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  1. My nearest Costco is 25 miles away … It’s just not practical for me to use them
  2. I use bp e10 … just cost me £1.94 a litre on Friday 😩
  3. I’ve been keeping a eye on my petrol usage … I’m only getting average of 46 MPG .. any way I can increase this … petrol costs are through the roof as you all know ..so I’m looking to get ever mile I can thanks in advance
  4. Screen shot of my car audio … I think i out of date lol
  5. Mine is the same … you can change the cabin filter yourself to help with air flow .. only about £15 on Amazon ….
  6. Mine is the same …I’ve got 2015 aygo
  7. The new cabin filter arrived Today …it has no marking on sides to show which way to put in …. any help please
  8. Just ordered a filter … thanks again
  9. Thank you everyone… I doubt the filter has ever been changed , I bought the car new , and I have never been charged for a filter
  10. It’s been very cold the last few days and the inside screen has been wet …. Never had a issue before even with air con on and blowers on screen it’s taking ages to clear any ideas what I can do please ….
  11. Just added a private plate to my car … my car looks brand new even though it’s 7 years old next month … having the plate hides the age lol …. I was going to change my car , but it’s still perfect … I can’t justify it yet Got to love Toyota for its cars 🚘
  12. You can change the brightness of the instrument Panel If that would help
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