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  1. Having been thwated last weekend by the inner tie rods requiring a Special Tool, I duely ordered one from flea bay and eagerly awaited its arrival... Oh Joyous Delivery has turned into Frustrated Annoyance at discovering this was designed more for a Chinese Chengdu or Indian Tata Lorry ... where the tolerances could be measured by the 1/4" rather than by the mm .. So after treating my nice english neighbours to a string of flowey phrases and sayings in 4 languages, I have retreated to come up with a new plan of action .. !! What in gods name will remove these Inner Tie Rods without having to either dismantle the entire engine bay, steering rack and or suspension just for the hell of it, or see me in A & E getting my fingers stitched up again after putting some instrument through them. It appears that any decent removal tool seems to be in America .... Thoroughly Annoyed Owner, now sulking on the sofa with coffee and chocolate muffins
  2. After all the superb advice from all contributors, i finally found the cause ! It was a Gnome sitting in the wheel arch with a Hammer Knocking away ... I have now confiscated the hammer, aforementioned Gnome has been lectured on the vagaries of his ways and peace has returned.
  3. OK, will try to keep this concise, but with me, well .... could prove a challenge. Car - 2001 Celica 140bhp - 65k on the Clock Road Types - Rough B Roads and Back Roads Mainly Issue - Front Suspension Knock, Rattle and Somewhat imprecise steering, appears to be coming from Passenger Side ( Noise that is ) Kicks around quite a bit on these rough back roads and tends to pull to the left. (that could possibly be a tempermental caliper) But its the knocky rattle that is the infuriating part. Check List to Date - New Ball Joints, New Drop Links, No Lateral Play in Top Strut Mounts, No Play in Lower Swing Arms, Pry Bar Challenge - Car Jacked Up and Pry Bar Placed under Wheel and Suspension Moved up and down ( Passenger Side there is a little movement - Drivers Side No Movement or Give ) Inspection of Drivers Strut reveals an oil weep ... unknown to length of time. Passenger Side Dry. Conclusion / Advice - Replace Both Front Struts ? Or is / has driver's side failed and is transmitting itself across as a passenger side failure ? Replacement Struts £60 each. Ps, Did not help matters as I was driven off the road last week after a 5 series lost control on a corner coming towards me. I chose the grass as a softer option, luckily nothing bent besides my underwear and what I can assume was a couple of irate pheasants who were disturbed from the morning slumbers.
  4. How do I delete this now ? .... don't need it anymore and cannot see a " Delete Ad " button
  5. 17" OEM Toyota Celica Alloys x 5 - 205 45 17 tyres Rare Set of All 5 ! .... So not to be missed out on ! 5 x 100 pcd and offset of 38 In my opinion, 4 are good and 1 will need a proper refurb. These are 13 years old so there is marking, some light curbing and age related wear on them. However, as a set of Straight undamaged / buckled / dented rims they will be an excellent starting point for yours if you are after a genuine OEM set. All 5 have tyres on them 205 / 45 / 17 though again, personally I would strip them off and replace them. They are legal but that's about it. Collection from Cambridgeshire or Arrange your own courier ( after 6:30pm or Sat Am due to work ) Price £300 for the lot
  6. Igundwane


    Found Languishing in a Garage ... was taken as part payment on another vehicle - 63 400 on the clock, genuine mileage, Needs TLC, a good clean and a mop, tyres need sorting and a few other little bits and pieces. Summer fun work :)
  7. If this is the wrong place to post, then apologies ... kick me and I will delete it and post where it needs to go.I prefer a little comfort and low profile 17's are not cutting it ... Currently Have and Not Keen On - 17" Rims 5 x 100 pcd offset 38 bore 54.1 - Set of 5 .. Tyres are Legal - 245/45/17 2 of the rims will need to be stripped down. Am after a Set of 16" / maybe 17" with the same PCD / Offset and Bore " Similar / multi spoke etc " to those in the other picture .. With Good Tyres on them !! Happy to do a swap and put cash towards right ones :-) Based in Cambridgeshire.
  8. As a New Owner of one today, I am having a Hmmmm moment after driving it home. A hmmmm moment with me can either be dangerous or it will pass So question .... Seats, Very basic indeed and a little to low for my skinny ***** ... is there any newer seat versions out there that will give a little more height, adjustment etc ? As I would like to peer down the bonnet rather than guessing where it is roughly I am pretty sure that by adding a few washers and longer bolts, I can do it that way ... but looking at other options as well.
  9. Brought a very rare little gem this morning ... Metallic Black, 51 reg, 63 500 on the clock immaculate condition, was left at a garage as part payment for work done. Got there expecting a shed for the price they were asking ... Anything but ! So .... now we shall see if they live up to their reputation as fun and good on fuel ( when driven sensibly )
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums Igundwane :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/

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