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  1. This is turning into an absolute nightmare. I took it in to Toyota today so they could diagnose the problem, to then wait around for an hour so they could tell me I need a new expansion tank cap. I explained the cap was brand new anyway but because it wasn't official toyota they said they still need a new one. After going home for 5 hours while they got a cap I took it back for them to fit it and tell me everything is fine now, Its definitely not a head gasket. Guess what, I lost about 2 pints of coolant on the 3 mile trip home. I will forgive the people I spoke to for treating me like I know absolutely nothing, and trying to fob me off by telling me that the SR180 has a special cap with a valve inside it that other cars don't have. But Im not happy after paying £50 for them to completely get it wrong, and they obviously didn't even check to see if the replacement cap had actually fixed the problem. 1. Am I entitled to my money back? 2. What are the next steps I should take from here? Should I just book it in again and hope they do diagnose it this time? I apologise for the rant, and thank you for any replies
  2. If toyota replaced a 3/4 engine would it have a new engine number? On all the paperwork I have from when the car was brand new until now, the engine number has never changed. I was told by toyota that the engine was done at a particular dealer in 2012 and I have all the details from when the car was sold by that dealer in 2012 as a "toyota approved used car".
  3. Oh ok, it does have a toyota history. I will give them a call and see what they say, thanks. I might get my dad to ring them and just mention the 4 new toyotas we've had in the past 15 years
  4. Hi All, I know the 2.2D engine is very well known for its HG problems I have recently noticed water was being blown from my expansion tank and bubbles coming through the system. All of which lead to the head gasket. So today I rang my nearest toyota dealer in sheffield to see what my options were, and they said my car has already had a 3/4 engine in 2012 so they wouldn't replace it again. The car has only done 64k miles in total since 2008, so probably about 25k maximum with the new 3/4 engine. I would have thought that a 3yr old engine would still be under warranty? even if it is a replacement. Do I have any foot to stand on with this? If they have replaced a faulty engine with another faulty engine surely they are in the wrong?
  5. I had an accident in November, basically I had to pull out across 3 lanes to get where i was going, the first 2 lanes were completely stationary and the drivers let me go but somebody came flying up the 3rd lane just as I was edging out and clipped my front end. Obviously its my fault because I was pulling out but i could not see down the 3rd lane because the 2 first lanes were blocking vision, and as 2 lanes were still I wasn't expecting a car to be doing 30mph in the 3rd lane. The junction is ****, it has 3 lanes of traffic in 1 direction and 1 lane in the other. Im not sure what my insurance had to pay out but all 4 passengers in the other car claimed for "soft tissue damage" (whiplash) so they will all get a good pay out. None of them were injured at all. And the garage that had my car charged for everything they could think of. They replaced my bumber, headlights, radiator, under tray and even had the cheek to charge for re-gassing my air-con. When only my bumper was broken. I think the total bill was around £3k when i bought the car for £5k 3 month before. Im 21 and currently paying £1k for insurance and expecting that to go up when it comes for renewal in a couple of months. But ive done comparisons and got quotes for the same price as now even with an at-fault incident.
  6. Thanks for posting this, can Toyota dealerships check if this is what's affecting my car? If so do you know how much this is likely to cost?
  7. Mine is ixion blue, and mostly around sheff in the tinsley/sheff parkway area. Ill try this too, I have to do about 100 miles round trip this weekend so should give it a chance to get working.
  8. So today there was no smoke at all, after 10 days of there being smoke. I will definitely do an oil change though. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Tom196

    Wipers ?

    I recently replaced mine with a pair of bosch aerotwin from for about £25. They do cheaper ones but I read that the bosch ones were best.
  10. Yes, the gauge is probably just off the bottom It does it if i accelerate hard or gently. The main reason im concerned is because ive had the car for almost 5k miles now and its only just started smoking last week. Its not a small amount of smoke, or just "normal diesel smoke"
  11. Its definitely not black sooty smoke, more white/blue. I cleaned the egr valve 1k ago, wasn't too much build up in it but I don't know when it was last done.
  12. Hi everybody, been lurking this forum for about 6 months and finally had to make an account. I bought my SR180 about 4 months ago, its currently done 64k miles, ive done 4k. Apart from a new battery, new wheel bearing and leaking radiator its been perfect Last week I noticed smoke behind me in the same place every day. I live in a city so at rush hour it takes about 5-10 mins to get to the dual carriageway which is the first time I get above 30mph. This is when the smoke starts. Its only for about 1/4 -1/2 mile then it stops. If I drive the opposite way straight onto open roads the smoke starts straight away. Coming home after work there is no smoke. Also revving the engine while still doesn't produce smoke. I am by no means a mechanic but im guessing that somewhere in the engine, oil is seeping overnight then in the morning im burning it off. Why does it not smoke while driving slowly regardless of the rpm? Has anybody got an idea? Thanks in advance
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums Tom196 :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: