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  1. Oh, b*gger! The polo shirts are out of stock and there won't be any more of them!
  2. Great! Just ordered some of these and a polo shirt too! (They're on offer at £14) https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0273/1641/products/Toyota_Polo_Product_View_1_2048x2048.jpg?v=1415814002
  3. Well, we'll see what happens when renewal time comes along. I'll be changing address before then anyway.
  4. Okay - no editing.... Actually I was perfectly happy with all your comments. No intention to denigrate what you said! Regarding insurance - I just did a quick quote from Churchill and it came out as £280 per year, so it must be my postcode or something.... Actually I don't think that's bad - considering what my 40-year-old son pays on his Mazda MX5! Cheers. Graham
  5. Just been doing some sums... now it's paid for, the car costs me: £300/year insurance £0 road tax app. £150/year servicing ave. £50/year tyres and sundries about £15/week - say, £800/year tops for petrol. (I don't have to commute to work, being retired) £40/year MOT when that becomes necessary That's running costs at the moment of £1340 per year, or £26 a week, fuel included. You can't get much cheaper than that!
  6. -- but one of a ... pair? Still pretty rare! Don't care either way- I still wouldn't part with it! Currently I'm only averaging about 7000 miles a year, so at that rate, allowing a lifetime of some 100,000 miles, (my last car, a Honda Jazz,was 9 years old and had done 96,000 miles before I traded it in) this should last me about 15 years! By which time I'll be ... um... 80! I don't think I'll need another car, do you?
  7. HEY! Don't tell everyone! They'll all want it! (Only joking. Go ahead - Tart up your Toyota. Accentuate your Aygo.)
  8. Oh - yes - OUT-shine. Knew it had the shine in it! Anyway - the dealership keeps trying to get me to swap my Aygo for a Yaris, and I keep saying "no", because I'm happy with it. I LOVE my little car - especially as it stands out from other Aygos due to the chromework! My first cars were all classic Minis, and the Aygo is the only other one I've had that is as much fun to drive (and as easy to park) as the Mini. And with MPG in excess of 55 on average, zero road tax and cheap insurance, it's a great saving. Can't understand these people who do the school run in a Range Rover or suchlike!
  9. That's good service. Hope mine goes like that!
  10. My 2015 Aygo x-pression has the X-touch screen - basic - no satnav, but my question is, is it classed as a multimedia device or not? When I'm in "My Toyota", one of the options is to "register my multimedia system", but when I click on this, the only ones listed are the "Touch-and-Go" and "Touch 2". Does this mean I can't register my X-touch and therefore not get updates to the system? It's no good asking the dealership - they just give me blank stares whenever I mention things like this.
  11. Graham Smith

    Graham Smith

    My 2015 Aygo X-Pression. The added chrome trim makes a big difference, and I have yet to see another just like it!
  12. Has ANYONE got one like this? My Aygo X-Pression has the additional chrome trim at the front, door sides and boot lid bottom edge, and I can't remember what the option was called. I thought it was "X-~Shine" but I can't find any reference to it in any of my docs. The thing is, I have NEVER seen another Aygo with this option fitted, and it certainly doesn't appear to be an option on new Aygos. It makes me wonder if mine is unique! I'm really surprised nobody else seems to have had this chromework, as it REALLY lifts the appearance!
  13. Aygo X-pression 5dr 1.0 2015: I've just got the very same problem. Phoned my dealer and got it booked in to be "looked at" tomorrow. It MUST be covered in the 5-year warranty, mustn't it? I'll keep you updated as to what they say.....
  14. I posted in this topic before, and said that we might as well forget screen mirroring. As I said then, the dealerships (and Toyota GB) either don't know anything about updates, or say there are none anyway. It appears from subsequent posts here that the consensus is that if you have an up-to-date phone, it won't mirror link at all, so I seem to be right. Forget screen mirroring. Don't go for the horrendously expensive satnav option either. What I have done is get an inexpensive magnetic phone holder that sticks on just below the X-touch screen, then my iphone attaches to it and I run either google Maps or, better still, NAVMII which is a free, offline mapping/satnav app. I have the iPhone plugged into a power socket in the cigarette lighter socket, and it runs beautifully. The X-touch screen is still displaying whatever I want it too, as well! A thumb drive in the usb socket contains all my music, so that's pretty much all I need. PS - Toyota keep wanting me to swap my 2015 Aygo for a new one or something larger, but I have no intention of doing that, as I love it. I went for the option with the extra chrome-work - which seems to have disappeared on new ones - and since I have never seen another like it, I seem to have a lovely, unique Aygo!
  15. As I said at the beginning of my "rant" - I asked about X-touch software updates for my 2015 Aygo - at my dealership and on the phone to Toyota GB - and they said they did not know of any updates being possible. Toyota GB in fact told me that none were planned. Now, that's what set me off in the first case, so if these people were wrong, and the software can be updated by the owner, that's OK, but I wouldn't know how. Anyway, to all those who have been able to get it to work, well done. I now will definitely leave this topic alone.
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