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  1. I once got 38mpg (my workings) out of my T Sport on a 280 mile run at 60 - 70 (but not by the cars trip). But I never believe car trip computers as they as always wrong . By up 7mpg & always make the car look better than it really is. My new cars trip said recently it did 48mpg when it really only did 45mpg. The Corolla did 355 miles before the warning light came on that time. I don't what the trip would have read because I'd removed the original radio by then. pb
  2. Hi Hope you enjoy your new Bmw as I have been mine for 7 weeks now. I agree with what you say about the T Sport great engine let down by the other bits & in my case a dealer who seemed to have no idea. I took delivery of my 120d se back in April. I went straight for 120d version as it a few bits added & the £2,800 off, helped a lot. Ok so I was a few hundred short on my traded in T Sport. The Bmw does about 44mpg at the moment (2,500 miles), nearly all of of town driving. Paul
  3. pb5

    T Sport On 19s

    Hi You should be able to get the grill from www.fensport.co.uk. Try e-mailing them for a price as it doesn't look like they list it still on the web site. Pb
  4. Hi Albundy I had a early E46 compact 316ti Se from new. The early ones had problems with the coils & other bits. So if it's 51 reg to a 52 I wouldn't bother (a later one would a better bet with the red back lights). It will out handle & out brake a T Sport by a very long way. The only advantage a T Sport has in a very straight line. The BMW would feel better in general, but you might miss the power at times. A 320d Compact would be a lot better . I've now got another BMW a 120d se, as in the end I missed the handling & proper power steering. It would trash a T Sport down a country road (it handles nearly the same as a Compact, but better still ). It has 163bhp,but being a diesel I don't miss the extra horses one bit (0-60 in 7.9 sec). May be you should wait a bit for a one series. If you go down the BMW route. pb
  5. Hi Try looking on www.parkers.co.uk for prices, it's normally fairly upto date. Pb
  6. Hi May be if the other owners never drove it very hard (only very slowly around town )). It might not be properly run in, even if the mileage is 10,000's. Only an idea. As I had a Citroen AX once it had 18,000 miles when I got it & topped out at 85 (by the speedo). But after a few thousand miles with me it could top out 100mph (by the speedo that is). Pb
  7. Probably used lots of gaffer tape :!Removed!: on the inside to hold it :D . pb
  8. Hi Bert I have not got the invoice now as I've sold the car. So I can't see what bits for yours cost more (it's probably the labour rate may be ). I think it can vary a lot, as when a asked be e-mail I was quoted £110 from the same dealer . I had the brake fluid done at 20,000 miles for £30 extra (it was may be not due to 30,000 miles, but I think it's a bit too long). I was quoted £151 for my 20,000 service (including brake fluid), but when I turned up they handed me a invoice for £181 :ffs: ! They changed it straight away to £146 :). It was my local dealer both times. Paul
  9. Hi Bert When I had my car serviced for 30,000 miles it cost £95 (John Roe Grimsby), but it was only 2 years old. pb
  10. Hi Brian The fog light bit never fell off my T Sport, but they did seem a bit of a loose fit . Pb
  11. pb5

    T Sport On 19s

    It shows with a bit more effort from Toyota what it could have looked like . Pb
  12. Hi I've driven several different diesels over the last year & this is what I think of them. Volvo S40 2.0TD Very good to drive, very good seats, but may be not quick enough, it's heavy car so 136hp don't go as far as it might do in a smaller Focus (of which it's based on). Not that cheap unless you manage to get few grand out off the price. It's well kitted out & don't let the fact it's Volvo put you off. Seat Leon Sport TD (140hp). Rides way too hard or wise quite a fun quick-ish car, when your in the mood. Some of the plastics are very cheap looking & electic steering isn't much better than the Corolla's (only quicker lock to lock). But it did sound the most diesel like. Six speed gear box isn't great, five speed Leon has better box (but 105bhp is to slow). The slow one also rides much better. Honda Civic 22tdi. Doesn't really cost much more that the Leon & will hold it's value better. It's supposed to do 55mpg (the Leon is 49mpg ish combined). Drives a lot better than the Leon (as good as the S40), more fun & you can see out if it a lot better (the front anyway). I personally wouldn't buy the Corolla. the Avensis has fly wheel & clutch problems (would the Corolla be any better ). Also the Corolla's past it's sell by date now & a new one is not far away. It also does only 49mpg combined which ain't great for only 114bhp. I ended ended up dissapointed with my Corolla, rubbish dealer & very poorly built inside. I haven't driven a diesel Corolla, but I can't see it being much fun without 190bhp. If it was my money I'd go for the Honda hands down . The best diesel engine by a mile in every way (speed, mpg, gearbox). The Volvo second & the Leon third. In the end due to a personal loss, I went for the best driving car I've driven a BMW 120d Se as it made me feel the best which I need above all (cost didn't matter). It's the quickest by a fairway & the the best handling by a country mile. The Honda does have a better engine (smoother) & gear box than my 120 (so it's not the best at everything). Paul
  13. People who don't over take cars going way to slowly. As in 40mph were it perfectly safe to do 60mph . Somepeople won't even over take tractors :ffs: !
  14. Most car drivers are just as bad as each other, regardless of what they drive. BMW, Audi, Mercedes (even Toyota drivers) etc. Company car drivers tend to be the worse, as it's not their car. Handling & braking (standard brakes that is) wise a Corolla will never touch a BMW down a country road, unless it lets you. I've driven BMW's & Toyota Corolla T Sport. The BMW has far more grip & balance a front wheel drive Corolla can only dream about. Unless you've spent bucket loads of cash sorting it out. Pb
  15. Hi Nrgizerbunny It might have been me (last year about March, April). John Roe's took the radio out twice & had no idea what to do or what they were looking at . In the end all it took was a standard adapter plug to make it fit. I got Audio Island to do it, they had no problems fitting it) Rick was the only one there who is any good , at least he tried (he helped me get the right manual for it). I ended up very disapointed with the car on the whole (mainly down to the dealer :censor: ). I got the impression that if anything big went wrong with the car they wouldn't have a clue . When I got the car it rattled inside even when stood still at tick over, no manual at all (a futher nine months to get the right one), no mats as agreed (got them the next day), all the wipers needed replacing (it was new car). They hadn't bothered to get the marks off the paint I pointed out to them (it took them a few goes in the end). I also think the car was at least a year older than it's reg of 53 (probably built in mid 2002!). So due to the sad death of may girlfriend of over two years (there was a few pieces in the Telegraph about her Alison Holmes). I've ended up buying a another BMW (I don't expect it to be perfect this time), it won't make up for the loss but it takes my mind off things a bit. Even without my sad loss. I would not have bought another Toyota, as they too busy playing the numbers & the profit game nowadays :!Removed!: . Paul Sorry for going on a bit too much. I tend to get on a roll.
  16. Hi Bzn There used to be loads of Lada's here in the eighties & nineties, but most if not nearly all have be bought up by passing Russian sailors to take back home :D . They must love them . When new they were about half the price of a normal mainstream new cars. Paul
  17. Hi K19 NEG Most if not all cars are worth more second hand with no modifications (if someones tuned up a car, it usally means it been driven harder than one that has not ). You'll probably get more for it if it's standard & sell the extra bits off your self . The only time you might get more is if the person looking on that day want's those sort of extras. Even upgrading the radio to a much better one will make the car worth less (even if the stardard one is rubbish). Pb
  18. Hi Recently swopped my 53 reg 32,000 mile T Sport in against a Bmw 120d Se. I got £7,700 for mine & the new car for £19,495 including extras I had added (about £1,000 worth, it was built to my spec factory fresh). The local Bmw dealer wanted an extra £1,800 off me for the same car (so I went else were). The T Sport is great when your mood for reving the bum off it . But it was let down in the end by electric 3.5 turns lock to lock power steering off the normal Corolla's (why didn't they put the Celica steering in ?). Also the local Toyota dealer was hopeless (they didn't even know how to change the radio :ffs: ) I know Bmw's aren't perfect by some way (I've had one before), but due to sad personal reasons I needed a car which made me feel the best. It handles a lot better by a very long way & has proper hydraulic power steering. Pb
  19. Hi K19 NEG I'm getting a BMW 120d se (163bhp) on Wednesday (a few grand off list price too, I'd never pay full price for a 1). I've had a BMW 316ti E46 Compact in the past & had a few problems. But they do drive very well. No torque steer at as it's rear wheel drive & also has old fashioned hydraulic power steering (much better than electric). Some here may not like them as there not cheap, but I have very sad personal reasons for spending the extra money. I would gladly drive a Lada if it would reverse what has happened The T Sport does handle well , but is let down by the steering (which is to hard to change). The engine is great & I may miss that high reving lift (I won't be reving a diesel much). I also feel Toyota's playing the numbers game now. Putting quantity & profit ahead of quality (BMW aren't perfect either). Hi G3M XR Behind the radio of the standard unit is three white connectors two for the radio & one for trip computer. As when you fit a normal unit one is left hanging. My local Toyota dealer had no idea how to fit a single din radio in it (there were totally clueless :o ). They took it out twice to look ) There was picture around here somewere once. Also the trip computer is not worth the trouble at all, mine used to show 6mpg in lift & 99mpg :o when coasting. Now it's been refitted it's in metric! . Man-Bing had some pics of how the console comes apart somewere (there may be pics there that show the wiring). Paul
  20. Hi If you change your radio head unit you will lose the trip computer. Unless you find a trick way round it. Someone round here did (know idea how they did it) it was fixed to the A pillar some how B) . It did look good. I changed the head unit in my car & I didn't miss the trip computer at all. It was rubbish anyway (never right). I've put the original unit back in now (it's fitted better now than it was when the car was built ), as the cars being replaced on Wednesday with something with more handling abillity & steering responce . Paul
  21. Hi May be try & go on to the Toyota Japan web site. It should show you pics of their standard car. I think some parts might fit (may be). But others like the front bumber may differ more than say the side bits (pre-facelift early E12 Corolla's in Japan had a more of a spoiler on the front bumper at the bottom & looked better). Body shell wise they are the same. Pb
  22. Hi You don't need to have rear disc brakes to have ABS. I believe it just means you only have 2 channel ABS (front only), not 4 channel (as in on all four wheels). My dads old car a Honda Civic 1.5Lsi 1997 & his current one a Focus 1.6 Chic (what a daft name , really a tarted up Zetec). Both have ABS but only on the front brakes (but have rear dums). The ABS on these two still works well (especialy the Focus ). If the dealer told you it had ABS & it doesn't, he has miss sold you it. Either get some money off him or all your money back. Or may be it no longer works (again it should be sorted by the dodgy dealer). Pb
  23. Try this link: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...wtopic=7790&hl= pb
  24. Hi According to the brochure for September 2003 the T Sport & T Spirit do have heated mirrors. Could do with heated washer jets too. Pb
  25. Hi It annoy's me in reverse & the key in the ignition reminder :ffs: . I asked my local dealer about turning t off & they didn't want to know. But they are very useless (couldn't even fit a radio !!) even if they are pretty cheap for servicing. You could try to email the dealer from Finland that C-Man Jr mentioned. At least my car being a earlier T Sport doesn't beeb for the seat belts. As when I drive in to a multistorey car pack I always take seatbelt off (I think I be ok with no seat belt at 5mph). It's more than likely my next car will have a seat belt reminder :ffs: . Pb
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