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  1. That looks very good . But I'll be very surprised if it came out like that. Think of the new Yaris it's only a evolution of the old one, just a lot bigger (I can see the next Corolla being the same :( ). Pb
  2. Hi I get about 33mpg on average by my workings out (mainly B roads). If I went by the in cars trip computer it thinks it's average overall is 36.5mpg! yer right . It's dropped as low as 28mpg on a run from Goodwood Festival of Speed last year, 280 miles none stop. But going there at a more steady rate (due to heavy rain) it did 37 odd (by my workings that is, not the cars). Pb
  3. Only an idea after all. :D But it would mainly effect the front left on the outside edge (probably not the whole tyre width). pb
  4. Hi Try putting more foam between it & the points of contact. Or if could be the latching points for the rear seats. My T Sport rattled even when stood still when I got it. Pb
  5. Hi Electrify Man-bing on here has post things about changing the original head unit. He might be able to help. By the way I changed the head unit in mine & I don't miss the trip computer as it was rubbish anyway. But you would lose the use of the standard remote controls. Unless you replaced them with ones that match your new unit. Try this link: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48192 Pb
  6. Hi Popwud Just I idea. Do you go round many roundabouts? As it would wear out the left side quicker. Especially the front left. Pb
  7. Hi I agree with what most of the people seem to be saying about the Focus V's the Corolla. The Focus main plus point's is the handling & steering are a long way ahead of the Corolla's even the T Sport Corolla I drive does not handle any were near as good as a 1.6 Focus my dad has. But the Corolla does seem a lot more solid (even though my Corolla rattled inside like a Citroen AX when I got it). Pb
  8. The steering gives up quite a bit before the handling does. Shame really because if the steering was better it would improve the way the car drives in every way. I once swerved around some wood that had fell in the road. The suspension was ok :D , but the steering was not quick enough to avoid them all :ffs: (luckly no damage was done :) ) . Pb
  9. 30,000 in two years. May be a diesel next time?? Pb
  10. Hi Zuban It could do with better brakes. As the standard ones go mushy above 60mph if you jump on them (along with a slight sqirming/weaving feeling though the steering ). Not giving me much confidence in them . If you think they are good have a go in a BMW 1 they are as they should have been (yes 1's are too expensive). One other thing the steering at 3.5 turns lock to lock is way too slow & electric. May be the car should have been set up more like a Celica (I'm sure most bits could have been made to fit). Pb
  11. Hi My local Toyota dealer didn't want to know. This is what they said by e-mail: "We would not recommend non genuine bulbs to be fitted as they have not been type approved by Toyota and would advise you stick with o.e bulbs designed and tested for all conditions by Toyota engineers." Since when did Toyota test things that well. If they did why does the clutch start to burn if you slip it a bit . Pb5 Some dealers might do it for you.
  12. Hi Camiel There is a different manual for the T Sport if your local dealer can be bothered to look. It took me 9 months the get the right one, until someone who had just started there could be bothered to look :cacker: . Part number : 01999-12876 Publication number : OM 12876 E It is for the facelift version (but the facelift was only a facelift really). Still doesn't mention the six speed box :o . Pb
  13. Hi I'm pretty certain the standard E12 Corolla radios are not coded . I bought some up graded bulbs for my Corolla, but gave up trying to fit them . On mine as the drivers side filled by the VSC system (T3's don't have this) & I couldn't get one of the screws out to remove the plastic cover at the front :ffs: (which allows a bit move access). The local dealer was no help, as they wouldn't fit none Toyota parts . Pb
  14. Hi I just booked my T Sport in for 30,000 mile service & it's cheaper than they quoted me by e-mail which was £109.00. £95 all in (engine flush, brake clean etc) :P . I even got them to write it down for me, so if when I collect the car they try & charge me more I've got proof :D . Pb
  15. Hi £243 :censor: I think they may be took you to the cleaners at that rate. What cheeky :!Removed!: that lot sound. I don't trust many dealers, but may be my local lot are so bad afterall . Pb An Audi A6 1.9Tdi (130) costs about £250 every 15,000 miles or so.
  16. Hi I posted this about my 20,000 miles service on a T Sport. "I've just had my 53 reg T Sport serviced (20,000 mile) by my local Toyota dealer (not sure if I should name them). I was quoted £121 for the service & £30 extra for the brake fluid change (my option). But when I went to pick it up the bill came to £181 . I mentioned that I was quoted £151 all in, so they dropped the price to £144 (also I winged about charging to fill a full washer bottle). Something about they test the washer system so much it needs topping after . Yer right" £170 sounds a lot for just the service unless they are changing the brake fluid as well. Just my opinion. Pb
  17. Hi If you change the standard head unit you will lose the trip computer. But it's rubbish anyway & was never accurate in my T Sport. Not missed it one bit. Pb
  18. A bit off topic but, ive got Island Green on my 02'T-Spirit and it looks fab , looks nice in the sunlight as it has 2 shades of green, its a bit like a 2-tone paint job. ← My T Sports green too . But they don't do it anymore or Thunder Grey as they were both slightly pearl effect. Probably due to cost as flat metalic grey & silver are much cheaper to do . Pb
  19. Johnny C The early T Sport came in the following colours: Island Green (dark metalic pearl ) Thunder Grey (slightly darker silver) Red (solid) Black Carlo Blue (metalic, abit on the dark side) The later facelift edition came in these: Red (solid) Silver (standard boring sliver :o , thunder grey was a lot better ) Alsace Granite (really dull metalic grey :( ) Black To get pictures look on autotrader web site at used ones. Pb
  20. Popwud They are just xenon gas 50% brighter bulbs from Halfords (two for one offer, so only £35 (for 4). If I can't get them in i'll just take them back. Pb
  21. Hi GRD008 It does tell you how to change them in the manual (in a VW Golf MK4 it doesn't, it says refer to dealer). But doesn't help much when there so lttle space behind the lights in the first place (problem is there's no room). There's not even two inches on the drivers side where the VSC control unit is (only T Sport corolla's have this). The battery could be removed (there's more space on the this side). I've thought may be front lights as a whole may be easier to remove (more room then). Pb
  22. Hi Quick question has any one managed to change their own front light bulbs on a E12 2001 onwards Corolla ? Especially the T Sport ? I bought some upgraded light bulbs for my Corolla but there's so little room behind the lights, I can't get the original ones out :ffs: . The battery could be removed but the VSC unit doesn't look that moveable. Any ideas please (apart from getting fleeced by the local Toyota dealer :o). Thanks Pb
  23. I agree with Bert (only 4 changes), there's not lift in ever gear. Also tops out at about 110mph (180 -190 kph). Pb
  24. Hi I think the white car is a Nissan. I prefer the Civic. As so far the only real pics I've seen of the next Corolla aren't really a big enough step from the current one (I dought it will come out like the black artist impression). But if they all come out like the pics show by looks alone I'd prefer the Nissan :o . Pb To many car companies play it way too safe (& tall) in designs.
  25. Hi Might not be much help but. On a number of other diesels I've driven (Bmw, Volvo, Seat). They seem to have slightly heavier clutches than the petrol versions. But I've not driven a Toyota diesel . Pb Also depends on what your judging it against. May be try another one from another dealer first.
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