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  1. Fitted the injectors,made zero difference,back to square 1 again.
  2. thanks fella,will post my result tomorrow,ha! glad to hear you got yours sorted!
  3. fuel filter made no difference,so ordered a 2nd hand set if injectors from ebay,going to fit them later,hopefully they cure it!
  4. I actually removed the fuel pump,cleaned the pick up,and siphoned the fuel from the tank,put in new fuel,and I think it's running a lot better!so now I'm thinking I'll try the fuel filter,after that,I'll go injectors,I'm sure I could pick up a used set somewhere.
  5. Diagnosis isn't showing up much at all,I'm putting in a new fuel filter 2mro.
  6. Mines seems to be an overfueling problem.all plugs are wet,misses worse when cold than hit,checked the injectors with a multi meter,1 read 14 ohms,the rest 17 ohms.
  7. When I lift off the pedal,it happens for a few secs when I put it on again,does it worse when cold than when the engines hot.
  8. I always have a rich mixture,new plugs fitted,and I've checked them,and they are wet all the time.o2 sensor is showing that it's doing it's job,switching on and off.car is quite smokey because of overfueling,smells of fuel.
  9. Got it plugged on,showing that it's running very rich,and the O2 sensor it doing its job. Any ideas?
  10. I unplugged the injectors and the engine note changed,so don't think it's them.possible diluted filter?
  11. changed the plugs and leads,still no better. when its sitting idle,you can hear the engine is quite lumpy. wondering would it be one of the coilpacks?
  12. my avensis just started this in the last few days,when it warms up,there is a hesitation. if im driving along,and i lift my foot off,then gently press the throttle again,it jolts and hesiates,then gets a burst of 'power'. im going to remove the plugs later and have a look,also can smell the cat if i rev harder up the rev range. possible blockage?
  13. just to update this for future ref if anyone else has the same problem. the crankshaft sensor cured it.
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