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  1. Many thanks for that. Order now just waiting for delivery next week. Now to complete the undersealing and fit these when they arrive cheers Trev
  2. No just need to buy some new ones. They appear to be m10 fine 25mm long with 14mm head😄. The caliper bolts seem to be readily available from a few places, so off (online) shopping I go. Had a look on ebay and they appear to be £16 for 2 bolts or £18.50 for the sliders as well. from a guy who is used to buying bits for an old land rover this seem s a bit exessive. As will need 2 sets of these and still havent found any carrier bolts
  3. Got the 2 caliper bolts out with a Irwin bolt removal socket. Nothing would get the bottom front carrier bolt to shift, ended up cutting the head off and withdrawing the carrier with the disk. Took it down to the workshop and welded a new nut on the end and got it off with a big bar on the socket and the heat of the welding. No just need to buy some new ones. They appear to be m10 fine 25mm long with 14mm head😄. The caliper bolts seem to be readily available from a few places, so off (online) shopping I go
  4. Hi. I have a 2004 t-sport. Rear brake discs need replacing. Have managed to remove ns disc and caliper so all fine there. Problem then started when got to the drivers side. Managed to remove bottom caliper bolt, but have then managed to round off the other one as well as the 2 slider bolts. Does anybody have any tips as to get them off and what the replacement part numbers are and where to get them during this lockdown. Cheers Trev.
  5. Hi, I currently have a 57 plate rav 4 and a 04 plate Corrolla T-Sport and am (posibly) looking to get a new 4x4 off road toy. As looking to be 3 - 4k and SWB a 2001 plated 3.0 Diesel has come to my attention, and I was wondering if these came with front / rear diff locks as well as Centre. it has a 1kz-te engine which I beleive makes it a KZJ90, (unless I am talking complete B*llcks). Also what are the after market mods like for this ie Winch bumper, Snorkel ect. Cheers for any help Trev.
  6. Yes I read what charlie had put, carbon clogging means mr T uesd to repleace engines, mine is now out of warrenty, and I would like to know where the carbon clogging is comming from, I relaise this is probably from the EGR system chucking crap into the inlet manifold and trying to run better with less emmissions but failing completley instead. Now my fronty has a simmialr caboning issue but the fix is carb cleaner on the EGR, down the manifold and clean the butterfly valves. What I am trying to understand is the thinking behind the "5th injector" on a 4 cyl engine, where is it, does it really
  7. Thanks guys, Was just worried that the ones with the lip round the edges wouldnt bend too easy to allow access Trev
  8. Ok so I have bought an 06 one 4.3 with the possiblity of impending engine failure. Now I have recently read a lot about this on the forum, and about the extended warenty and replacing the engine if it uses more than 1tl or per 1000 mile (or km), and possible using coolent, but havent actually worked out what the cause of this is, piston rings have been mentioned. Now I have been about engines for a while, and know that the oil and water wont mix well, but cant just disapear either, so I have not heard about any excessive white smoke (water), or blue smoke (oil), or even Black smoke (un-urnt fu
  9. Hi, Had a quick search but coundnt find anything newer than 2008 and it didnt fully answer my queiries, so I have a 06 5 5 door xt5, 2.2 d4d model. For the Boot liners I have sort of seen 2 type, one is rubber mat that you can cut your self, not real what I am after, but loos flexible enuf to be able to lift up to get to the extra storage cubbys below the boot floor. The other is the lipped fitted modle which looks the best but not sure I would be able to get to the storage bits easily. This vehicle is to be used as my shooting motor, and as such will have wet muddy Labrador in the back along
  10. Hi, Only had the rav4 for a week, but it is to replace my frontera, which I have had for 11 years & 160,000 miles. Hope the rav4 lasts this long but with the possible engine issues it may go when it starts to lose oil. Wife has a 54 plated corrola T Sport we have had sine new and has 120,000 on the clock. Also have a 04 vw Passat 4motion TDI bought in 06, with 165,000 on the clock. Frontera has been abused on & off road and finaly clutch failure as resulted in scrapping her. Just hope the rav4 lasts as long. Trev
  11. Thats a lot for an exhaust, not had the issue on the Rav4 yet, only had it a week, but the local powerflow place did a full cat back s/s exhaust for my previous 4x4, custom to my requirements, and has just done one for my sons kit car, (twin exit, manifold back) and I still would have had change from yours. £350 for mine and £300 for my sons and they are lifetime gaurantee. Trev
  12. Pic of my latest addition, amongst the others
  13. Ok Just bought myself a 06 plated 2.2 xt5 with all the bits. Now just finding out about the possible engine issues. It has 55k on the clock and is out of the 7 year warrenty and the extension appears only to go to original purchases anyway. Bought this one as looked at FreeLander, only liked the "2" version and not in budget. Also looked verry closely at the xtrail, but the centre clocks put me off and the 08 versions reqd to get proper clocks. CRV again very nice, more car like, but if I have 4x4 I want to control it on the ecu. one of the otrher factors that might have influnced us slightly
  14. Mine has just had its 40k Service 2yrs 10 months so I took all the info from here regarding the lift bolts and asked them to to the job while there were doing the service. Bloke went off OK with the TSB from up in this note. Called back later to say that they have never heard of this problem and siad they could do the job BUT (BIG BUT) it would cost £700 Seven Hundred UK Pounds. So I said no thank you at that price and have seen that it doesnt seem a difficult job and certainly not 700 quids worh. Trev From Basingstoke (using only the local mr T)
  15. Not sure about inconsistencies but find the brakes on my 04 CTS very soft. Have had new disks and pads fitted under warrenty but didnt make a lot of differences. Cant say I have noticed any difference after lift to before lift other than going a bit faster so requiring more brake power to stop and still feeling soft and requiring pumping. trev
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