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  1. Si yaris

    Colour code

    My daughter has 2016 yellow aygo with black roof does anybody know where to find colour code for the black cheers
  2. Great didn't know what to buy have you got one in yours cheers
  3. Hi just got a yellow 2016 aygo 1.0 .can you fit a normal alloy wheel in boot where the spare wheel should be or is it only big enough for a space saver wheel
  4. tyre could probably do another 6000 miles if it wasnt for outside edge being bald o/s tyre wearing evenly pressures correct
  5. given a printout at service and also today not much difference in the results front or rear someone did say that might not be adjustable but can't find out
  6. just the nearside they offered to put a new tyre on at normal price offside is wearing ok they said that their £12000 set up couldn't be wrong and that alignment was ok
  7. took my yaris to have wheel alignment done at local toyota garage again as it was done with service a couple of months ago and again it showed that it was within the limits anybody getting bad outside tyre wear the pressure is correct and all they could say was they could put a new tyre on for me whats the good if its only going to last 6000 miles does anyone know if it can be adjusted on leg or if it fixed help please never going back to toyota again service plan dumped
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums Si yaris :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: