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  1. I started this thread 4 years ago and have not been very active in TOC for a number of years due to various work commitments etc... I have not organised an event in nearly 3 years. I am also not based in the region anymore either... I think it's about time someone else took over and put themselves forward to the management to do this
  2. Forgot to say - check all engine earths ;)
  3. If you swapped ECU's whilst the battery was connected, I'm surprised only 1 fault code came up. The engine warn light flashing all the time means no faults detected. I take it by viewing these codes you have the diagnostic port bridged? When fitting the induction kit was it fitted pre or post AFM? How many of the sensors were disturbed? My guess on this is the AFM and/or Oxy Sensor as when these go wrong error codes are seldom displayed. Also check the O2 sensor on the exhaust. May as well check the leads & dizzy too, because these may have been knocked.
  4. There are 3 shades of red used on the MK1 3E5 is only one of them - although the most common. Your vin has the paintcode in it and your owners manual should show you how to find it
  5. Having driven all marques of MR2 on road and track, the MKII is probably the worst for the rear to step out. TDF's (taiwanese ditch finders = poor quality tyres) are generally the main "mechanical" reason for the rear to step out in the damp/wet. Damp conditions are far worse for mechanical grip than outright wet. And obviously if there's been deisel or oil dropped on the surface, it's not going to have helped. Driver error/cackyness is the next big reason for the rear to step out. Someone mentioned lift-off-oversteer - This manovre is usually done on purpose in a bid to reduce understeer or to encourage oversteer by a BIG lift from WOT. In damp/wet road conditions, lifting obviously doesn't help because of weight transfer & what little traction may be left etc... You really shouldn't be practicing the technique on the road (wet or dry), it usually ends in tears Also for what it's worth - I have seen more FF cars stuffed into pit/tyre walls due to poor lift-off oversteer attempts than MR cars Being smooth/gentle with the steering will help, quick movements will just cause it to be worse/step out further. Get some decent tyres on the car - Goodyear F1 or Toyo Proxes - avoid the TDF's (Nankang, Falken, Kumho etc)
  6. Whilst the venue was fun in comparison to what we've had before, It doesn't compare to anything like Oulton, Cadwell, Anglesey or Donington, but then again those circuits aren't really suited to sprinting. It's also a pity Curborough could be shut down soon as that would be ace for future rounds (next year).
  7. Just caught sight of this thread... Had a brilliant day I think I was smiling/laughing all the way round every lap :D I finally beat my fiance as she was overdriving the car a bit early on... I finished 2nd in class and 21 overall out of 44 - not bad for a poorly MK1 MR2 me thinks B) Jo (Fiance) won fastest female too B)
  8. LOL! John Seriously though... I may only be 36, but I may as well be 66 with all my body has been put through and how it feels... Saying that, they do say you are as young as the woman you feel... That makes me... 21 (again)
  9. Cheers Les (and Devilish ?) All downhill from here though :(
  10. Accommodation & activities fully booked. Places still avail on track
  11. Places for accommodation & activities now full and closed. Still places available for the track day. Bookings can be made through Bookatrack.com B)
  12. This was originally posted up for MR2's only. There are a few spaces still available so we have decided to open it up to other marques as well - on a first come basis. So what's it all about? Join us for a weekend away to Cadwell Park racing circuit, Near Louth, Lincolnshire. Activities Saturday 9th February Activity day, Louth Depending on interest, we could start the day in Skeggy for Laser quest, and then head over to the activity centre for an afternoon (3 hours worth) of general shenanigans, or we could go straight for a full day of activities (5 hours). An example: 1 hour skid pan (in their cars!) 1 hour rallying 1 hour archery circa £100 - £150 per person depending on number of people coming to play (based on groups of 4 sharing each activity). Choices include: Microlite, Rally, Skid pan, HGV driving, Bedford MJ (ex army lorries), 4x4 offroading, Double decker driving, Reverse steer autotest, Archery, Fire Engine driving, Clay pidgeon shoot, 4x4 competition ride, off road madness, blindfold autotest, bulldozer, 360 track digger, air rifle shooting. There is interest for microlighting if anyone else fancies it ;) (it's a bit pricer - but deffo worth it!) Trackday Sunday 10th February Trackday at Cadwell Park circuit (www.circuitdriver.com) Sign on: 8 am Drivers Briefing: 8.30am Track open: 9am Lunch: 1pm Track open: 2pm Track close: 4 or 5pm depending on light and conditions £160 inc 2 drivers, and free passengers! currently £150 for a limited time only! Book now at www.bookatrack.com Instruction New to trackdays? Instruction is £20 for 20 minutes on circuit. Not driving? Bring a helmet and you can get passenger rides for free with fellow MR2 owners, and anyone else you can blag a ride with (check bookatracks site for the whole listing of cars that are going to be there). Support your club If you are going to make a booking with http://www.bookatrack.com, pm or email me to let me know, and you'll earn your club money! Just tell me you name, bookatrack username, and... ofcourse... your club ;) Grub Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings will be socials! beer and takeout at the cabins, or a night out - whatever everyone fancies! Accomodation We will be staying in (centrally heated!) log cabins at a local country hotel. Prices (per person) TBC: Friday and Saturday night (8th and 9th Feb): £35 per person Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (8th to 10th Nov): £50 per person Sorry - I can't cater for people who only want to stay one night. If you are booking on your own, the likelihood is that you will have to share your room. If you would like to have a room to yourself, it will cost more. First come first served. PM or reply below expressing your interest. People don't have to commit to all activities/events. People are welcome to just want to do activities and not the trackday or the trackday and not the activities with/without accommodation. But I recommend trying to fit in as much as possible with the evening shenanigans Book now to avoid disappointment!
  13. Still a few places left on track, for activities and for accommodation. We will be opening this weekender up to other marques of cars, if anyone is interested
  14. Such a shame .. Nice Car !!!! I may aswell keep it locked away LOL !!! Please follow board T&C's before advertising (even inadvertently) your goods. BTW, to correct Leeky, the original black 1a (early spec) is worth a tad more than most MK1's there are only 4 known originals to still be on the road in the UK. But do not take this as it will earn you money if you were to sell. You will need to provide proof of originallity in the form of the VIN number for a value to be agreed. As far as worth goes I have recently taken ownership of an even rarer Champagne coloured MK1 - only 1 other (poss 2) known to still be on the road in the UK. I only paid what was left on tax on it (£60.00). It's currently being stripped, caged, seated, harnessed up and re-sprayed (different colour) as our new track car. Many people think we are mad destroying such a rare car... A value of the car is as much as someone is prepared to pay.
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