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  1. Thanks, Tony. Estate is 30cm longer - too big (had a colleague who had Auris estate on loan when her Auris was run into on Mway and it was a real pain), and saloon is same 30cm longer and reviews suggest this is really Avensis replacement. (Can't find anything in UK spec for power door on estate.) Incidentally the Auris does have a reachable lip/handle but the profile of rear has changed to a much shallower slope so hatch needs to open further to get out of the way.
  2. Thanks for commenting. My extreme (as I pointed out) and jokey point was that the seat movement has been DESIGNED to accommodate those from, at a guess, 4'8" to 6'5" but no design effort has been made in regard to people's height (reach) for the hatch opening. The Toyota SUVs have electric option perhaps because standard male height range may have difficulty (that's also a jokey comment). Anyway don't want to get into arguments about this just wanted to point out one reason why a showroom browse has lost a potential sale.
  3. Thanks for your reply Frostyballs which I know is intended to be helpful. My point is that my wife has driven cars for 43 years without need for adaptation. Last 5 cars serially going back to W reg have been Nissan Note, Renault Modus x2, Renault Scenic x2. This is only answer from Toyota UK after outlining the problem. Dealers have shrugged their shoulders when we asked (not only Toyota ones). "I regret that no, the Corolla does not have a powered rear door on the boot. I am sorry for any disappointment that this may bring."
  4. Not easily. Interestingly have also asked salespersons about fitting straps when I pointed this out. Most have a look, say there are no obvious/suitable points and shrug. To take an extreme viewpoint it’s a bit like saying driver’s seat won’t adjust forwards or backwards: I could get someone to remove seat, fit rails and refit it but would prefer to just get car with ergonomic design v aesthetic long low hatch that has to open so wide that the lower edge ends up so high in the air when opened. [emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hybrid Yaris owner for 3.5 years ( together with Nissan note for 6 years) and looking to move to single car. Sat in Corolla today - very black interior due to roof lining but liveable and not as big as the ugly, in our eyes, CR-V. Then we come to the wife test. Hatch opens so high that, at 5’2”, she can’t reach cut-outs or leading edge to close it. Lots of other small hatchbacks discounted for this reason before (e.g. fiesta, 208, old polo) but corolla size generally ok eg golf, leaf, focus. Guess we’ll join the wait for other hybrids (PHEV, mild) or BEVs that cater for slightly shorter people coming out towards end of this year and early next year or, at least, have electric hatches. The salespeople are always surprised but we know plenty of folk who have similar problem and Skoda are best as often have boot hanging strap as optional item. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Ok - to answer my own question: Does <Shift><Cmd>. work? No. That's just a nice new shortcut in High Sierra they put in for the Terminal command defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE, shows hidden files but leaves .DS_Store files hidden.
  7. True, Mick but if every folder has a .DS_Store file and there are a lot of folders......... You can delve into terminal and use unix commands to bulk delete these but most people don't want to do this. Easier for most people to use something like Cocktail or similar to drag and drop the flash drive onto a landing pad in the App and let it run the Unix commands. And Toyota doesn't like these innocuous files (or it didn't last time I tried) Interestingly I can't see .DS_Store with High Sierra - perhaps Apple have changed something. I think the App I used to format FAT32 was SD Card Formatter
  8. Should be no need to use your friend’s Windows device. You can download map updates to Macs. You then need to make sure usb stick is correctly formatted (there is an App for that), transfer files to root directory of stick as per Toyota instructions and run an App that removes the hidden .ds files that Macs put on drives from your stick. I’ll look up the Apps I used for this and post later. Bill
  9. I have used Brodit system for years - originally for TomTom but now for mobile phone. This is one I have in my current Yaris and which says fits 2018 model. It doesn’t fit in vent - I found in vent mounts fairly flimsy and useless. You also need specific holder for your device to attach to mount. https://www.brodit.co.uk/brodit/vehicles/Toyota/Yaris/2018/655040.htm
  10. It may be that dealers will do a better deal on a more common configuration. 16” should have better traction (because of larger area of rubber in contact with road - also nearly bald tyres would help for similar reasons :-) ) on a nice dry warm and smooth road - not in the UK then! IMO bill
  11. Please check the Toyota website (as I did before posting). When I purchased in 2015 the 15” was no cost option but now if you tick 15” wheels on configuration for Excel price drops by £400. I checked because I couldn’t believe the price would increase for cheaper rims and tyres. I expect dealer was just trying for quick sale or lazy option. Bill
  12. I have 15” wheel excel (65 reg) which is more supple ride, theoretically better in snow, better fuel economy, lower emissions (75 and states this in V5 so within limit for London) and is £400 cheaper than 16” standard excel. It’s a standard model, not modified, so no insurance hike or hassle. If you need it you can also get Michelin CrossClimate + tyres in that size, unlike 16”, which are summer tyres with winter rating so suit UK climate and avoid buying summer and winter tyres if you are type of person who considers this important ( I realise majority of UK drivers don’t bother). Bill
  13. I don't find toyota SatNav to be very good with maps outdated ( at time they are installed or updated) and not speaking out the road number or street name to turn onto unlike TomTom, Apple & Google maps but I do use on occasion because of reasonably good traffic info. However I have had the maps totally freeze on 2 occasions on motorways and A roads at night which is really annoying. (By this I mean direction arrow doesn't count down to next turning, no verbal instructions and the map is replaced by blank space and all soft buttons are unresponsive. Using hard buttons to go to other functions e.g. Radio work fine & these other functions are unaffected). Anybody else had these problems? Can't see it on list of bug fixes recently posted. All one can do is stop the car, switch off and switch back on again ( don't have to open door, get out and back in again though :-0 )
  14. As the OP I must say that the Yaris has only had problems in very low sun reflecting off the windscreen coming at an oblique angle which I suspect, with experience, blinds the camera and this has happened twice in the 18 months I have had it. The only other time the warning has come up is when I have started up (to warm while I cleared the car) when the windscreen was covered by snow Even when the inside is really steamed up it does not fault. So I suspect that the Yaris is working within spec and I wonder if the more vertical windscreen means less likelihood of diffraction / dazzle from sun and French manufacture has different bonding. LDA also works perfectly.
  15. I've had the same last week driving along misty motorways in Scotland (300 miles further north than I normally drive). Just think the water droplets in air interfere. Like auto lights in fog & snow. Same with auto high beam.
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