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  1. Hi. New on here. I've looked on Toyota website and it appears there is only one model of Aygo now sold, X trend. Is this right?
  2. Hi. This happened to mine a few years back, they didnt get rusty just lost their strength. Toyota replaced them under warranty. I'd recommend finding out how much the originals are from Toyota initially and weigh it up from there. Ebay will be a good place to look too.
  3. That sounds correct to me. My instrument lights only come on when lights are on.
  4. They're both suspension advisories so could well be something to do with it if they've worsened but without someone going under the car to look you won't know.
  5. My 2014 IQ has a lot of rattles from the dash over certain roads too. I used to have a GT86 and that creaked and rattled too. The IQ has a short wheelbase and suspension is a little firm so that can contribute to crash ride. If there's anything amiss with your suspension it'll get picked up at MOT. You could look at the car's MOT history on line and see if any suspension issues were down as advisories in the past.
  6. Hi First thing I thought was..... why would you fit them? Just go for the standard tyre. It's what Toyota designed it for. Regarding affecting resale, I feel.it would as not standard.
  7. May as well just replace it. They start at £20 secondhand on ebay. Job done!
  8. It's not a stupid question. Gets asked all the time on here and you'll see other posts on forum. It's a cover to cover load area when rear seats are down. There are 3 pop studs on each side of the rear interior that it fixes to. If it's not been used before you may have to remove the covers that cover over the pop studs on each side of rear interior. I use mine all the time. Also, you can store the rear headrest in the storage tray under the rear seat base. Pull the material tab at front of rear seat to access.
  9. en8wall69

    IQ Wanted

    I've attached some screen prints showing some autos for sale around Kent on Auto Trader.
  10. en8wall69

    IQ Wanted

    I'd keep looking on Auto Trader, Toyota website and even eBay. Just looked on auto trader there are loads for sale in and around Kent. There's also a facebook page Toyota IQ UK that's quite busy and has some cars for sale every now and again. Keep looking, you'll find one. Be quick though...good cars don't stay for sale for long.
  11. 176/65 R15 Sailun Atrezzo 84H. Got them all round. Not heard of them, local garage I go to recommended them from others. They're black, they're round and they grip. ☺
  12. en8wall69

    IQ Wanted

    There's not a lot to look for really. I've got a 2014 IQ2 1.0 Auto fron new and nothing to speak of has gone wrong. Had a horn and hatch struts replaced under warranty. Only just replaced original front pads after 45k miles. Odd few dash rattles is the only thing that's bugged me. You can get the IQ3 which is same spec as IQ2 but with 1.33 engine and different alloys/tyres but these are rare and tend to be expensive. I'd go for an IQ2 auto as new as you can get, low miles with Full Service History. Depends on your budget. Things to be aware of: Earlier white cars can suffe
  13. I've put budget tyres on mine at just over half that price. Not noticed any major difference.
  14. en8wall69


    Personally I'd keep them a while longer. You've still got wear left on them and you don't do loads of miles. I recently had a similar issue but with less tread depth than your's and the garage said to me I'd get a few more months out of them so I waited. Some people may say winters coming so you should change for safety but they're still legal so unless you're driving like Ayrton Senna I'd wait.
  15. Visually the IQ3 has 16" silver alloys and many have chrome door mirror housings. Other than that there isn't any other obvious difference. Under the skin the suspension and engine are different. IQ3 has approx 30 more bhp and lot more torque.. The spec is same as IQ2.
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