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  1. Ok - ebay has 2 litres for £22.99. Thanks again for your advice much appreciated
  2. Thank you for that - would you use Mobil 3309?
  3. Sorry I mean UK spec.....made in Japan!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi everyone, I would be grateful for some advice please with my 2002 Yaris 1.3 Auto 67k (UK made not French). I want to change the automatic transmission fluid.....according to the owners manual it requires Toyotas own T-IV (JWS3309 / NWS6500). I called two Toyota dealers who don't have this in stock and I can't find any on ebay. The transmission is working perfectly and the colour of the ATF is fine (not bright pink as I'm used to but a clear brown the same as the power steering fluid) I think this is the colour the fluid is even when new. I just want to change it for piece of mind. So I have three questions 1) is there an alternative to Toyota T-IV that you would trust and is safe to use (I've found Mobil 3309 on ebay) 2) does my car have an ATF filter 3) Genuine Toyota ATF (T-IV) is mineral based but some of the ones on ebay are fully synthetic.......which is best Thank you very much
  5. hi thanks for the reply........no it's not an OE part its from ebay middle and back box section from your diagram it looks like I need number 17451 (donut shaped metal ring) which I have found at euro - see below (eurocarparts - Autogem Exhaust Gasket/SealProduct Code: 374680011) also number 90119-08Bo2 (bolt) and 90461-15013 (ring) which i can't find......hopefully I can re-use the old ones??? thanks
  6. Hi everyone, My wife's cars is a 2002 Yaris 1.3 automatic 5 door (think it's Japanese made not French) It's time to change the exhaust (middle and back box) I've found the exhaust on ebay but I can't find which gaskets/clamps I will need. Can anyone help..........? thank you
  7. So far I have looked in the boot and behind the panel for the light bulbs. I have not yet taken the plastic wrap around panels off. There is no access that (I can find) to the sensors themselves. I have looked underneath the car/rear bumper and from inside the boot. I am assuming that this is only possible if the bumper is removed. Next step (I think) is to remove the plastic wrap around panels and try to find the control unit / speaker / on-off switch..............
  8. Still no joy......does anyone know if there is an on/OFF switch for the sensors? Also I can't find which fuse is for the sensor no mention of it in the owners manual Thanks
  9. Perhaps the speaker has failed- or the sensors are dirty.....I don't know where to start but will try again tomorrow thanks to evertone
  10. The reverse light on the rear does work but no beeping when in reverse or backing up to an object....!
  11. Thanks for that reply, I've had the boot lining out and looked behind the panels where the bulbs are but couldn't really find anything obvious that was unplugged or loose. I'll have another good root around tomorrow. I haven't checked the fuses yet but the reverse light works. Thanks again
  12. Hi everyone, we have become the proud owners of our first Yaris it's a 2002 1.3 CDX automatic with an incredible 43,000 miles and one previous owner!!! It's fitted with parking sensors (they look life factory fitted) but they don't seem to be working. No beeping when put into reverse or any signs of life. We can't find any help in the owners manual....is there something I can do? Thanks for reading this any help would be very welcome
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