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  1. Well it clearly didn't seem risky enough because I just went out and tried it, got a fault code of "31" returned which means "front right speed sensor". Thanks so much for that. So now I know which wheel to attack. Are cracked rings common on this car or is the sensor the more likely culprit? Thanks very much for the help :)
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm even more confused now though! The thing I was looking for "DLC1" appears not to be on my car. And the PDF you kindly uploaded also seems to be not for my car, the instruments look different, I looked through the various other categories too and there are multiple differences to my vehicle. It seems there are 2 pins in the ODB port that can be shorted together in that model though, so this may work with mine, bit risky though I feel.
  3. Hello, sorry to drag up an old thread but it seemed the appropriate place. I have a 2001 e11 Corolla Calida ABS light is on, sometimes goes off when first started but at speeds over about 25mph it's back on. Battery is good, all brake lights good, no fault codes reported via ODB port. I'm guessing it's cracked reluctor ring or dodgy sensor, but knowing which one would be a helpful start. I've downloaded and read the PDF about diagnosing ABS light faults but I absolutely cannot find the test point with the contacts "Tc" "E1" etc. Where is this supposed to be located? I feel I'm missing something obvious, it doesn't seem to say where it's located in the instructions but everyone else seems to have found it OK. Thanks in advance.
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums chickenfizz :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: