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  1. VosperD

    1998 Corolla GS 1.3 aircon

    Thanks DeTomato. I'm slowly finding my way round the electrics on this car. I've found the relay for the compressor and swapped that but it didn't solve the problem. I see that there are one or two fuses relating to the aircon, fans etc but not identified the one for the compressor yet. Don
  2. VosperD

    1998 Corolla GS 1.3 aircon

    Thanks again for reply. In this case the compressor is on the front lower position on the engine. as mentioned in my edited post i can see the outer rotating but not the inner and no click. So looks like a possible electrical problem. Relay or fuse perhaps. Further investigations needed. Cars been taken shopping now so lost for the rest of today's daylight hours. Don
  3. VosperD

    1998 Corolla GS 1.3 aircon

    Checked it this morning and I can hear the engine change when either the headlights or the rear demister are switched on but nothing when the aircon is switched on. Later on I'll get someone to operate the switch whilst I look under the bonnet. Which one is the compressor on this engine? Don OK, looks like the compressor is in the lower position on the front of the engine. I can see the outer part of the pulley revolving but the inner doesn't rotate even when the A/C button is pressed.
  4. VosperD

    1998 Corolla GS 1.3 aircon

    Thanks for that info Oldcodger. I'll check that out tomorrow as the car is not here at the moment. From memory last time I checked the aircon indicator light came on but I didn't detect any change in the engine revs or hear any click. at the time I wasn't sure what to listen for. I'll post what I find. Cheers Don .
  5. VosperD

    1998 Corolla GS 1.3 aircon

    Thanks for the reply. Perhaps I should get it looked at sooner then. Cheers Don
  6. VosperD

    1998 Corolla GS 1.3 aircon

    Not the time of year that it's needed but when I got to drive this car in the summer I noticed that the aircon did not blow any cool air. I guess it will eventually have to go in but before that is there anything I can do to check in case it's something simple? i'm afraid I'm not familiar with where the various air con components are on this model. Are there any reasons why the aircon could not be repaired on a car of this age? (Apart from the cost, of course) Don
  7. VosperD

    1998 GS 1.3 alarm system

    Did try Timpsons plus a few other auto locksmiths I found on the internet but all came back negative. Most said it was too old. We'll stick to the keys for now although the fob does still work. Never know, someone might start making them again. I don't know if the 2001 Yaris I have originally had a fob but it came without one . Quite used to using keys as these are the newest cars that I have owned. Cheers Don
  8. VosperD

    1998 GS 1.3 alarm system

    Replaced the two front door courtesy light swiches and interior light works now. As the key fob has seen better days I looked into getting a replacement. I contacted a local Toyota agent who said that the key fobs were not obtainable for cars of that age. Even if they could get one they couldn't guarrantee to program it for my car ( apparently still leaving me with a big biil) The advice was to not use the fob but stick to the key because if the fob fails after locking the car the alarm will sound and presumably demobilise the car if subsequently unlocked with a key. It would appear the the alarm system cannot be programmed out. I have had a few views to this post although no replies but I hope this info is interesting to some owners. By the way I took the faulty switch apart, after I got the replacement and the contacts just crud up. There doesn't appear to be a way of getting any contact cleaner to the contacts but a scrape with a screwdriver did the trick. Don
  9. VosperD

    1998 GS 1.3 alarm system

    Does anyone have any info regarding the alarm system fitted to this car? Newly acquired and no driver's manual as yet. When I use the key rather than the fob the extreamly piercing alarm sounds. Using the fob all is ok. I guess i should be able to use the key when necessary as fobs can fail or run out of battery from time to time. Any setting up instructions would be welcome. I guess disabling it altogether might not be an option as it appears to be a factory firred item with this model. Don Bristol Just noticed that the interior light isn't coming on when I open the driver's door. According to result of searches this could be relevant. If i wiggle the button on the door pillar it's internittent so I'm looking at that. hoping it's that simple!
  10. VosperD

    1998 Corolla GS 1.6

    Thanks for the reply. Yes not 1400 but 1332, just looked at the V5. Are there any instructions for the alarm? I don't have a handbook at the moment. Seems fairly lively for a 1300. Don
  11. VosperD

    1998 Corolla GS 1.6

    Well five month later he decided to pass it on to me. Turns out it's an "R" reg GS and only 1.4, which is not a problem and the mileage is 61000. Looks like insurance is not too bad. My first question is how do i switch off the alarm system. It goes off if I use the key instead of the fob and as the car will be used by other family members and I've never felt the need to have an alarm I'd like to disable it. At the moment I can't even find it! Mind you I suppose i've only had the car for an hour or so. Regards Don Bristol.
  12. Hi, Not a major issue but this no longer returns flush with the door, if I push it home it springs out a bit. Doesn't look like it's been forced or anything and the door opens and closes ok. The return spring feels a bit weaker on this handle than on the other three doors. Before I start taking it apart, is it something that can be repaired or is it a case of a new door handle? Don
  13. VosperD

    Realllllyy Short Clutch Travel on Mk1 Yaris?

    Some say that limited pedal travel means a worn clutch plate. You don't say what mileage the car has on it. If it's high mileage or the car has been used a lot in traffic and the clutch is original it's quite likely it will need replacing eventually. I guess you're buying this from a private seller. If you like the car anyway its worth finding out what a replacement clutch will cost and negotiate the price as has been suggested. Best of luck. Don By the way, not having had to look at the cluctch on my 1.0 Yaris I had a look in the manual. There is a common reservoir for both the brakes and clutch. Something I've learnt!
  14. VosperD

    Yaris 2004 bonnet release

    If it's any help here is a photo of a 2001 bonnet catch. Doesn't look easy to get to as it's high up and between the rad and the grill. Don
  15. VosperD

    Bizarre spinning noise in my Yaris engine

    We don't have the luxury of AC on ours but it's something to bear in mind if we ever replace our Yaris with a 1.3. Pleased you cured the problem even though it was a bit pricey. Don