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  1. Buddy01

    T180 V Xt-R

    Thanks Mike. I am hoping the garage will exchange my car as last night it was missing that much I thought it would break down. The other car is still rav4 but im hopeful that if I drive it for a few days trouble free then I will be ok. Hope im not being naive. they have an exchange policy that im hoping my call will still be under as it has been back tpo garage since the 1st week I had it. Not sure where I stand legally but as they are a respectable company Im hoping they will honour it. Shame I couldnt have my money back :( Deb.
  2. Buddy01

    T180 V Xt-R

    My rav at the o is rav4 T180 diesel2006. the rav im thinking of looking at is rav4 2.2 D-4D XTR 2008. Many thanks Deb
  3. Buddy01

    T180 V Xt-R

    Thanks I will check with the dealer. I am hoping it I changed for the other rav4 not T180 I would get better mpg. Shame as I love this car. Deb,
  4. Buddy01

    T180 V Xt-R

    Hi, I have T180 and not very happy as fuel consumption is unbelievable..26/28 mpg. As it is under warranty the garage have hinted I could change for another. There is a xt-r in stock about same value as mine. Would anyone recommend swapping ?
  5. Crofter, I am only short 5.2. i dont have roof bars or rear wheel. Looks like I got problems and the tow bars are so expensive.
  6. Its the rav without the spare wheel so need rack for the back door? Seeming rather difficult. :(
  7. Anyone know where they to get bike rack from for t180. No rear spare wheel. MANY THANKS
  8. Hi, When im driving my car judders and then picks up speed. When it does this the engine sounds very rattly. Unless I am driving rather erratically the engine rattles and then when I change gear and try to drive more gentle it sounds perfect. I have 5 days warranty left so want it sorting asap. Any ideas. Thanks
  9. Ok, All the above were faults with my rav4 2006 model.(t180) On motorway tried to use Cruise control and it was flashing but not working. I had 3 errors on dash along with intermittent loss of power when going up a hill....However filled up with fuel all the error lights went out and the cruise control started working. Great I am really pleased but I have 3 months warranty with my car but the fault keeps clearing when taken to the toyota dealer.The errors do not ever register ? Any advice plse. Thanks all
  10. Hi i have had this error twice. 1st it just went after stop start. today my car would not drive above 25 mph... once again stopped for ten mins and restarted fine... happened again called out aa and the fault registered but cleared within ten mins. Has anyone had this? My concern is I have 3 month toyota warranty and want this problem resolved. Many thanks. By the way when I try to start the car.(keyless) sometimes the green light goes to red and will not start. I have to attempt several times. Many thanks
  11. Buddy01

    Mpg Log ?

    Thank you all very much. Will do brim top brim.
  12. Thank you for the reply. I took it to my dealer however it didnt register on their computer. Will see if re occurs.
  13. Hi Just had my rav4. (Friday) Today I have error 4wd vsc and engine system error. Any ideas folks..Thank you
  14. Buddy01

    Mpg Log ?

    cheers. I always try to drive to achieve the best mpg..need to get used to this. Thanks
  15. Buddy01

    Mpg Log ?

    Thanks Bryan I have found out and was shocked. 24 mpg...I was told to expect 40....oh dear. looks like i will be walking a lot unless im doing something wrong.