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  1. Visually the IQ3 has 16" silver alloys and many have chrome door mirror housings. Other than that there isn't any other obvious difference. Under the skin the suspension and engine are different. IQ3 has approx 30 more bhp and lot more torque.. The spec is same as IQ2.
  2. I agree, much rather a IQ3 than an Aygo.
  3. Still looking for a late low.mileage IQ3 1.33 multidrive. Search is proving frustrating as they sell so quick. Missed out on 2 14 Reg iQ3 both with under 6k miles at £7995 in last fortnight as I couldn't get to see them in time. Then last night discovered this joker asking £9995 for one with 8k miles. I messaged him as I thought misprinted as over £2k more than usual..... but no, it's the right price. Absolutely crazy given you could buy a 19reg Aygo auto with very low miles and more tech for same money. Granted the Aygo is poor quality. The search continues.
  4. What did you buy in replacement for the IQ? I sometimes have issues with 1.0 power so am looking for a late 1.33 which is proving very difficult as they sell so quickly.
  5. It'll fit, they're a really good idea. Just prise the covers off very careful with a small flat screwdriver. I find mine really useful to cover up load area. Hope you're enjoying you're new car. One thing you'll probably discover is that the interior lighting is shocking. Tarquin on here does an excellent upgrade to original dome light and can also fit rear lights. I've got both and well worth it especially when the dark nights start.
  6. It's a cover to go over rear luggage area when seats are down. It pop studs onto pop studs on either side of car. See pic. You may have to take off popstud covers from inside of car if it's never been used before.
  7. Silly question, and apologies if you have, but have you looked under the rear seat swab for head rests? That's where I store mine.
  8. Sounds more like a door seal possibly. Maybe sit in car and get someone to hose the area with water to see if you can reinact it.
  9. Not had this myself but here are plenty of posts on here about leaks. Good luck.
  10. I saw this one for sale on Auto Trader. Hope you enjoy it.
  11. Great stuff. Any pictures?
  12. Hi. Your best bet is to message Tarquin on here (David). He has DRL fitted to his IQ
  13. en8wall69

    By By IQ

    It's a shame we can no longer get the IQ new. What have you bought to replace it.
  14. Yes. Get a Parrot Bluetooth kit fitted. Got the MKI9000 in mine. Works a treat.
  15. en8wall69

    My poor corners

    Claim of his car insurance for the damage to yours.and get it fixed. Simple.