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  1. ^Haha wow! I did the painting with the wheels on, covered up everything but the rims so hopefully it hasn't got anywhere it shouldn't :)
  2. Thanks, they're from ebay. They are plastic and from China but to be honest the quality is pretty good, although not sure if they would look cheap and tacky if they were fitted to a car unpainted. I got them from this seller, and there are pics in the link... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152047578026 Took about a fortnight to arrive :)
  3. Just done a quick refurb job on the alloys on my Yaris T Sport. A previous owner had sprayed them black a while back and they weren't in great condition, also the centre caps were missing. I used the following for the job: - Can of Plasitdip Black - £9 - Set of 4 Centre Caps - £8 - Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel - £10 - A razor blade - Free First job was to spray the centre caps, gave them four coats until they looked like this: Next, my plan was to remove the black paint just covering the logo but it was too fiddly to do so in the end I just removed the paint from the centre of the caps. This was done by using the razor blade to cut the edge of the shape and peel off. Finished caps... I then gave the wheels themselves four or five coats of Plastidip and fitted the caps: Finally a coat of tyre gel and I was finished. They look a lot darker in reality, my camera has lit this shot up though: All wheels done, not bad for an afternoon's work and less than £30 spent :)
  4. Hi I was hoping someone could suggest a good place for aftermarket parts for my Yaris please? The catalytic converter has gone in my 03 Yaris T Sport and it's proving difficult to source a used one, so my next step is a new aftermarket one. Thanks!
  5. Funnily enough a well placed thump with my fist on the dash seems to have fixed this :)
  6. ^Not unless I've done it by accident. How do you do that please?
  7. Hi, just noticed this problem with my 2003 Yaris T Sport. The small display which shows the fuel and mileage is extremely dim, but when I turn the lights on it displays as normal. Is this as simple as changing the bulb or fuse for that display or is it related to something else? Thanks.
  8. Wow can't believe it's nearly a year since I started having these problems! So I fixed the main problem around Christmas time. Turns out it was one of the O2 sensors (pre cat/manifold one). However my car worked fine for about a month then started having some high idle problems. As I originally had suspected the throttle position sensor as the culprit for the original problem, I replaced it with a cheap after market one which lasted about 6 months then failed! Popped my old one back in and car seems back to normal for now. Never a dull moment with this one! :)
  9. Thanks for the reply. Damn that's disappointing, I figured as all it basically does is send a voltage to the ECU it wouldn't matter too much as long as it has the same number of cables as the old one. O well at least I didn't pay much for the part. I'm not entirely sure if mine is the facelift or not, could you advise from this picture please? Thanks!
  10. Hi all, was hoping someone could help me please. I'm looking to replace the first O2 sensor (pre-cat) on my '03 Yaris T Sport. I've purchased a second hand one which has the 4 pin connector type like on mine. However I have just noticed that the new one has cables coloured as follows: 2 x black 1 x blue 1 x white but the existing one has: 2 x white 1 x black 1 x grey The new part itself looks slightly different to the old, but looks like it would fit where the existing one does. The one I have bought is apparently taken from a 2002 Toyota Yaris 1.3 auto. Does anyone know please if this part will fit my car before I go to the trouble of getting it fitted? Thanks!
  11. Ok, I see what you're saying. I have cleaned the MAF using electric contact cleaner and it has improved things again but that's not to say the root of the cause isn't related to another part I guess. I will try purchasing a single coil, then at least I can rule that out. Thanks.
  12. ^Thanks for the suggestion, I did suspect that originally. Did a quick check though (took each coil out whilst engine running) and they all seemed to be working to an extent, could even hear them sparking the plugs underneath when I placed them back in. I'm on my 3rd replacement MAF at the moment (2nd hand but a Denso one). Car is almost back to normal now but does misfire slightly when accelerating. This points to the MAF being the problem but I don't understand why when I replace the MAF each time I get some degree of misfire still I'm hoping it is just the to do with the ECU relearning but I'll see. Don't really have time to go down the route of cleaning the throttle body etc. at this time but might clean the MAF and check the plugs as a quick fix just to see if that brings it back to 100%.
  13. ^Thanks, gave it a try but no joy. Could still feel the misfires when at the red line. Seems the car struggles when under load when going up through the gears but if I put my foot down it regains power suddenly. If I try to drive at a constant speed with my foot just touching the peddle it judders which makes me think it's throttle related. Anyone know if a Throttle Position Sensor exists on an 03 Yaris please?
  14. Still having lots of fun trying to sort this. Misfires got progressively worse so I took the replacement MAF out and tried cleaning it but it just went worse again! :/ Checked the coils but they seem fine and the plugs under them sound like they're firing also. Dismantled the air intake all the way up to the throttle body but no noticeable problems. Thought I'd maybe been unlucky and ordered a 2nd hand MAF that was on it's way out so ordered a new after market one. There was a considerable improvement but was still misfiring and seemed to go worse today and the engine light came on :( Tempted to order another MAF to rule that out as the chance of ordering 3 dodgy ones in a row are surely minuscule! I read the PCV valve could be the problem so have taken that out and cleaned it, went for a quick spin and the misfires were possibly less but too early to tell really. I read on another site that the O2 sensors and also Throttle Position Sensor may be the problem. Does anyone know if an '03 Yaris has a Throttle Position Sensor and where it is located please?