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  1. carlios

    A recall on the recent Air-Bag recalls - READ

    Hi, Don't know about "Recall on a Recall" but I have received a letter from Toyota, which I received on 23rd December 2018, for Campaign: LGG88. This is the first recall I have ever received from Toyota since owning the 2006 Corolla Verso in 2010. Will be contacting my local Toyota Centre asap.
  2. carlios

    Tracking Woes

    I have something similar but on a Corolla Verso 2006. When I purchased the car, through local dealership at 3 1/2 years old, I noticed that the steering wheel was 'off centre'. Dealer offered to have this rectified but after 3 days admitted that they had had difficulties and therefore unable to correct it. Also as the dealership does not have any facility to adjust the tracking I took it to a local tyres shop. Initially they used a 4 wheel gauge, said it was quite a bit 'out', adjusted it and off I went. About 1/4 to 1/2 mile up road the VSC and TRC lights came on so back I went. This time they used 2 wheel gauge, now said track was 'out' the other way, readjusted it, tried up the road now seems ok, no lights on. Noticed in handbook specs that front track is 10mm wider than rear, possibly this was the reason that 4 wheel gauge was 'quite a bit out'. Anyone else had similar probs ?
  3. I have the same problem. Think its to do with the A/C because when I turn the control up to a higher temp then a few seconds later turn it down to LO and then back to approx. my normal temp it goes. Just one of those annoying things !
  4. carlios

    Nearside driveshaft snapped.

    Had the misfortune to snap a driveshaft on weekend pulling away on to a roundabout. Car is a 2006 Toyota Corolla T3, 1.8L Petrol. Mr T wants £680 + vat just for the shaft ! Question: is the Avensis driveshaft the same ? Anyone else had similar problem?
  5. carlios

    Switch not illuminated.

    Further update. A few months after the light behind the Headlamp Beam Level Control has ceased to work. How to remove the switch so I can change the bulb ?
  6. carlios

    N/S Driveshaft Damper - removal ?

    Hi, Just to say you are lucky that you spotted this in time. Had misfortune to snap a driveshaft on Saturday just pulling on to a roundabout after a stop.
  7. carlios

    SRS warning light on dash.

    Further update: all fixed! local Auto Electrician repaired and checked system in 2 hours.
  8. carlios

    SRS warning light on dash.

    Hi, just an update. Tried Toyota Parts Dept. confirmed the connecting block under drivers seat is only available as part of the wiring loom, will be a back order and £610:02 + vat ! will try an Auto Electician who reckons it will take a couple of hours to fix and also test/analyse to see if any other faults.
  9. carlios

    SRS warning light on dash.

    Assistance required please, SRS warning light previously came on intermittently now permanently on. Does anyone have a wiring diagram showing the colour of wire(s) and where they are attached under the seats ? After checking, by pulling/pushing various under seat wiring connections I think I have found the cause. Under drivers seat towards seat belt stalk there is a block secured by small screws. (See photo) The wiring to this switch is 2 wires, yellow (connected) and a reddish one (not connected), where the yellow one is attached to the block it looks like another connection next to it. Should the reddish wire be attached here ? If yes then how should I re-attach the wire ? Can I remove the small block, will there be sufficient room? Will be grateful for any help/ replies.
  10. carlios

    Switch not illuminated.

    Hi All, This is so weird. Today while examining the switch I just tapped the surround several times and the Headlamp Beam Level Control (thumbwheel) is now illuminated when the lights are on. Maybe a loose connection somewhere behind the switch?
  11. carlios

    Switch not illuminated.

    Hi, Not sure if this is in the right section. I have a Corolla Verso T3, 2006. Yesterday I noticed that the Headlamp Beam Level Control (thumbwheel) is not illuminated when the lights are on. Is it a fuse? Which one? Or maybe a bulb? If a bulb then how do I remove the switch to replace the bulb please.
  12. carlios

    Suspention Adjustability

    Only found out when having the wheel alignment adjusted at my local tyre dealer that the front track (distance between the front wheels) is slightly wider than the rear track. Having driven less than half a mile up the road the VCS light came on and stayed on. Returned to Tyre Dealer and suggested try wheel alignment on front wheels only - hey presto! - fault cured. Moral is, next time don't have tracking done using 4 wheel system.
  13. carlios

    Verso Sliding Rear Seat

    Had this problem last year on one of the second row (outer) rear seats. Pulled lever on side of seat, backrest moved forward but seat would not budge. Could move seat forward by lever under front of seat. On investigation, found cause was a circular spring (about 50mm in diameter) under seat, where seat meets the backrest, had broken. Until I can find where to obtain a replacement will live with it. Anyone know the cost (if available) from a Toyota Dealer? Or where I can obtain one? Also, how do I remove the seat?
  14. carlios

    Water Getting Into Spark Plug Chamber

    Had this problem last summer. Apparently it was caused by the plastic trim under the scuttle (seen when bonnet is open) not sealing properly thereby rain water finds it way through and drips onto the spark plugs/leads. Eventually causing the plugs to short out. Rather expensive repair: a length of lead costs £104 + VAT. Plugs cost around £5:40 + VAT. Toyota Dealer 'fixed' the problem by sealing round the plastic trim with silicone sealant.
  15. carlios

    New Clutch Required

    I have the same model and the Toyota Dealer who services the car has now given me a quote to replace the clutch = £1600 ! Extortionate ! Will not be taking them up on their offer.