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  1. Try hot water, not hair dryer. I mentioned few times before- light time mo matter, always is 1-2 sec. Even after engine starts, glow plugs carry on heating 1-3 min more depends of outside temperature. I checked this by LED connected to glow plugs power supply. You can check real glow time, same way like me by LED connected proper polarity (+1-2Kohm serial resistor) or 12V small lamp.
  2. I asked because plugs Denso IK20TT (cheaper then original ones) fit as well but are preset to 1mm...
  3. Yes I know user manual recomends just SK20R-P13 Iridium but I saw a Denso site gave Denso IK20TT Iridium as well. I saw NGK - BKR6EP-13 platinum somewhere as well. Usualy electrode gaps are 0.7- 1.1mm but on SK20R-P13 is 1.3mm?? The gap for NGK - BKR6EP-13 is 1.3 as well but for IK20TT Iridium is 1.0mm. I wonder if I decide to try IK20TT do I have to adjust gap to 1.3?
  4. Original spark plugs are Denso SK20R-P13 Iridium. Does somebody know what other types can use for that engine?
  5. It is good this description to back it up with pictures for clarity...
  6. This is of interest to me as well. Would you make few pictures with arrows where exactly are cracks you sealed? (the rubber hatch seats) as well...
  7. What is the final result now after all this job done?
  8. If you are convinced, do it yourself.then. Buy it from eBay or somewhere else...
  9. Instead heat gun it is easier with hot water from kettle. It is easy to remove and check/clean the SCV, no problem, just two bolts...
  10. Software version you can check with Techstream and Mini VCI cable as well. Read old posts above (24 to 31 posts).
  11. OK, but how the water reaches weelwell? More likely is to drop in the wings underneath the lights...
  12. I need better weather and I will remove rear lights and reseal them. Just wonder how the water goes from lights to weelwell? Will check fuel filler as well, I've got special camera (7mm diameter) with USB cable...
  13. OK, how did you find leaking? Did you see water collected somewhere? I looked few times around rear lights but no water underneath...
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