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  1. Happy Birthday freestyle!

  2. Hey ratty, I've sold my t180 now so have one sitting about, send me a pm
  3. Hey guys, not had a chance to look at the handbrake yet (not being mechanically minded doesn't help!) but i may have movement on the issue..... Finally got round to getting her in for the rear suspension recall and ive been told the nearside rear anti roll bar link is broken! I've had a quick scour of the forum and would i be hazarding a very good guess that this is my issue?
  4. Hi chris, after a few days of testing im 95% sure it is to do with the handbrake as i havent had the loud thump since using your method (the other 5% thinks it heard a small noise this morning but that could just be me listening out for anything). i've returned to using the handbrake so will see tomorrow if the noise rears its head again, if in likelihood it is the handbrake is this something an average person can look at or am i looking at seeing a mechanic?
  5. Hello fellow RAV'ers, long time no speak. The recent spate of cold weather has upset my rav (i blame the cold weather as it was fine before it). If the car has been sat for a while i'm finding that the body movement from a small incline (say the ramp outside work or a multi storey car park ramp) causes a rather audible thump from the rear of the car. At the moment it only does it the once and then seems to be happy again, which would leave me to believe that it might be something seized, the fact it only does it once between sitting is also making me hesitant to throwing money at somebody to look at the car and find the problem. Any body have any ideas?
  6. Cheers for the responses guys, giving the densos a go
  7. What size blades am i looking to get for the old t180? Any ideas on cheapest place to buy?
  8. mpg has been steadily going down! i can notice the lack of power further up the rev range especially on A roads, but in an odd twist it actually feels more torquier (if thats even a word) in the 1-2000rpm range when city driving!
  9. Cheers guys, will keep running for a few more days without the chip, havent had any repeat occurrences since. Now i just need to stop my mind playing tricks on me about how different it feels without the chip!
  10. Was leaving work tonight and poor old Bessie just died on me as I came to a halt at the gates. Tried restarting and the engine just sat there trying to turn over but getting nowhere, stopped it, waited a few secs then tried another two times, finally starting on the third go. But of course its never that simple, as soon as it started up I got the engine management light and check vsc/4x4, etc. Turned it off, disconnected the kingo chip and still got the same issue. Parked up, went to cinema, sobbed into a beer (only the one) and returned this evening to find it started fine. I haven't reconnected the chip and have used my code reader to reveal P0191, anybody have any ideas before I grease mr Toyotas palm?
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. In respect of fuelling, i always try refill at half a tank, if i ever broker that tradition it would have been about a year ago so im hoping it has no correlation to the new fuel filter. Didn't think about the egr valve as didn't realise how time had flown, was about 18 months ago when it was last cleaned...... I'll try and fit in a cleaning session when i get back from london sunday (good excuse for a motorway thrash clear-out as well) and hopefully have some positive feedback
  12. Hoping the collective wisdom of the forums can help with a strange issue that's materialized with the t180. First occurrence was on Thursday, entering a 50 zone from a 30, put my foot down in third and noticed it didn't have the same oomph. Then yesterday I turned a corner onto a hill, tried to accelerate in second and found again no oomph, this time noticing there wasn't the normal audible turbo whistle until around 3000rpm. Stopped at traffic lights and car was fine again. This has now happened about four times since yesterday, each time trying to accelerate in 2nd/3rd, I've noticed that there isn't the normal turbo whistle and that if I let off the throttle for a couple seconds it's fine again (it's almost as if the car forgets it has the turbo to use!) There's no codes showing up and the only other thing recently was a service and fuel filter change last Tuesday. Any ideas would be great fully received.
  13. How much do you want for the mats?
  14. Please add my name to the list, not liking the new layout on either my netbook or tablet
  15. Now im confused! Before the chip my obc would read 29-30mpg and brim to brim calculations would average 30-31mpg. Just completed my first brim to brim fill with the chip, driving like a mega granny to eek out the best result and the obc was reading 35.3mpg, so i expected to see a similar result in the calculations............not the 31.75mpg it came out as.