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  1. Update....took the car in on Saturday for a new exhaust and to change the brake fluid. Both the rear bleed screws were seized but with the help of a blow torch they finally came loose and I was able to replace them with new ones. The little rubber dust caps I bought cheaply from ebay fitted just right and didn't cost anywhere near the £10 asking price from the dealership (×4). Thanks to everyone for all your advice much appreciated
  2. so........picked up the valves today at the dealership but they have a different part number. The parts man insisted they were the right ones and even double checked the vin number to be sure
  3. Thanks but I can't make that out
  4. Quick update....I went to the dealership after work to pick up the new bleeder valves I ordered the previous day. Something went wrong because I was presented with a small bag containing 4 tiny rubber caps that fit over the valves. They were asking £9 +vat!!!!!! The actual valves are £7 each!!. I can't believe how expensive they are. As the car is going into the garage on Saturday I have no choice but to buy the valves from them. A quick look on ebay and I found 20 universal rubber caps for £3.95 inc p&p - crazy!!!!
  5. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I have now found replacement valves at the dealership (nowhere near as expensive as I thought) and I'm going to see my Mechanic on Saturday so fingers crossed he can get them out in one piece......
  6. That's great thank you for talking the time to look into that much appreciated
  7. chassis number is JTDKW123303095754
  8. No I was just using a normal spanner....couldn't move it and didn't want to use too much force. I was thinking of applying heat but it's a confined space....I'm going to take it to my mechanic he will have better tools than I have - my main focus is finding some replacements when he (hopefully) removes them
  9. I try and avoid the dealership if I can. Hopefully I can get them out but need to know what size to order from ebay or eurocarparts (maybe the dealership will tell me??)
  10. Hi everyone I'm trying to change my brake fluid but can't get the rear (drum) bleed screws off. They are very rusty and the hex is rounded off. When I eventually get them off I want to replace them with new ones. Does anyone know the size I need? It's a 2002 Yaris 1.3 5dr (Jap not French) thanks
  11. Hi everyone. As part of my general paranoia I have inspected my PCV valve. It was dirty but passed the shake and vacuum test. I have cleaned it with maf sensor cleaner but really want to replace it for peace of mind as it's old. The main dealer want £48 but I have found some on ebay (from China) for a fraction of the price. I'm just having problems matching the part numbers. My old pcv number is 1220421010. The closest I can find is 220421011. I know it's only one digit out but I'm just worried it won't be properly calibrated to my car. 2002 Yaris 1.3 (Jap not French made) chassis number JTDKW123303095754 Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks
  12. thanks for that...........what about prestone as an upgrade or should I stick to dextron?
  13. Hi everyone, I've lost my owners manual and can't find the answer on the web. My car is a 2002 Yaris 1.3 auto 77k on the clock. I want to change the power steering fluid but can't remember is it's dextron II or III.......I was thinking of trying Prestone as that seems to have a good reputation but is that just for modern cars??? Thanks