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  1. Thanks TAuris I'll have a wade through and see what I can find. Can I take it that the Hilux Surf is much the same vehicle as the UK spec Hilux, mechanically wise?
  2. Hi all Some thoughts and advice needed please. Noticed a slight whine from the running gear a few months ago and it has got gradually worse. Only starts at around 30mph and mostly disappeares by around 50mph. Makes no difference if free wheeling or on the power. Had a new UV joint fitted a few weeks back and asked garage to look at the wheel bearings but he said they seemed fine. Chap reckoned the noise was the tyres (general grabbers which are around 18 months old but still with plenty of tread). Noticed the fronts had slight uneven wear on them so had tracking checked and it was out a little. Had it aligned and at the same time swapped fronts for rears. No difference in noise. Swapped sides on the rears, no difference. Dug out my old Dueler's and made an appointment at local tyre place to fit them to confirm if it was the tyres or not. When arrived spoke to the chap who said it didn't sound like tyres as they would not stop at higher speeds so he took it for a spin and reckoned it was the front diff not the tyres. He said he's got a couple of 4X4's and that diff noise is not that unusual on a vehicle such as this (Hilux invincible 2010) and needn't mean an imminent problem. He suggested I change the oil to see if it made an improvement. Don't know if the oil has ever been changed, it's been serviced since I had it at the local garage. It's done 80,000 miles. So..........any thoughts on above and tips on how to do this. I'm fairly competent mechanically so fancy doing it myself to save a few pennies or are special tools required and hence would this be best left to a garage? There are a few vids on the net which look straightforward enough but I can't find anything specifically on the hilux. Thanks in advance. Mark
  3. Thanks Kingo, expect a PM. Still thinking about tyres, favour some BFG's AT's. Anybody wishing to share their experience of BF AT's on a Hilux.....what's it like on the road, and off?
  4. Thanks Dave for your advice and opinion.
  5. Hello Purchased a 2010 Hilux 3.0 Invincible last weekend. Big, slow and bouncy........but I love it!!! Now for a few mods but could use some considered advice. 1. Tyres. It has the standard duellers on which ride well on the road but from the look of the tread pattern they won't be much use when the going gets tough. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not going to tackle mountains, most of the time I'm doing motorways and A roads through my work in the week but I need the truck to tow a horse box through potentially muddy fields/ entrances and also have a reasonably sized boat that I need to tow, and possibly more importantly, launch on slippery ramps. I'm no stranger t 4x4's, I grew up on a farm and the transport of choice was a Landy or a tractor. Taking a look around this and other forums it seems that 'All Terrains' would fit the bill; and the general consensus seems to be GG At's or BFG AT's. I did have some BFG's on a Fourtrack I had once, many moons ago, but it was so noisy anyway I wouldn't have noticed the perceived extra noise of the tyres? As a further note to this I do thing that a vehicle like this does look better with a decent set of boots on it and the BFG's do look the business; however I'd rather compromise the looks for a more quieter ride; I'll get less grief from the Mrs and family. Any opinions? 2. Chips I have read that it is a fairly easy process, if not on the wallet, to chip these beasts. My questions are: 1. I have learned with most things mechanical that there is usually a downside to running things stronger than they were meant to run. One of the reasons I bought a Hilux was because of its legendary mechanics. Am I compromising this by chipping? 2. I enjoy the low torque of the Hilux engine for general driving, I have read that the chip only shifts the torque up the revs a bit which is really what I'm not after?? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums mytonkatoy :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: