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  1. Hey; I sent you a PM. I don't think you've seen it yet. Can you reply? :)

  2. Wait. You can _map_ the t180? I thought you were limited to tuning boxes. And am uncertain what they do to the injectors etc long term.
  3. Well - extra power vs extra weight? I seen 0-60 is 6.2 seconds. So... yeh :) But thx for answer - I suspected as much :(
  4. Hi I own a 2007 T180. I like that it looks like an everyday shopping Auris but has 400Nm of torque. But there's also the Blade Master G. Only available in Japan / Aus / Nz. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge / advice / experience of fitting the 2GR-FE 3.5litre Lexus V6 engine / drivetrain / (probably exhaust system too) into the UK t180 Auris? I understand that the rear suspension is pretty much set up for the extra power. Maybe the front suspension needs beefing up. What about the brakes (they seem pretty good anyways)? Anyone got any idea if there's anyone in the UK who could do such a conversion? I think it would be pretty much the ultimate Q car (for a hatchback). I know it's a long shot. But it would be amazing if it could be done.
  5. It's on the ceiling centre next to the sunroof / front internal lights controls
  6. Hi I have recently purchased a black Auris T180 (57 plate, 44k miles, from a dealership, 1 previous keeper (to whom it was sold by the SAME dealer)). I love it - it's so anonymous it's practically invisible, yet it has THAT engine (I wanted it for it's 'Q-car' credentials) HOWEVER the previous owner specced the SR180 spoiler - which kinda undermines the whole Q-car thing a bit. Any idea how feasible / expensive it would be to change it over? Anyone got a spare? Thx Alex
  7. Lol. That is one unfortunate abbreviation. Surely even "avg" is better? The thing is... I was wondering if it would be possible to convert it into some kind of ideal Q car; I mean, NO ONE suspects a tuned Avensis, right?
  8. And by "improve", I mean give it more power. I think I will do an ecu remap, but is there anything else (reasonably cheap) I can do before that?
  9. Ha! "Italian tuneup!" I do that! :D
  10. Ok. So, what warning signs am I looking for? And anything I can do to avoid a failure?
  11. Also - have read a bit on the engine - they're kinda oil hungry, right?
  12. Ha! Yep - hers 120k miles, no air con, no radio, battered and bruised and now sold. But still, a great engine. And I had a classic mini which was a massive headache. Super fun to drive and cute as hell, but the costs of ownership and heartache... So we're sharing this one. And yeh - we live in Brighton, but gf does 20k miles a year atm all over Sussex and kent. So it'll be fine Thx again! :D
  13. Also - thx for clutch 'fade' science! :)