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  1. Hi looking to get a CHR what things should I be looking out for. Will probably be the 1.2cvt Is the AWD worth the extra? Is it any good? Any advice is welcome
  2. spen2811


    Hi does any one know what get changed on the 5+ service (full)
  3. All sorted thanks MOT AND SERVICE tomorrow
  4. Any one know how easy to change the battery in a mk2 yaris
  5. Got the heated seats changed on 22 October, all good until Monday 19 November as drivers seat has stopped working,car going back in on the 27 November.
  6. Car going in 22 october to be sorted
  7. Gave them a ring today parts should ge in for 13 September.
  8. They had the car last tuesday for its service and to look at seats eventually got them to check technical service bulletin.said they were ordering parts and will ring to arrange booking it in.
  9. Thanks for the replies.how long did it takes for the parts to come in.will it take longer as going through under warranty?
  10. Hi thanks for the reply,just waiting for them to contact me, current ones only coming on say 4 times in a 4 hour drive.Did they replace drivers and passengers side.
  11. Hi does anyone know what's involved in having my heated seats replaced due technical service bulletin finally been looked at by my local dealer ,had mentioned back in October that they were not coming on very often ,then getting them to check them on its last service they then decided too look for the service bulletin as still not coming on,they have said they need changing/Parts wants ordering.Just waiting for the call to book it in.
  12. Hi have to replace the rear quarter stone chip protector, do u just stick it on or do u use a water spray to get back into the correct position.
  13. spen2811


    Its on everyday and car gets used every day has 25000 on the clock.
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