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  1. I only use BP Ultima Diesel after Toyota keep telling me DPF my local garage think its a faulty injector pumping to much fuel in to the engine and burning it the exhaust so tomorrow there going away for testing and maybe I didn't need a new cat and exhaust for £550 that Toyota recommended wait and see.
  2. Well with no help from Toyota I tried a small independent garage just up the road from me after a good look and a drive with me in it he is convinced its one or more injectors. His opinion is that one or more may be injecting more fuel than needed and its being burned off in the exhaust hence the plume of smoke when driving , so tomorrow its going in and they are taking out the injectors and sending them away for testing and repairing if necessary. The cost around £30 for testing but up to £100 each for repair and about £100 for labour charges so potentially up to £230 or more and with no guarantee it will finally fix the problem but what choice do I have after spending nearly £800 for something I didn't need (the cat and exhaust ) my wallet is praying this will be the end.
  3. Hi, yes I read the article but Toyota have said there's nothing wrong with the engine and with no loss of power or water/oil and no warning lights flashing it seem to be a mystery the cars now been to Toyota three times and an independent twice and still no nearer to a solution . The cost of just tying to find out what's wrong with it including a new cat and exhaust that wasn't the problem is now exceeding £800 and im now weighing up whether to carry on or would be better to get rid .
  4. Still trying to get some where with the problem Rav booked the car in to a diesel specialist near my home town and he said he thinks the PDF may be blocked . But there are no warning lights on the dash or no faults found in the ecu , Looking in the car owners manual I cant even see a warning light for the PDF . Its a RAV4 t180 2.2 td . 2006 He also hinted injectors but I don't want an expensive a repair on a maybe. any suggestions or ideas ,thanks. .
  5. Well all seems ok no lights on the dash , oil level the same as last checked performance ok , water ok, cleaned the EGR a few months ago and it was a bit full but ok , not checked the DPF ill have to find it first .
  6. Hi, I’ve had this 2006 Toyota rav 4 t180 2.2 turbo diesel with just over two years it came with a full Toyota service history A few weeks after its last 60,000 service i noticed a plume of smoke coming from the exhaust and a strong smell of what i can describe as paraffin it’s not there when i start the car it only starts when the engine gets up to normal operating temp and it’s not all the time. I booked the car in to Toyota and for £96 they said it was the cat and would need a new exhaust and cat that would cost me £1100. I did get a new exhaust and cat but i had a custom built cat and flow through stainless one for £520 but it made no effect on the smoking problem. This time i went to a local garage after they looked at the car they said they could not find anything wrong with it compression was good and it was normal to smoke a little. Still not happy with the car i went back to Toyota who looked at the car for free this time and guess what they checked everything no loss of water or oil and nothing wrong with the car .Is it something they have missed. So I’ve now spent £620 and no nearer finding out what’s wrong with the rav and i know it’s not me and there is a problem so hope you guys have some useful advice on this one.
  7. Hi new member from the west midlands I have a Rav4 t180 2006 that's developed a smoking problem.
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums handyandy63 :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/

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