) had a similar problem after fitting a new battery. It probably didn`t need a new battery, just a good earth. I wired a earth wire from the engine, chassis and battery.
  11. I could be worth looking at the condition if the coils. They can collect water down the spark plug hole as they sit right under the plastic trim at the bottom of the windscreen. So there`s plenty of water and leafs can block where the water should drain away. My Auris hsd started having a intermittent misfire when the ice started. One coil was rusty and bulging at the sides. So I bought a used coil from the same year prius and a set of ngk spark plugs. I put a little oil down onto the spark plug that had the rusty coil and took it very steady taking the plug out. It came out ok and the new coil cured the misfire and noisy ice start up.
  12. If it was me looking to change, I seriously look at a is300h too
  13. I know a guy with a rx400h.When he bought it he knew the exhaust was failing, and made his offer accordingly. But instead of buying a lexus exhaust system, he got a s/s system made from the cat back. It sounds lovely being a v6.
  14. A 5w or 6w panel wont provide enough current to keep a battery in good condition. The watt and voltage rating is a theoretical best output. Trust me, I`ve tried these small 5w panels with the suction cups to stick the panel to a window. But the output is tiny. They are a waste of money Look for a 15w or 20w...If you feel the need, buy one with a controller. Plenty come with the panel and controller as a package. But like I said...I fitted a 15w straight to a yaris 1.0l petrol battery, and it keeps the battery charged, without any over charging, or other problems.
  15. I fitted a 15w solar panel to my daughters yaris as she was away at uni. It works a treat at keeping the battery topped up. You wont need a controller if you buy a low wattage panel..20w is fine. just check the length and width of the panel and the space you want to fit it.
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