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  1. Hi MJJ: my bill (from a local garage) says: 'supply and fit cam belt kit, fan belts and fan belt (power steering)', and that all came to £160 plus VAT.
  2. Harry Carri: the fuel filler assembly is now replaced and leak solved, thankfully. I hear what you say re the light cluster and the rusting, though- I really do need to address that next! MJJ: glad your 'new' Carina passed its MOT and hope it serves you well for the next 10 years...or 15? or 20?!
  3. Hi, timing belt just replaced - apparently it was in good shape, no tears or anything - not bad after 140,000k on it?! The other belts were in worse shape and needed replacing (alternator belt and power-steering belt), so that's all done. Just had the fuel filler assembly replaced as well, picking it up today so hope that's worked to address the fuel leak (was getting a bit tired of having to keep fuel level low and always park it with back end up on the drive and any other slopes)! That's a fair amount invested in the car this last week so hope it's worth it! The bonnet catch seems ok at the moment - another mechanic (without being prompted) worked at it and it seems to have done the trick.... for the moment at least. I just don't see these cars around much any more. A few years ago they were every other car on the road here in Birmingham because every taxi driver had one. Then in came the EU law about taxis having to be no more than 9 years old (or so I was told) and they practically all disappeared overnight (to be replaced by the Avensis) - must all have been scrapped, otherwise where did they go? Now, it's a rare sight! Thanks all for the advice on the belt and other problems.
  4. Wow - 239k? That's good going, wonder if mine will make it that far....Glad to hear yours has served you so well
  5. Yeah it passed its MOT ok - nowt wrong! The mechanic (different garage to usual) said the car was in good form, but that I am on borrowed time and incredibly lucky re the timing belt...hmmm. Otherwise I should just keep it running until something major and expensive goes. He may also be able to source a scrap replacement filler pipe, but will diagnose first. Also thinks he may have fixed the bonnet catch - we live in hope... Have removed gunge from window seals. The drainage holes did not seem blocked. Next step silicone sealing I guess.... Looks like I'm keeping the car for the foreseeable after all, anyway....
  6. Thanks MJJ, that's really useful to know about the timing belt; I didn't really want to replace it at this point if I didn't have to, so it's good to know it's unlikely to cause other damage if it goes. Also, very interested to hear about the door/window causing the pool of water; that's certainly plausible in my case as I really couldn't see anywhere obvious it could be coming from and it hasn't done it again since, despite plenty of rain having come down, which would fit with it building up over a period. Will check that out and try your suggestion on it. :) Light casing too - good idea! Re the filler tube, local garage had it up on the ramp and decided it seemed to be leaking from the rubber hose section, but said if they tried to replace that alone, in order to get to it, the whole assembly might need to come off, and given the corrosion on it, it was likely to break in the process. So I called Toyota dealer to check on availability of parts (all available) and they said leaks are almost always from the metal part of the assembly, not the hose - so, at this point, I don't know where the leak is actually coming from and the process of locating it is likely to mean the assembly needs replacing anyway....will see what happens though.... MOT tomorrow - fingers crossed nothing major on that. Last 2 years it has got through with no issues - not bad eh? - but this may be the time..... Thanks again!
  7. Hi, just joined today, having found this forum at a point when have been considering replacing my 1996 Carina E 1.8 (just passed 201,000 miles, has been doing 15-20,000 miles a year for the last 8yrs). The engine is fine, but other niggling problems all coming at once are making me question whether it's time to give up. It's about to go for MOT and service, but also has: a leaking fuel filler pipe (air outlet part), to cost £160 plus labour;the bonnet catch has a problem, potentially serious - bonnet often won't close fully, have to pump lever in cabin and oil catch itself to get it to shut, and since last time, a few days ago, the bonnet catch has started to just partially release the bonnet when driving at high speed on motorway. Had this problem before, garage sorted it (through oiling only?) but has started happening again and obviously dangerous - has anyone else had this problem/know how to solve it permanently?the timing belt has not been replaced for 140,000 miles - don't know how it has survived all this time but is it worth replacing it now on top of other expenditure, or are they known to go on for ever?after rain the other week, there was a pool of water in the rear footwell passenger side, no clue as to where it got in! (apparently not the sunroof or from beneath);there is permanently water in passenger side rear light casing;More general probs not specific to Carina are the gearbox is getting stiff - often hard getting in and out of first gear; the passenger side mirror spring went and is held on with duct tape; rust is now developing on doors; rear door catch very stiff (had to replace spring in driver's door catch a few years ago); seatbelt catch problem .....etc etc. Basically, any repairs done now far exceed the monetary value of the car and I'm not sure how long it will last after spending out on the timing belt and fuel filler pipe. But.... the exhaust is fine, brake cables were replaced last year, and I've read that some Carinas will go on to do 400,000 miles!? The car has been soooo reliable, only breaking down once in the 8 years I've had it (poor earth wire connection) and I am loath to send it to the scrapyard!Anyway, I'm rambling - would appreciate any responses on the bonnet catch and timing belt particularly. Many thanks!
  8. Hi, I have a 1996 Carina E, has passed 201,000 miles, engine still going strong on 15-20,000 miles a year, but other bits starting to complain/drop off. I have been approaching the point of deciding whether or not to finally replace the car, and had not realised, until going online last night, that there was this level of interest in the Carina and its longevity! Thought it would be useful to join and get advice on niggling problems if possible, if I am to keep it running.....seems a shame not to!
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums The Blue Streak :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: