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  1. I was just thinking about the mesh filter in the tank unit I had an avensis many moons ago an that was the problem it was running rough it needed cleaning I'll try the non return valve 1st then over the next while try the mesh filter My wife just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago and with 2 other sons here its just hard to get time at the minute 🍼🍼🤣 Cgm
  2. I bought the car private so no come back that way It has done it 2-3 times I checked the filter and it is spotless and always use top quality diesel for all my cars and vans A non return valve is going to be placed at the filter to insure the diesel isn't seeping back from the filter The car starts then cuts out straight away during the times it wouldn't start if that makes sense then once I prime the pump it starts OK could it maybe be electrical I don't know Going to try non return valve 1st to see what happens as you say its a cheap try Cgm
  3. Hi rav4 The filter was changed when I bought the jeep in November along with the rest of the filters I was thinking of putting a non return valve on the line to see will this help Regards cgm
  4. Hi all my 2008 rav4 d4d Would not start a few weeks ago grinding over fine but just would not start the diesel gauge was showing quarter full so I thou maybe it was a faulty gauge as I have recently bought the jeep so I put £20 diesel in and primed the prime pump and away it started Then yesterday it done the same but this time the diesel gauge was showing half full so again I put £20 diesel in and pumped the prime pump and it started so I drove it 500 yards to my dads house 15 minutes later it would not start again i knew it wasn't low on diesel because it was over 3/4 full so I pu
  5. Hi all My 2008 2.2d4d rav4 has a rattle somewhere in the engine like a tinny rattle comes in when you accelerate then goes away and comes back again when you lift off the accelerator Thinking it could either timing chain or injectors rattle has anyone came across this before? Regards CGM
  6. Hi all I have a 2011 T27 avensis when I try to unlock with the key fob the doors will not unlock (and it cant be key fob as have 3 keys and none off them work) all 3 keys lock the car but I'm having to unlock the car by putting actual key blade into drivers door which is a pain this just happened overnight with no difference made to the car eg: battery not been disconnected. Hopefully this is only a minor glitch and someone know how to fix thanks in advance CGM
  7. I shall give it a go over the weekend if I get time and let you know my findings Cgmstone
  8. Hi paul9 I have already pulled the festoon bulb out of centre light and so far so good hasn't blown the fuse in 2 days so seems to be the problem I have another avensis for spares so I'm going to pull complete centre cluster out and swap them round and see what happens cheers for the help Cgmstone
  9. Hi all My 2002 d4d keeps blowing a fuse and it seems to work central locking,interior roof light,and radio sometimes it can last for 2-3 days before it blows sometimes only matter of a hour or so not sure which of the things its related to can be causing the problem as nothing has been changed also have tried a higher rated fuse and it still blows.fuse is located in engine bay fuse box if that makes any difference.any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. Many thanks CGM
  10. On my 2002 t22 at low speeds I have a jingly rattle and seems to be quite a quick rattle have had car up on my ramp and cant really see anything obvious there is a bit of slight movement in the subframe bushings but have heard horror stories about changing them bolts ringing inside the chassis and the likes could it be simple anti roll bar bushes has anyone had this before any help would be much appreciated CGM
  11. Just an update I have found there is no permanent power going to the rear fog light relay but I looped power from the front fog light relay to the rear fog light relay switched on rear fogs and they are working so it seems to be a case of no permanent power going to the relay to switch it on so obviously the problem is from the relay forward has anyone any ideas how to sort this as this fix will get me through MOT but would rather have it fixed correctly Regards CGM Ref
  12. Hi devon aygo Yea I have a towbar fitted but I have not connected the wire for the fog light (blue wire) so cant see how it can affect it and the fog light was not working before I fitted the towbar
  13. Hi all I have a 2002 t22 d4d avensis and I cannot get rear fog light to work I have changed bulbs,fuses and relays and still nothing and no dash light showing me they are on either When I take relay out and check socket with fase tester I am getting permanent power in one terminal all times with no ignition or lights on but when I try ignition or lights on it just stays the same And also if I short the fog lights across from the side lights at the rear light cluster the fogs come not a bother so that's rules out the rear clusters Any help would be muchly appreciated as i
  14. Hi all Just an update I have checked the actuator arm and this was not the problem as it was free and working fine. Think my biggest problem is my uncle bought the car baran new and never drove over 50mph and that's leading me to think the cat is all sooted up and that's wat leading to the lack of power am going to try a bottle off CATACLEAN from halfords into the tank but not expecting great results but worth a try other than that just keep driving (harder than my uncle lol) and hope it clears. If anyone else has any ideas there more than welcome cos would like to liven up this
  15. Hi Paul9 I shall try this over the next few days when I get a chance to and report my findings Thanks CGM
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