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  1. Mine is like that ...I’ve just checked can’t say I noticed it before
  2. Going for continental again ....thanks everyone
  3. I’m really low mileage ....16,000 only use for work and general stuff round my area i use my hubby Yaris if I’m going longer journeys , purely as it has more boot space
  4. They are what I’ve been looking at .... Thank you
  5. Going on XCITE 2015 in orange twist . 15 inch alloys ... need 2 new front tyres ... any recommendations please ??
  6. And it sailed thru ... I’ve got a 2015 xcite in orange twist had a 2018 plate aygo with 700 miles on it was courtesy car ....was ok ...engine defo more responsive than mine ...reverse camera has lines on , mine hasn’t ...everything else the same so wont be trading in mine for one .... i did see all the new 2019 plates going out today ...lots of happy customers 😀
  7. Love my xcite .... great fun car to run and insure ...just wish it had a bit more power ...
  8. My car has15 inch alloys on i use continental eco contact 5 tyres .... good all year round tyre I’ve never Changed to winter tyres .... I live in the northeast and we get some serious weather but not had a issue with what I’ve got on try black circles website ... put your reg in and see what’s available for you
  9. Never heard noise before they didn’t put it on ramp to check it ...I don’t think I’ve done anything to underside I’ll do the checks you mentioned thanks
  10. Update ... CAR BEEN INTO Toyota ..... the technician said it’s noise from fuel sloshing in the tank ! Ive has this car from new and never heard this noise before does that sound right ???
  11. Been sitting in traffic ... moving in 1st gear and heard a funny noise...not a clunky but a light thud type is the best I can describe it as ..seems to be from middle of car although I know noise can travel , no noise when stationery Got a xcite 15 plate ... orange twist any help please
  12. My car is all of a sudden not connecting to my iPhone and I have to constantly reset and connect it again I’ve not changed my phone nor upgraded my software so don’t understand what’s happening any my advice please thanks in advance
  13. I'm only small ...but I find if I adjust the seat height that makes a big difference She just needs to play around with different seat positions ..... I sit high but my sister is the same height as me and she has the seat really low .... I still sit really close but no close enough to have a air bag issue ...