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  1. I've just given it a massive spray of grease (high quality stuff) but it doesn't work....the boot opens and closes normally with the button hidden next to the reverse camera but no dashboard light and no boot light. The only thing I can think of doing is to remove the plastic trim and expose more of the mechanism but the amount of grease I sprayed it should have gone everywhere
  2. hi everyone.....another small problem with my 2012 Yaris. I noticed the boot light wasn't working so I changed the bulb but that didn't help. Then I noticed the light on the dashboard that indicates when a door is open wasn't on so I used a screwdriver to fiddle with the locking mechanism and gave it a good soaking with wd40 and it worked.....the dashboard registered the boot was open and the little light came on. I tested it 10 times by opening and closing the boot. But.....it has stopped working again (maybe the wd40 has evaporated?) Is there any point in using something more substantial like white lithium grease or do I need a new locking mechanism? thanks for reading this
  3. yes thank you that matches the paper filter insert. You're right it's not the best video but I get the idea. Thank you for your help
  4. the video is on this page posted by flash
  5. yes that looks like the one on ecp but different from the one in the youtube video
  6. yes I will when I get home thank you for that
  7. thank you that seems easy enough but the filter looks different than the one on ecp also do I need to remove the air box to get to it as its not visible (to me anyway)
  8. I'm trying to find a tutorial on how to change my fuel filter (2012 Yaris 1.4 d4d) the videos on youtube show what looks like a spin on/off metal filter but when I type my registration number into eurocarparts it shows a cylindrical paper filter just like the oil filter insert. Which one is right? thanks
  9. thanks for that - another job to do!!! as for my original post, the light on the centre dial will come on if I give it a tap - so maybe a loose connection......
  10. how about ebay item number 373490132393
  11. wow!!! that's expensive its only made of plastic!!!!
  12. thank you for your replies Im going to try and remove the three dials tomorrow to get at the bulb....hopefully its straightforward just need to gently pry the plastic surround off!! on another topic.... I'm trying to find an oil filter removal tool , I've serched on ebay and halfords with my registered number but keep getting different sizes. I know on the 1.3 petrol its a 64mm 14 flute but not sure about the 1.4 diesel (2012)????
  13. this is very strange.....I've just set off home (in the dark) and the middle dial bulb is working!!! all three are working. Maybe the bulb is on its way out and works intermittently?
  14. ok I'll give it a try thanks for your help
  15. thank you flash - so I can just pry the panel off under the touch and go screen to get to the back of the controls.....hopefully without breaking any of the plastic clips
  16. hi does anyone know how I can replace the bulb on my heater control its the centre dial bulb that has gone the other two either side are working (2012 Yaris 1.4d) thank you
  17. amazing.......didn't think that would work thank you much appreciated
  18. wow!!! I'll give it a very careful try
  19. thanks I'll try that.....wd40 maybe worth a go
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