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  1. hi guys... need some advice about a 1996 toyota landcruiser parado 3.0 turbo diesel automatic import. im in need of a new engine, the head gasket has gone and since inspecting it the block is possibly cracked. any ideas on what engine is fitted to it? and where i can get a replacement and how much would i be looking at for a reasonably low mileage motor? on the other hand, im considering selling it as it is and getting a cheap runaround for the meanwhile. so any ideas on how much it would go for in its current state? it has all the trimmings, bull bars, electric folding mirrors, alloys, chrome trim, a/c, fold out extra rear seats etc... done approx 100k.
  2. cheers riko. yeah, unfortunately i had nothing to do with the article whatsoever... they just wanted the car for the pics, o well, so far had both my starlets in mags!
  3. cheers bud. its not actually a full feature... its a starlet gt buying guide, but they decided to use my car for the photots! cheers for the comments tho!
  4. hi guys, its been a while since ive posted on here... since i last posted, i have sold my trusty ep91 starlet 1.3i and bought myself a 1998 ep91 starlet glanza v (the day i got it!) throw some parts at it... and how it looks now... and in this months practical performance car magazine! Rich.
  5. if you want to have a go at a custom job, you could use one of the mini cooper s superchargers. but as has been said, theres alot of custom work involved. plus you would need a new mappable ecu.
  6. pi springs say a 40mm drop but its more like 60mm.
  7. any vibe speakers you use are gonna need to be amped to get the best out of them.
  8. the advance comes fitted with lsd. and has two tone paintwork
  9. the only thing i would say with getting a new engine in, is that the engine you get may be low mileage, but you may find that 10,000 miles down the road that you're faced with the same problems your trying to solve right now. i was lucky when i did mine, but i know a few people who have fitted a new motor, and then ended up spending more on that than they would have if they got the old motor fixed. obviously being an import engine its gonna be expensive to get recon'd, but i would give the new engine some thought first. Rich.
  10. yeah, i did all my own graphics... its very time consuming tho. you could go to a graphics company with a photo of the design?
  11. not really... i didnt do mine for 70,000 miles, no difference. you should do it tho.
  12. look on braidedlines.com or try the austarletclub.com
  13. does it only do it from cold? have you had the battery checked? is it the original panasonic battery? have you got an alarm? because if the battery's almost dead the alarm may be drianing it on occasion when its going off.
  14. probably will be, my last engine had a simular problem with oil, and that had nackered piston rings.
  15. i think rikos got it about right. i would have said 10w40 maybe 5w40.
  16. how is your coolant looking? 5-30 is a bit too thin to be honest.
  17. yeah, i hear people saying that it is a non interference engine, but other say its not???
  18. the little black spots out the exhaust normally means the engine is running rich i think?
  19. i was about to give you an ear bashing about that sticker aswell!!!!!!!! :lol:
  20. hey mate, i think the bigger throttle body is a fantastic idea. and im glad someone has attempted one. altho i think you may benifit from straying away from the original manifold. if you look at the pic i posted you can see the difference in size of the runners (width and lenght)on the jdm mani. putting just the jdm manifold on has unlocked a whole different engine for me, one that produces power right up to the rev limit rather than being out of puff at 5k rpm. and quite a few starlet owners would agree that it is by far the best engine mod they've done. consider trying one with your bigger t/b. im sure the results will be fantastic! nice one, Rich.
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