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  1. Now on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Cromodora-17-alloy-wheels-Toyota-Mazda-Subaru-Civic-Accord-etc-/182503794897?hash=item2a7e12e8d1:g:W14AAOSwTM5Y19TK
  2. SR grill badge custom made by myself, one of a kind. £10 posted. Auris Mk1 towbar. Westfalia. The only type which will fit an SR. Detachable neck to hide it when not in use. Comes with electrical socket. Easy to fit. £50 collected from Chester, can post for £18. Auris Mk1 plastic boot tray with rubber flap to protect bumper. Dirty, but I guess that's the point of it. £10 collected from Chester, can look into postage if needed.
  3. Originally off a Honda. PCD of 5*114.3. Centre bore of 64.1 but I'll include aluminium hubcentric spigot rings to convert to 60.1 to fit most Toyotas (worth £30 alone). No kerbing, straight and true, but there are some patches of corrosion. £110 collected from Chester, or I can arrange delivery for extra
  4. Now on ebay 182426401575
  5. DTUK tuning box for 2.2d (sr180/t180) engines. 21 different settings. Improved my mpg from 32 to nearly 40, and much nicer to drive. Fitted in 30 seconds. Still under warranty. Boxed with original paperwork/invoice. £250 posted (£390 new).
  6. Pcd matches, I've already bought hubcentric spigot rings for the centre bore, and offset is only marginally different
  7. I've aquired a set of Honda 17" alloys wheels. I cant decide to sell them or put them on my SR180. If I do put them on, I can't decide what colour would best suit a black car (graphite or white are currently in the running). Any thoughts?
  8. Dont forget that you're driving a heavy 8 year old 180bhp car. I agree the mpg is probably the worst bit about the car, but I can definitely put up with it. I fitted a DTUK tuning box to mine which increased the mpg from 32 to nearly 40 within 3 weeks (incidentally I'm now selling this - message me if interested).
  9. I have a 2008 SR180 with 120k on the clock, full service history (significant portion from Toyota), which I've had for nearly two years with no issues. I've cleaned the EGR at every service interval and found it to be quite caked every time. For the majority of the two years I've driven 64 motorway miles a day to and from work. A month ago I've moved job so now doing 20 dual carriageway/town miles a day. Also about a month ago I've fitted a DTUK tuning box, which has been on setting 4 out of 7. I found the car to drive much better even with simple day-to-day driving (less lag pulling from junctions etc), and it boosted my mpg quite significantly so I'm quite keen to continue using it if possible. On Saturday my engine management light came on and the car went into limp mode. I got fault P2002 (particular filter). I took the tuning box off, cleared the code and drove the car for 30mins doing 70mph in 3rd. Since then I've done about a hundred miles with no problems at all. Today I've cleaned the EGR again; it was probably a bit worse than usual and it's around 12k since I last cleaned it. I'm going to try remember doing 10-15mins a week on a dual carriageway in 3rd from now on and hopefully that will keep my problems at bay. But my question is is there any reason to suspect the tuning box has contributed to the fault appearing now? If I put it back on is the fault likely to return in a few weeks? Or has it just been a coincidence?
  10. 90% of my driving is motorway miles, so it should be getting up to temperature anyway, and when I started noticing the smoke more I took it out for a hard drive for an hour, and since then I've regularly let it cruise on 70mph in 4th for periods, but it doesnt seem to have helped.
  11. That's what I've tried to explain in the first post though - I've done all that but the problem's still there which is why I'm worried it's something else
  12. I've done a search and looked at other posts, but none seem to fit in with my Auris' presentation. Basically, I've noticed since getting the car that intermittently doing 70mph on a motorway I will get a short puff of smoke (1-2 seconds). I've always assumed that this is the cleaning process and it has never worried me. Recently, I've noticed more soke though. It's still mostly a couple of seconds, but it happens much more frequently and at different speeds/revs. I was driving on A-roads earlier today and for a spell I noticed it every 10 seconds or so doing 60mph in 5th. I've also noticed intermittently over the past couple of weeks a longer spell of smoking on accelerating, lasting a good few seconds and leaving a lingering smoke cloud behind me. It's definitely intermittent, but seems to happen when the engine is warm rather than cold (although its far from happening every time I accelerate when warm). It's difficult to tell because of the tint to the rear window, but I get the impression that the smoke is quite light in colour. I don't think the car is any slower - it doesn't surprise me under acceleration any more, but I think that's more of me being used to it. The car has done 112k, but had the engine changed by Toyota at 56k. It has full service history and had a service 1k ago in a Toyota garage. I've tried to clean the EGR yearly, and last cleaned it a week ago when I started getting worried about the smoke - it was extremely clogged considering I'd cleaned it 10k ago. I regularly run sysem cleaners through it, and in the last two weeks it's had a tank of shell's nitro+ diesel with miller's and a tank of the same diesel with wynne's. I drive 68 miles to and from work everyday, 60 of which are on a motorway, and in the last week it's had a lot of quite firm driving on A-roads in an attempt to clean it out, but it doesnt seem to have helped. So whilst driving today I attached my bluetooth OBD dongle to it, and got a maximum psi of 15 (I'm sure I read somewhere it should be 22). Anyone have any thoughts/advice? Have I got anything to be worried about?
  13. I have two gear knob bezels - one is in the original chrome with some flaking as shown in the photo (perfect for re-covering), and the other has already been re-covered in red and is in perfect condition. They both fit 5 or 6 speed gear knobs like the one in the photo below, and literally takes 10 seconds to change over. £4.50 for the red one posted £3 for the chrome one posted
  14. I have Hankook ventus evo2 on mine. Paid £55 each fitted and am very happy with them. They can slip slightly if taking tight corners too hard in wet conditions, but only very slightly and are otherwise faultless. Make sure you put decent tyres on the back as well - when I bought mine it had cheap tyres on the back. I got oversteer roundabouts in the rain without pushing hard.
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