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  1. I ordered the scv of eBay and put it in. Came in a Toyota box not a genuine part but the exact same. Was told by a diesel specialist that it would have to be programmed but the car is running fine. Getting more mpg and pulling better. Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  2. Map sensor located at the front of the engine with two screws beside the inter cooler pipe on mine an 05 d4d. There is a small pipe going to it. My pipe had slipped off it and the car was driving like a pig. I replaced the scv valve and after advice from here seen the wee pipe wasn't connected. After putting it back on the car was back to normal Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  3. I don't know much but I would check some of the easy things like tyre pressures. Power steering fluid is it low or when was it last changed. Is the belt maybe slipping. Is the steering heavy at all speeds. Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  4. I used one of the head gasket repair products on another car I had. I sold the car not long after but I know the person I sold it to and it's still going over a year later. Not sure how many miles it's done since the fix but I would say it's a good few since the boy drives quite a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  5. I just replaced the scv valve on an 05 avensis d4d. £85 on eBay. A couple of screws and that's it. I didn't get it reprogrammed but the car is running spot on now. It's depends if your pump has two valves or one like mine. Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  6. Yeah it was just resting against it not pushed on to it Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  7. Yeah the whistle noise was beginning to worry me but turned out a nice simple fix. Cheers for the input Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  8. I just looked at the post and know I checked it before. I just spray the connections with the electrical cleaner. Such a small pipe for the hassle lol. The scv did need replaced cause it's driving better than before. It's fixed now and I did learn a bit more about the engine and possible problems and what to look for. Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  9. I was having similar problems. Think I have just got it fixed. I replaced the suction control valve on the injector pump. Car was still losing power up hills and it was suggested here to clean the electrical connections on the map sensor. When I went to do this I seen a wee pipe wasn't connected to the bottom of the sensor. Simple thing but stopped the car from pulling. Also check pipes for air leaks and all are attached Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  10. 786 all I can do is thank you. I went to clean the map sensor as you suggested. The small pipe that attaches to it was resting against it not attached. Cleaned the electrical connections put the pipe on it right took it a drive and it's driving better than ever. Not a sensor I had thought of so without your help it would of cost me more money so again thank you Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  11. Only the dealers that I know of but I will be doing my best to find one now. If anyone knows any in Belfast it would be a great help. Thanks for your advice as well. I have cleaned the maf so will try the sensor in the morning Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  12. Had it into two garages so far with no joy. Diesel specialist said he would need them out on the bench to test them and he wasn't that convinced it was injectors. Think I will try the other thing first. The diesel specialist did say that the scv valve might need reprogrammed. After speaking to Toyota they recommend getting the diagnosis done and then if it needs programmed doing it then which would cost £168 if I get it programmed and it doesn't work it's £84 then at least another £84 for it to be diagnosed. No smell from clutch no extra revs just not pulling when going up hills Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  13. Still need help with this problem replaced the scv valve on the injector pump. Car pulls better but still lacks power on hills. At 70 mph in 5th gear at 2500 revs it will not maintain the speed and in a short space the speed is down to 50 mph and having to drop into 3rd to get the pull again. Egr has been tested and cleaned. Fuel, air filter replaced. All hoses look good no obvious leaks. Air flow meter replaced. Inlet manifold cleaned. Throttle body cleaned. No codes showing. Vsv or boost control valve replaced. Glow plugs fine. Also hear a whistle from the turbo is that normal. Car seems to start fine and no long cranking times. Anyone any ideas before I have to pay Mr t £84 an hour Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  14. Hasn't been wasted but all other forums say that it's only a short term fix which would mean I have to buy one anyway. I wanted to know if the part on eBay was genuine since the dealer told me I couldn't buy it separate. If there was genuine parts i wanted the product number to get the right part Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  15. Ordered one of eBay. I've seen a few threads saying there is problems with these and that when they fail cleaning them is only a short term fix. So that's why I went ahead with ordering one Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC