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  1. Whereabouts are you?....... As I have one that I bought for my 64 Reg Yaris and removed when I traded it in for another make i am in Cambridgeshire 12 miles South of Peterborough if that is convenient for you you could have it cheap.......Message me (Steve M)
  2. What type of car are you getting ( Or have got) for your increasing family? Do let us know when your baby is born........and if you manage to sell your Mr2 :)
  3. Noticed in the motoring press the other day that this T bar Mr2 model is actually appreciating in value! Hope that it sells to someone who appreciates it
  4. When you receive a Traffic Announcement try increasing the volume as it plays.....When the TA has finished the radio should revert to the lower volume. Next time a TA is played the volume should be higher as previous TA
  5. Hope that you manage to sell your Mr2 soon :) Good luck with the baby
  6. Think that you may find that the speedo must be calibrated in MPH and KPH to pass the UK MOT.......This used to be so but not sure if it is still required
  7. Your wait may not be as long as 28 days.......DVLA are getting faster at sending out the V5's :)
  8. White smoke usually means they have elected another Pope! ;) :)
  9. I understand that the petrol engined Yaris does not have a timing belt, but uses a timing chain The water pump is propelled by a grooved fan belt.......not by the timing chain :)
  10. Before i had a VW Golf that I drove 350,000 km without changing oil/filter. And a Peugeut 206 for 200,000 km as well.Strange that they still kept driving without any engine problems whatsoever. I must be a very lucky guy..... Without servicing you are neglecting the running components of your cars to the point of making them dangerous and possibly even unroadworthy........This may invalidate your insurance as most insurance policies require that the car is kept in serviceable condition
  11. I don't think that you are very brave......I think you are foolish to think that you can abuse your engine for six years without changing oil and filter I think that you have been lucky It is just good luck that your engine has not let loose after the abuse you have given it........You should be ashamed to admit such neglect of your car! :(
  12. When you start the car both blue and red lights should illuminate.....This is part of the start up test sequence......After the car is started the blue light may remain on until the engine reaches operating temperature....While the blue light is on it is advisable not to over Rev the engine The red light should only come on again if the engine is overheating....If this happens you should stop and investigate.....but never remove the radiator pressure cap on a hot engine
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