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  1. oh dear you mean fell off while the engine was running?, yikes!, or fell off while you were tinkering around changing the timing belt? The woodruff key will be slightly curved convex one side and that side slots into the slightly concave slot at the end of the crank. It's held on by the pulley itself which is held on in turn by the bottom pulley bolt with a thick washer. Make sure to torque that bolt on at 190lbs...
  2. not too sure but in the old 89 to95 hi ace it was behind the passengers side sliding door should be their covered by trim.No, it's under the driver's seat, just slide the driver's seat forward, lift the carpet, there is a hatch just there.
  3. Watlings do them, you will need to give get thev number off your vin plate, i.e. CM30, CM40. Justthinking of getting one for my Liteace, I've seen a deadly little rapido caravan exactly same dimensions as Toyo, would look amazing if they were both sprayed the same collour.
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    Liteace 4x4

    The Liteace seems to be overlooked here, the 4x4 version is a fabulous little machine, very strong, good economy on a run and if well looked after will go on for ever...