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  1. My x cite2 orange twist 2015 sailed through its service and Mot .... not one issue Seen the new 20 plates getting delivered ... lots of aygo and Corolla ... they all look fab but I still love my car ...still enjoy driving it so I’m definitely keeping for a while longer
  2. My 2015 xcite doesn’t have them ....poor of Toyota not having them on .... interested in your idea ,as I would prefer them on
  3. Was listening to the radio , then the screen went green , blinked a few times and then rebooted itself , never had a issue before any one know why ?? Xcite 2 , 2015 thanks in advance
  4. So can I add this to my xcite 2 ?? Would this need the dealer to fit ??
  5. Bitch1001

    Front mats

    Aw thanks for that ...I will put them further down , they are very comfy and don’t move about much , so I’m happy with them
  6. Bitch1001

    Front mats

    Seat vets aren’t bad , had to pull them up higher because of air bags , or they would have fitted really well , but I’m happy with them , easy to fit and they are washable
  7. Bitch1001

    Front mats

    Thanks , I’ve just purchased the mats from my dealer ...and I’ve ordered those seat vests ...will put a pic on when they arrive
  8. Bitch1001

    Front mats

    Xcite 2 orange ... looking for genuine front mats as mine are looking shabby I’ve googled but had not look finding the correct ones , black with the orange trim also after some front seat covers as all this rain is not good for my seats .. any help would be appreciated, thanks
  9. Totally agree , I was just giving my personal opinion as I’ve drove the new aygo .. not enough difference to sway be into buying one as I said , maybe a bigger engine in it and I might have aygo is still a lovely city car , I’m sure the OP will make the right decision that works for them
  10. To be honest ..I’ve just had a 2019 aygo when my went in for service ..mine is a 2015 very little difference to drive , styling and lights have been changed , other than that It was the same as mine .... couldn’t justify extra money buying it and road tax for very little difference other than a newer reg on the plate the dealer was saying they think the aygo will go hybrid in the future...that might sway me to change mine then
  11. Bitch1001

    Dash lights

    I’ve only really took notice of the warning lights after my car wouldn’t start yesterday ..I’m still unsure what happened as it’s been ok since it was jumpstarted
  12. Bitch1001

    Dash lights

    First click of key .... can turn Radio on .... 2 nd click of key ..I get a few warning lights on .... including a flashing stop , oil , battery light etc if if I start the car ...the dash lights go out one by one ... Does that sound right for 2nd click ... Ive never noticed the lights before !
  13. Bitch1001


    My xcite is sluggish and I can feel the power decrease when using my air con Turn it off and it’s nippy and responsive I thought it’s because it’s only a small engine and it takes power from it
  14. Got a xcite in orange tried to start today and nothing .... not turning over , just nothing , no noise , a few warning lights on dash ...had worked perfectly 3 hours before had to jump start ,worked ok ,and started ok after that at work put meter on to check battery charging ok and it was .... any ideas please what it could be
  15. Mine is like that ...I’ve just checked can’t say I noticed it before