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  1. Thanks, Dave. Good to know for next time. I was a bit worried about the positive lead making it around such a long battery, as it comes out of a housing just inboard of the edge of the battery tray, if that makes sense.
  2. I've just ordered a Varta B36 from Tayna. The dimensions are the same as the standard battery, but the rating is higher, at 44 Ah. Price was just under £51 including delivery.
  3. Could someone give me some advice on which battery to buy, please? I have a 2015 Aygo Xpression X-shift (bought new). The current (original) battery is a FIAMM LO 300 (175mm across X 175mm deep (front to back) X 195mm high). It's a 35 Ah. The car still starts perfectly well, but I've noticed the green indicator on top of the battery has gone black. The battery shows 12.8V soon after driving, but, if the car isn't driven for a few days, the battery shows 12.3V, which I believe is too low. I do trickle charge it with an intelligent charger about once a week. There is about 75mm more space a
  4. Xpression


    (Geoff, you probably know that the coolant header tank has a 'full' line about halfway up? Above that is just air, which expands and contracts as the coolant heats and cools. The coolant should be at that level when cold). Agree with Kevin: it shouldn't need topping up, unless there's a leak. Best wishes, Xpression
  5. Mine was sorted by replacing the shocks under warranty. There were no other rattles, as I checked by removing every single thing from the entire car. It has a puncture repair kit, which doesn't rattle in my car. The new shocks have a newer part number, which is listed above a few pages.
  6. CJohnstone1982 it sounds like it needs an adjustment. Mine doesn't do that, and you shouldn't have to leave it in gear all the time. Yes, the clutch plate is pushed back, but there is still some friction and wear on the transmission. A car on axle stands, when put in gear with the clutch depressed, will still turn the wheels. Maybe get a passenger to video the problem, so you can show the dealer? Keep us posted!
  7. CJohnston1982 do you press the foot brake (firmly) while putting the transmission onto E? Also, only release the foot brake AFTER the N light changes to E on the dash. Try it... should work. I believe the beeps are there because of dimwits in the US putting auto cars into D without their foot on the brake, and then the transmission 'creep' rolls them forward off a pier or into another car, etc. so the lawyers had a field day until car makers put extra safety features like this in. If this doesn't solve the mystery, then I agree with the posts above, that it will probably need to be re-adjusted
  8. Thank you! That makes sense now. Tap the chequered flag to clear the current route (pop-up, confirm clear route).
  9. Sometimes you only need the sat-nav to find your way out of another town when going home, but after a while you know where you're going and don't need the sat-nav any more. It would be nice to be able to switch it off at that point. I've tried pressing the lower button, which takes me back up to the home screen, but the sat-nav voice keeps going in the background. It only stops once you arrive home and turn the ignition off. Is there a way to switch it off while driving? Thanks, Xpression
  10. Thanks for all the input. I've just checked the rubber bump-stops, and they're secure. I'm going to ask Mrs Xpression to sit in the back seat and push against the hatch door to see if that stops the rattle. Just to summarise again what I said before: I don't have a spare wheel, and I've also removed everything from the car... it still rattles. Last year, the mechanic actually took out the lower mounting bolt from the nearside shock absorber, and pushed the shock upwards (compressed it out of the way) and then drove the car with another mechanic listening in the back seat. The rattle was gone i
  11. I agree with Frostyballs... check to see if any of the brakes are stuck on. Also, check to see if anything has blown up and burnt onto the exhaust. Friend of mine had this a few years ago with a shopping bag...
  12. Yes, l will do. I have a video clip of the noise from my dashcam, too, which I'll show him. I tried to put a link to it (YouTube) in this post, but it won't let me.
  13. No reply to my email yet, so I rang them today, and it's booked in for a check-up (first process) next Wednesday. The mechanic has to test drive the car and agree that it does indeed have a knocking noise (I shudder at the thought of the test drive... see page one), after which they have to fill in loads of forms and take photos and put in a claim to Toyota. Cue months of delay. I said I have the TSB number, but he didn't take it down, as 'we have no access to that sort of information, sir'. Anyway, I'll report back here. The knocking sound is audible on recordings from my dashcam, so they sho
  14. Thanks, Both. I emailed this information to them today, with a request to replace the shocks under warranty.
  15. Thanks, Dave. Do you have any more information on this for me, please? As I understand it, a TSB is only available to Toyota dealers, and it is their responsibility to act upon it if a customer brings a car in. Is that right? (so if I just keep quiet and keep driving, they won't contact me). I think I'll phone them tomorrow and ask to bring the car in for replacement shocks (again), but this time the new design of shock absorber. Xpression.
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