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  1. Hi You could try contacting Toyota or a friendly dealer to see if they will tell you. Paul
  2. Hi You might have dirt on the ABS/VSC wheel sensors, may be? For the VSC light to be on. I'm not sure if my engine management light used to come on too. I had a Corolla TS for 35,000 miles. It's VSC light would come on for no reason, then it would be ok when the car was switched on & off. Paul
  3. If you get the cars chassis number you could try ringing Toyota GB & ask them what car they have it listed as. I would think they would know. I once rang Honda about a motorbike to find out wether it was a import or not & they were helpful. Paul
  4. Looks very good, I always liked Island Green. Mine was that colour. Pb
  5. Don't try racing a Elise as you'd be left for dead as soon as you reach a corner or two. Pb
  6. It looks very nice . It's shame Toyota doesn't make them like that any more . Paul
  7. Hi If your looking at a T Sport the things you should look out for are a poorly fitting dash board mainly around the radio, as well as general rattles especially from the early none facelift versions (2002 to 2004). The five door was only avalible in the early version too. Check the lift function in the engine works, at 6,200 revs you should feel a strong surge & an increase in power (this only works when the car is warmed up). If it doesn't it could mean the lift bolts in the engine are broken (some dealers still claim they know nothing about this). Lots of the dealers know little about the cars, but may have the best examples. Remember to haggle hard & don't buy the first one you see unless it's mint (even if your into big wheels & blacked out windows your best finding a standard straight car to start with). If possible try to find a facelift (2004 to 2006) version as they improved the steering, ride height, radio controls also were improved (as early ones were rubbish) & the newer one looks much better too. The best place for you to look to gauge what costs what is on autotrader & also check prices on www.parkers.co.uk . A new version would cost a bit more but wouldn't need so much adding to it latter on. I have sold my 2003 T Sport now, but it was reliable for two years. Paul
  8. It looks very nice & the wheels suit it well. But does it drive much differently from the early version? Paul
  9. Hi That colour does look one of the best, just why don't they do thre new Auris in better colours the new car needs it . Instead they just do it in lots of shades of grey (well apart from red)! Paul
  10. Hi I don't have my T Sport now but I always knew it wasn't much slower than a Type R. It's only really let down was the steering being over assisted & electric 3.5 turns lock to lock . Overall it's a very under rated car. If only Toyota had spent a little more finishing it off properly :ffs: . Paul
  11. Hi I had a Corolla T Sport for just over two years (53 reg). It's first service was at 10,000 miles (cost £92), second at 20,000 miles (cost £150 including brake fluid change) & then a third service at 30,000 miles (cost £95). Each time they did a engine flush too, not sure about the other bits as I don't have the car now. Prices may have gone up a little too. My radio was not very well fitted at first. Like Wam said, I could easily get a key in the gap around the trim that held the radio/centre vents (original radio). When I got rid of the T Sport a local car radio company fitted the old radio back in, better than it ever was by Toyota or one of their dealers. Paul
  12. Hi Have you thought about MR2 (mk3) wheels (4 rear ones, as MR2's have 17's at the back & 16's on the front) they are 4 stud I believe. I think they would look a lot better than the compressors wheels (& easier to clean). Pb
  13. Even if it's possible, I wouldn't think it's worth having it done as it will cost more than the cars worth. Just up grade the brakes. It should give you a lot more feel. Then ABS isn't so needed, when you can feel whats going on. ABS won't make up for bad brakes either. Pb
  14. Hi Have you thought of may be gun metal grey? You need to photoshop a pic first, as black may not suit the car or the colour. It may look too after market or chavy. Pb
  15. Hi I agree with Dave, ditch the chav rear lights :o . I did once see some black versions & they looked a lot better . Pb
  16. I believe the new Auris (aka Corolla every were but europe) is about 2 inches taller than the E12 Corolla. I thought the E12 was too tall. Do you really need all that head room in a car. Why do they design cars like all like MPV's now ? It would look good it it was 6 inches lower & the windscreen moved further back . pb
  17. Hi I know this may sound daft have you tried dimming down the the display so it's not so bright? I can't see you will be able to change it without a new complete unit . pb
  18. I'm not sure how many compressors were made, but if they were only building 250 they should have numbered them like Honda does with the Type R . Also there are lots of them on Autotrader from about £15,000 to £18,000 , so I tend to think they are stuggling to sell them (but then again they was trying to get £4,000 for a £2,500 conversion). It's only a T Sport with a super charger at the end of the day. If they had again made more effort to tell it from standard T Sport it might have been easier to sell . Like nicer wheels off the Mr2 (not sure if they'd have fitted), Recaro front seats etc. pb
  19. Hi Bert The engine in the ZS won't be a M47 as that engine is in the current 120d, 320d & 520d. It's more likely to be the M41 from the E36 3 series. It's about the power you said. I have a 120d (163 ps), the only thing I miss is the engine is not as much fun. But in a straight line the the T Sport would just beat it. I'm getting about 13mpg more than in the T Sport. pb
  20. It looks ok, if it was a MPV, but really isn't it about time car companies stopped making the the cars so tall & shaped like transit vans. I think by the time it reaches production it will lose the lights, big wheels, exhaust & the other bits :( . We will just end up with a oddly proportioned car like the new Yaris (which is very fat for it's size). Toyota stopped taking chances years ago & spends to much time trying to be the biggest car company in the world . Instead of the best. All they are bring out now is shopping trolleys. The last good looking car Toyota made was the Celica. It's been down hill all the way since. pb5
  21. Hi I'm pretty certain you'll have to remove the original plugs & then put new ones in the holes already there. You may also have to drill one or two new holes in the wheel arch liner. I have a bmw now (used to have a t sport) & i had to do the same on that. pb5
  22. K19 I reset the trip computer every time I filled up in three different cars (over 45,000 miles worth of driving (17,000 miles in a t sport before I replaced the radio) & they all were wrong. Over stating the miles per gallon by anything from 2 to 7 mpg difference from the real amount. You may have gone near too to 39mpg. As the T Sport is strangely very economical compeared to the offical figure of only 34mpg . Just don't believe it every time. Trip computers in cars are more of a gimmick & toy . The best miles per gallon out of a car I had was 48 in Citroen AX 1.1, but was a very light car (with no toys to weigh it down). pb
  23. I would think if fill at the light it would cost about £40. It's a 55 litre tank in a corolla. pb
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