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  1. Il just wait till FROSTYBALLS deletes this comment because he is on here 24/7 with his sarcasm and ignorance to anyone else’s opinion! Or should I say Mike! This is the reason people don’t post on these forums. Little keyboard warriors like Mike. Has to have his say and deletes everyone else’s comments when he doesn’t even own a proper Toyota!
  2. Where are your facts from Frosty? Yet another load of bull...why don’t you just quit the forum’s I think everyone is fed up of you with your sarcastic posts and always saying the opposite to everyone else. Do one!? Smudge 1991 is 100% correct. Esso fuel is quite poor theese days. The exxon open market has been regarded as the ‘waste’ fuel that the big companies don’t want for quite a couple of years now. It is usually sat a while hence why supermarkets are usually the first to encounter any fuel issues as they usually have the older fuel!
  3. Hi real deal, H11 is the correct fitting for the dipped beam. HB3 is for the high beam. Just move your headlamp level down so you don’t dazzle people and you’ll be fine. Hope this helps :-)
  4. chrismorrow


    I had mine done. So much better a lot more drivable also a lot better MPG. Contact DRS Cornwall or DRS Sheffield. They are the specialists who developed the maps for the Auris 2.0&2.2.d Mod edit - reference to other club deleted.
  5. I have to disagree. The 1.2 turbo seems more powerful than the 1.6. I know the bhp is less however the torque is considerably more. People seems to laugh at the 1.2 turbo without driving it. After 4k rpm it really does shift. I have driven both, the 1.6 is a lot more smooth in its power delivery, however with the torque from the turbo on the 1.2 it certainly pushes you back in the seat a bit more, seems more happy climbing hills. Just my input after driving both. Also I know some people that tow with the 1.2 turbo large caravans and they report no issues. I must admit the engine is new so hasn't stood the test of time yet, and it is also as far as I know the first direct injection Toyota petrol engine. I have done 30k in mine with no issues.
  6. Hello Adamada. I will actually answer your questions. 1, The hybrids are very suited for that type of driving. The long distance especially as it is always good to give them a long run. All the Toyota hybrids are automatics. 2, for best economy I found sitting at around 65mph is best, however even when you start going above that like 80-90mph overtaking, as long as you do it all smoothly economy doesn't seem to drop that much. I used to regularly get 55mpg - 65mpg on a long run usually in ECO mode or normal. 3, Main thing I would look for is service history, there really isn't much to go wrong with them. Like with any normal car, make sure the tyres and brakes are good. Also I would advise getting it serviced after you buy it and make sure the car has 0W20 oil as for best economy that is what they require. 4, I have driven the Astra 1.0 and it is a good car, however quite underpowered I thought. Much prefer the 1.6 diesel in the new Astra. The hybrid system is 134bhp at peak. However has plenty of torque from the electric side of things when setting off. Overall you cannot go wrong with a hybrid in my opinion. They are proven workhorses and as long as they are looked after will easily reach the 200k plus mark. They are so easy to drive, put it in D and off you go, if you really want the best economy, then I set the tyre pressures to the higher pressures stated on the side of the drivers door and constantly look at the MPG indicator. Doing this i have seen an average of 64.9mpg over 210 miles on a drive to Scotland. It really does vary from person to person, I have also seen it as low as 36mpg in PWR mode and a lot of foot down driving. However normally expect high 50's mpg. Hope this helps,
  7. I have seen quite a few that are certified. (whether fake or not i do not know) However many people don't care. They want better light they do exactly that, not many people care about the standards and all that, as long as it looks okay and doesn't blind people then thats the option of a lot of people hence why LED has caught on so much. So many people are switching to them. I must admit I hate it when cars that have a reflector type housing for their dipped beam use HID kits they just dazzle everyone.
  8. I would try and find out if a clutch was actually fitted and also if it was genuine or not. 30,000 miles is quite rare for a clutch to wear out. In certain circumstances though it is possible. For example a lot of towing, slipping the clutch on a hill also a lot of round town driving can wear the clutch quicker. Like IanML said, it is dependant on the way the driver operates it. I have known people destroy a clutch in a day doing burnouts and launches. But with the average joe 30,000miles is quite premature.
  9. Yes, a big thank to our member Nielshm for finding this out. However LED upgrades are becoming more popular and a lot cheaper. (I am aware it is a dark area whether it is legal or not) As long as they give the correct beam spread 99% of the time it is fine.
  10. May I just say that im getting fed up of reading sarcastic posts all the time. Specifically from so called management. Nobody is naive. I agree eygo, many people downsize from luxury cars to super-minis (purely for ease and economy) and want something that reflects quality. I have driven the new Yaris 1.5 and yes it feels cheap. Better than the Aygo but it should have a much better feel in my opinion. Everyone is allowed an opinion and I find it very unprofessional the amount of sarcasm that is used in a debate with someone. The word Respect springs to mind.
  11. I have the Auris 2.0 D4-D. I get 60mpg + if i take it steady. However if you do like to go fast its more than capable. The 2.0 seems to use all its power right through the rev range. I have had mine remapped to around 160bhp and im very happy with it. I have driven the 2.2 SR180 yes it is very quick however the economy is not as good as the 2.0 plus the 2.2 has a DPF and I have heard there can be issues with this. If you get a pre 09 2.0 d4d it probably won't have a DPF. It depends what you want from a car. In my opinion its not boring at all, wherever you have read that it will probably be some car reviewer that things that everything VW make is the best thing since sliced bread. Each to there own I say, I've had 5 Toyotas now and loved every single one.
  12. No problem at all, happy to help! The Pagid discs and pads from Europarts are very good. If you do a lot of hard driving though I would recommend the Brembo discs and pads. But Pagid are more than capable. Fronts are very easy to change however for the rears you will need a piston wind back tool if you plan on doing it yourself. Also I have noticed that the Pagid discs seem to come with a coating now, after fitting I just go for a 10 mile drive and do some decent hard stops just to bed them in. Others may disagree however thats just what I do and have never had any issues. Regards Chris
  13. The brake fluid reservoir is a great way of seeing how worn the discs and pads are. When the discs and pads are new it should be at max. As they wear and the piston in the calliper has to travel further thus meaning it needs more fluid to expand. Meaning the fluid level drops. Id check all your discs and pads to make sure they do not require replacement before topping it up. Also you can use DOT4 or DOT5.1. Dot 5.1 simply has a higher boiling point they are both interchangeable. (When buying brake fluid be careful to never to use DOT 5 silicon based fluid unless the car specifically requires it) Dot 3,4 and 5.1 are all glycol based fluids and interchangeable. :-) Regards Chris
  14. If I were you I would speak to Toyota directly and say that your a loyal customer and ask why this decision has been reached? Its not the end of the road, if you pressure them enough and ask for reasons they may go 50/50 on the bill. They are usually very good at out of warranty repairs. Raise a case with them and ask to speak to a case manager regarding the issue. Regards Chris
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