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  1. It was £480 fitted. A garage that I work for said Pipecraft do really do an excellent job and inclined to agree. Hopefully will increase the value of the car as I'm going to be selling it late next year for something bigger. Good luck!
  2. Just an update in case anyone else has to go through this! Europarts could not supply the CAT even though shown on their site - be prepared for a long wait on the phone - took 3 attempts. In the end had a custom exhaust/CAT fitted by Pipecraft in Basildon who were excellent - cleared all the issues. Fuel economy on its first run has jumped from 33 average to 40 mpg with some slow traffic in London. It could also be that the exhaust is somewhat (read very) much louder than stock and haven't used the gas pedal so much! Cheers guys.
  3. Thanks type_r_baby! Found out yesterday that Klarius sell these through Europarts - been trying to get through to them to confirm stock and price. Have exhaust blowing and engine management light on - did you notice a difference in performance/economy after replacing?
  4. Hi All Seem to be having problems locating a cat/exhaust for a 2003 Yaris T-sport - even specialist exhaust centres are having problems - they can only supply part of the exhaust and Toyota want £1200 for the cat alone! I'll need to replace exhaust system too and would be great to buy everything from one source - can anyone recommend a few places that are not charging more than the car is worth? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey Guys. I have a 2003 Yaris T Sport that developed a gravelly sound from gearbox - at around 89k I think. To cut a long story very short, after changing oil - using substance that was meant to quieten it, nothing worked and as the gear change itself was fine just lived with it. The noise changed one evening and pulled over - it would not go into gear and the front wheels locked - transported back home. Dilema now, love the car but little small for work I do sometimes. I know somebody who may be able to fit a reconditioned gearbox or do I cut my loses on what was an expensive ex-Toyota approved car? Any advice on where to purchase reconditioned gearbox from reliable source or how much I would get selling as is - good condition/gunmetal grey would be great! Thanks in advance. Andrew
  6. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums mba :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/

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