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  1. Rod From what I know the ECU might already be updated (only may be) & if it wasn't the only thing you might notice is now & again the lights might dimm. This was because the ECU is checking some sort of system in the car (I don't think it will effect the car in general). The new ECU don't check it while the car is moving now. The rattles seem too common in the E12 Corolla. Mostly from around the radio (just like mine). A new radio will cure mine as the gaps around it are no longer the problem. pb
  2. I agree with Treuno. 8100 to 8200. If you want more? May a be S2000... (9000)
  3. Is the car a new? If not I'd give it till it has about 1200 miles on it before you rev it too much. Just to be on the safe side for the long term.
  4. Nick It's lucky your ok , from the look of the pics. Since you liked both your CTS & CTR, may be you should try both again & get the one you like the most. As you didn't have that long in your CTR. But then again if your thinking of a Focus RS, there's always a Imprezza WRX (when new they were close in price). Just a thought. pb5
  5. CurranShelter I've had a T Sport Corolla for 10 months now. The steering on it is not as good as whats on a 206 (i drove one in Ireland for a week), but it not too bad compared to most electric power steering systems. Which are way over assisted (just try a basic renault clio or seat ibiza). On the driving position, if you set the bottom of the seat that's right for the pedals you will be too far away from the steering wheel (unless you have short legs). Which may make your shoulder pain worse. I fined it best to set somewere between what's right for the pedals & what's right for the steering wheel. The creeking from the back could be the plastic trays in the boot that hold the jack. As they are mounted directly on the body. Mine are now mounted on foam, then to the car. My radio does rattle like a childs toy, (without any gaps around it) & struggles to pick up any traffic announcements. My Corolla has a fairly short gearing & the 206 I drove had very long gearing. There for you can leave the 206 in 1st for longer than a Corrolla (T Sport anyway). pb5
  6. My reg plate has done that twice so far. I'm sure it will do it again until I replace them with metal ones. Like the TRD bolts I've seen around.
  7. Quite a few different dealers (renault & toyota) have said to me in the past a car didn't need running in. But in the manual it did. I ran mine in for about 1200 miles. But i still could resist using lift once or twice before.
  8. Exon16, From what little I know a Focus RS has a trick front LSD. But I think the rear suspension is the same basic set up as the normal cooking Focus's. As in contol blade fully independent rear suspension, just with uprated dampers, springs & anti roll bars. And still only front wheel drive as they never did bring out the four wheel drive version that was muted about sometimes. Pb5
  9. mtbjeff, Check the right Corolla manual is in the glove box. As it took me several goes to get the right one. Pb5
  10. They are still quoting the 0-60 as being 8.4 seconds. I guess it was a very detailed test they did. :!Removed!:
  11. bzn From what I know in Britain you can only get part leather now. pb5
  12. My first service cost £90 (10,000 miles). I think the next one will cost nearer the £150 mark (I hope that includes the brake fluid change). Pb5
  13. Bzn, BMW's do handle very well & seem to grip forever. But the ride is some what bouncy. I've had a Yaris T3 1.0 ltr as a loan car & it's ride is bouncy in the same way as the BMW (that may sound strange, but true). But the steering was petty good. pb5
  14. I wouldn't be too put off by what you read. I had my Corolla T Sport for about 12,000 miles now with no problems. Only a few rattles from inside the car, which I'm slowly fixing (the dealers a bit deaf). It's much better than the BMW Compact E46 I had before where their customer services didn't careless. :censor: Read about it here: http://www.topgear.com/content/my_topgear/duffers/A4/E2/14/ Pb5
  15. Accylad, I get what sounds like the same noise as you at about 4000rpm plus. But mine appears to be coming from the radio which rattles in general use as well. If I put presure on the radio most of the rattle & noises seem to stop in my car. The radio's so bad I'm thinking of replacing the radio completely to fix it. Pb5
  16. My trip computer is anything from 2 to 7mpg over what it's really doing. I would never believe what it tells you. In any car, not even a unreliable BMW.
  17. I've had a my T Sport for 8 months (11,000 miles) now & the odd times I have worked the Mpg out myself it has ranged from 28 to 35 Mpg. The trip computer was never right, always saying it was doing more than it really was.
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