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  1. For the price of the Golf GTi you could get a Subaru Impreza WRX. Which would leave the Golf for dead wet or dry . Or wait for the uprated T Sport for a bit less than either. pb5
  2. Hi Try this link: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...wtopic=9320&hl= I've got a Dab 54 radio to fit in my Corolla T Sport 2003. But there's a slight problem know one does a wiring adapter to fit it in the car :ffs: . The local Toyota dealer say's that a new adapter is being developed for the newer wiring in the Corolla's (early E12's are not affected). So unless your planning on fitting a Toyota unit you might have a problem if your car is fairly new. Let me know if you manage to get a wiring adapter to fit if you have fairly new Corolla (facelift version or 2003 or newer T Sport). Pb
  3. Hi On the rattle front it varies from car to car. But if you buying second hand you will get to drive the actual one you are considering getting. So you will soon know if it rattles badly or not. Just make sure you drive it down some corse & rough roads. I've had no clutch or gearbox issues on mine so far at 17,000 miles. But if you slip the clutch too much (like holding on a hill or traffic lights) I can smell the clutch burning a bit. In my case it's not as bad as it might sound. pb
  4. Obanscot I'm still on original tyres in my T Sport, 17,000 miles about 5 to 6mm on the front & 4mm on the back (I swapped them front to back at 12,000 miles). I should easy get 20,000 plus . But most of my miles are out of town. pb5
  5. Exon16m It only has 5 forward gears, 1.8 1ZZFE engine I think . It's a company car, he could have had any car upto £21,000 but he chose a Verso because his wife said the Verso was practical (she can't drive by the way :o ). I think he should get a automatic next time . pb No offence to intended to those who might have a Verso :D .
  6. I can smell the clutch burning in mine if I slip it just a little too much, I accept it as fairly normal. Best thing is just avoid holding the car on the clutch at traffic light & so for. But my boss has a Corolla Verso 1.8 mk1 & he say's he can smell the clutch burning in that as well (but he doesn't like 5th gear. So may be it's him, not the car ). pb
  7. Hi For info on the head lights dimming try this link: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...90++89666-02091 pb
  8. Hi I found mine came off just by gently pulling it up wards. But you have to be carefull not to break the lugs that hold it in place (their are four of them). pb
  9. Hi At the moment I still have the standard radio in my Corolla (2003 T Sport) (changing to a dab54 radio, when I find a wiring adapter that fits :ffs:). Depending on where I am depends on how good it picks up stations when seeking. Overall it's a bit hit & miss, 20miles either way can make all the difference (but there are some stations it never stops at). I find it easier to press the buttons on the radio it's self (so much for having remote controls on the steering wheel :ffs:). pb
  10. If only, the daft reverse beeper only did it 3 or 4 beeps. Then it would make more sense. It even beeps when it not quite in gear properly. No point in having park distance (2 beeps at the same time :ffs: ).
  11. I might find a seat belt reminder annoying at times :ffs: . Like when I drive into a car park I tend to take my seat belt off or going backwards (some cars beep even then). My car doesn't have a reminder (2003 T Sport). I'd rather not have it. If someones not going to wear it's their choice at the end of the day (in the back can be a different matter). One way round would be to fasten the belt before you get in (ok thats not very safe I know but I'm just saying there are ways around somethings). pb P.S. I never driven further that a few hundred yards with out one on anyway.
  12. Hi Bush Tyres are normally fairly cheap from round were I'am (North East Lincs). I know some one with a Mazda 6 (it's tyres were same make & type, but a little wider at 205/55 R16) & they were charged £80 each tyre fully fitted. pb5
  13. Hi In the newer Corolla's it tells you in the manual how to change the aircon filter (it's behind the glove box in the E12). But I'm not sure about your version, but it just might. Or may be a friendly Toyota dealer might tell you how. pb5
  14. Hi I remember a short while back some else was having the same problem were the dealer would not supply parts that were not standard to the particular model. I think this is the link to that topic: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=26884 I believe he when to another dealer. Pb
  15. Hi Clive Going by the WhatCar.co.uk web page it probably worth about the following: Private Sale £11,700 Part Ex £11,000 Trade £10,800 I don't think you would get much extra for it because of the sat nav & leather. As most options do little for the value of the car (only color & aircon have an effect). But why would you want to get rid of a car with only 4,000 miles on? Pb
  16. Hi Toyota Rally I've got a T Sport 2003 & it's never got the mpg right anything from 2 to 7 plus wrong. Always saying it's doing more than it really is. I had a BMW (their unreliable by the way :censor: ) it was no better. When I find a wiring adapter for the Corolla (not the same as earlier ones aparently ) the radio & daft trip computer is history. Pb5
  17. Hi Richard My steering seems find just as good as if it were a normal hydraulic system (no strange changes). Normally electric systems in cars are over light (just try a Seat Ibiza). It is at it's lightest at parking speed but not finger tip light. It probably shouldn't drop to a sudden lightness, unless your on something slippery & only increase in heavyness in time with your speed increase. Have you tried another Corolla to compare it to yours? I've only ever driven a T Sport version (mine & a 20,000 mile demo car). Pb5
  18. Hi Richard J I've never noticed my Corolla's (T Sport 15,500 miles) steering weight changing. Only in respect to how fast I'm going. May be you should get it checked as it doesn't sound right. Pb5
  19. One Yaris I tried rattled very badly another was totally rattle free. Both built in France. I think sometimes it can be pot luck if you end up with a bad one or not. Ever heard of a Friday car? pb5
  20. Hi All I have a Corolla T Sport built around mid 2003 & I'm trying to fit a Blaupunkt DAB 54 radio. But so far I'm stuggling to find a cable/wiring adapter to plug it in. I've spoken to the local Toyota dealer I they say that from mid 2002 starting with the Corolla T Sport had a different wiring put in them, therefore mine needs a different adapter from earlier E12 Corolla's. At the moment they say know one does one to fit? Can anyone out there advise me on a part that could work please. Thanks Pb
  21. Hi Colin My brake discs scored to a point when I got my T Sport, but they have not got any worse since the first few thousand miles (now at 15,000). So it might bed in ok. The buzzing from the dash board area could be to do with the radio (in my case) or it's surround, it seems to be a very common problem. I've heard from a dealer that there is a anti rattle kit. I don't wether it would help you. I'm replacing my radio with a completely different one so mine will mostly be cured (dash board anyway). Still a few rattles to fix else were yet. pb5
  22. BMW's are nice to want, but not so nice to own. Go here to read of mine :censor: http://www.topgear.com/content/my_topgear/duffers/A4/E2/14/ I now drive a Toyota & wouldn't touch any German car with a barge pole. Best to stick with Japanesse based cars. While the German ones trade off their reputation. A nice interior won't be so nice when the rest of the car is rubbish (the bits you can't see). pb5
  23. If it's only when you start off when you've just turned the car on. It's possibly only the ABS system checking it's self. pb5
  24. Hi I don't have squeeky brakes, but mine are slightly groved front & back. Now at 14,000 miles but they have not got any worse than the initial wear from the start. May be give it a few more miles, may be it will bed in. pb5
  25. 4,700 miles is low for a 52 reg. Mines a 53 with nearly 14,000. If the car is warm you should be fine (apart from the mpg). But the rev limiter is very quickly reached (specialy in 2nd).
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