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  1. Sorry trying to type while on the phone should have read Thank you all your replies have been very helpful
  2. Thank you all your replies have brrn very helpful
  3. Thanks I’m fairly sure it’s got a DPF just in case I’ve changed it again for C2 . Thanks to everyone for all the replies and useful advice
  4. I have a question for the experts on the forum I have just changed the oil and filter on my 2008 T180 which has done 132,500 miles I ordered my oil and did not notice until I came to refill it that it said is was for Fords It is Triple QX Synplus fully synthetic 5/30 Will this oil be harmful to my engine I change my oil and filter about every 5,000 miles Thanks
  5. Hi Roy I bought a download off ebay but its only on the computer as too many sections and pages to print off. Quite detailed it states for a 2002-2007 Avensis and has the different engines in it.not a hard copy. It cost less than £3. Here is the link Very detailed, hope this helps
  6. I have just had the same problem. If you remove the plastic cover from inside the boot lid, this comes off quite easily with a screwdriver, then take hold of the back of the bulb holder with the wires attached and turn one quarter, (sorry can't remember if it was clockwise or anti-clockwise) and then pull the bulb holder out. You do not have to touch the outer cover or any of the outside of the light. The bulb just pulls out and is a standard push in bulb. You should not need to force anything as they both (the black plastic cover and bulb holder) come out very easily and go back just as easily. My car just failed the MOT on this and the rear fog lights not working (T180 2009 - old shape model). When the tester showed me the internal light on the dash did not work either so he said it was not a bulb problem. He tried a couple more times to show me and on one of the occasions it worked. It appeared through lack of use it had stopped working or some dirt had somehow got in. I have kept twisting it on and off and it now seems to work every time so have to take back tomorrow for retest. Hope this helps
  7. Sorry did not realise. Don't know the number but it is the old rounded shape before the current shaped models came out
  8. Can anyone help please. I have a T180 58 plate, a very nice comfortable car but when driving in the dark, on my car at least, there seems to be a noticeable lack of lights on the switches for things like windows, door mirror adjusting switches, air vents to name but a few. Can anyone tell me if this is normal as I cannot find anywhere whether they should be lit up or not. If they should be can anyone suggest where I look to fix them. Many Thanks
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums Makedo :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: