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  1. dave hendy

    Scuttle rattle

    Hi, I have this problem under certain weather conditions, can you give more details of where you mean the problem is? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. They are correct the one in the engine bay is for the alarm and the one behind the bumper is the horn. Mine is useless as well but as it's not easy to get to I haven't done anything about it 2 horns would have been much better but they add weight and cost...……..
  3. dave hendy


    Amazingly last week I got 154 miles from the 1st segment [emoji15] According to my mpg on the gauge I am getting 58.1 mpg from my 1 litre mostly on my 7.5 mile commute (each way) I used to get 52 mpg from my Yaris diesel Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. dave hendy


    My 1st segment lasts about 110 miles🤔 On my iQ🙃
  5. My wifes did something similar once last summer , about 2-3 miles from home. Turned it off and restarted and it was fine and hasn't done it since (touch wood) this bought up some communication fault codes which I cleared.
  6. dave hendy

    IQ3 1.33 Coolant

    If your car is 2009 it will be due a coolant change (10 years). That's if it hasn't been done already. Be careful mixing any with a different life!!
  7. dave hendy

    3 year old

    Unfortunately you want get the same fuel economy from a 1.3 petrol Yaris
  8. I think it was slower as well, just get a petrol!!
  9. Good luck, doubt the A3 will be as reliable!!
  10. Thought the colour change is announced in July?
  11. Very nice Much better than last years yellow IMO
  12. Hopefully it won't happen again, but if it does it will have to go into the garage. We will see what happens?
  13. Just checked the car for fault codes and there were 2 stored C1201 and U0100 which I have cleared. It wasn't showing any P codes??